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January 8th, 2008

Hater's Quarrel--Black Jewels Trilogy [Hekatah/Dorothea]

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Title: Hater's Quarrel
Author: Sakru909
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Pairing: Hekatah/Dorothea
Rating: PG
Word Count: 720
Warnings: Some girl kissing, but that's about all.
Disclaimer: The Black Jewels Trilogy belongs to Anne Bishop and Roc Fantasy. No profit is being made form this; it's all in good fun!
Summary: Dorothea and Hekatah have always hated each other, but who says that they can't have some fun while doing it?

Link: They both hated each other equally, but worked together to get what they most desired...

January 7th, 2008

Rage Infection- 28 Days Later (Jim/Major West)

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Author: Bitterfig

Title: Rage Infection

Fandom: 28 Days Later

Pairing: Major Henry West/Jim

Summary: Major West had promised Selena and Hannah to his men but he had his own plans for Jim.

Beta Reader: Fedink

Word Count: 1506

Rating: R

Warnings: Rape, violence.

(Rage Infection)

December 1st, 2007

The Annunciation (Firefly/Sandman)

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Author: Bitterfig

Title: The Annunciation

Fandoms: Firefly/ Sandman Crossover

Pairing: River/Delirium

Summary: The crew of Serenity is surprised when they learn that River is expecting a child and even more surprised to find out how she got pregnant.

Beta Reader: Fedink

Word Count: 1323

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Implied sex and sexual innuendo. Also something sort of new (at least I’ve never run into it). I expect you’ve heard of MPreg so let’s just call this FPreg.

(The Annunciation)

October 27th, 2007

Blood Stains (BtvS-- Spike/Riley)

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Author: Bitterfig

Title: Blood Stains

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Pairing: Spike/Riley

Summary: Set during BtVS Season 5 when Riley is letting vampires feed off him.   One of those vampires is Spike.

Word Count: 302

Beta Reader: Bookworm_2005

Rating: R

Warnings: Bloodplay

(Blood Stains)

October 13th, 2007

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Fandom: Pirates of Dark Water.
Pairing: Tula/Bloth.
Title: What She Can Give.
Author: min_sora.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Pirates of Dark Water belongs to Hanna-Barbera/Warner Brothers.
Summary: Branching from a slight what-if idea (what if Tula had agreed, for one reason or another, to become Bloth's commander, as he offered in the episode 'Victory'). On an odd night, as she lies in an unfamiliar bed, Tula finds herself confused and struggling to grasp what has lead her to this uncomfortable position.

Under Here )

September 2nd, 2007

New member here

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Fandom: Monkey Island.
Pairing: LeChuck/Minnie Goodsoup.
Title: Love and Lies.
Author: Min_Sora.
Rating: G
Word Count: 229
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: Monkey Island and its characters are owned by Lucasarts.
Summary: A small argument between LeChuck and Minnie Goodsoup after Minnie hears rumours of LeChuck being in love with another woman.

Under Here )

September 1st, 2007

Fic - Don't Fight it. Fandom: Harry Potter. Pairing: Sirius/Percy. Rating: PG-13, if you squint.

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Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius/Percy
Title: Don't Fight It
Author: [info]freckles42
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 445
Warnings: non-con kissing (or is that ex-con kissing?)
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters, nor am I making any sort of a profit off this.
Summary: Percy doesn't care for Sirius Black, but Sirius can't seem to resist a reminder of his lost youth.
Notes: Written on the fly while talking to [info]emiime, who insisted I write and post it after I came up with this pairing. Yay for rarepairs. I hope you enjoy!

( Percy didn't like the look of Sirius Black )</b

August 28th, 2007

Fic: Gray Skies and A Slow Train Coming; Naomi/L; PG-13

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Normally, I'd be in bed eating an entire cake right now. But I'm vaulting through my Process in record speed, and writing fic instead.

Title: Gray Skies and A Slow Train Coming
Fandom: Death Note
Pairing: Naomi/L
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Massive, massive spoilers for episodes 7 - 25
Word Count: 2,018
Disclaimer: Not mine, not making any money off the characters.
Summary: Naomi had been alone for too long, with nothing but regrets and memories and the surety that her second chances were all long gone...

Gray Skies and A Slow Train Coming )

August 9th, 2007

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I guess it's ok to post here? I bring a fic with a rare pairing (duh). I do know this is rare because I know of two people who write this pairing and I'm one of them. So this would probably e a good place to share this.

Fandom: Alice 19th
Pairing: Chris+Samuel (only shounen-ai if you squint)
Title: Festival
Author: [info]azure_lullaby
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,800
Warnings: one bad word
Disclaimer: I do not own Alice 19th. I write purely to entertain. I do own my two OCs tho.
Summary: It’s festival time at Lotsuan Academy. Will Samuel have a good day? AU fic.
Author's Notes: This is a Christmas fic. It was written for a contest in my club last year.

( It’s almost Christmas; I shouldn’t have to get up this early. )

Welcome to the neighborhood

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So here we are! As promised, I've finished tweaking up a custom layout, and writing out the description of and rules for the place.


I would greatly appreciate and welcome any feedback, questions, and suggestions regarding the userinfo, the rules and guidelines, what is and isn't a rare pairing, and so on and so forth. I also welcome suggestions for user interests. I'd like to keep from naming specific pairings, but if there's any fandom-related keywords that would fit here, suggest away. Also, feel free to nominate your fandom.

(or we could just keep the interest list as it is, because I just noticed there's exactly 42 interests currently, and that's the Answer. :D)

August 8th, 2007


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Can we also do request or 'looking for' posts here, or is it strictly for the actual fan work?
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