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Friday, January 9, 2009

9:04AM - Scotty Valens Wall

I have been off line for almost a week! so I tried my hand at another Valens wallpaper )

9:03AM - True Blood Bases

Take'em, change'em, do what ya like with them. Comments are love.

Vamp juice! )

9:02AM - Legolas Wall

Icons tomallie! )

Thursday, January 8, 2009

3:15PM - Legolas Icons

3:14PM - Legolas Icons


More Legolas this way. )

3:02PM - Pretty Will Turner

I present Will Turner )

3:01PM - Will Turner header

I had to resize this damn thing 3 times!..LOL..I just can't make them small..lol

Will Turner )

2:58PM - Will Turner Icons

7 of them:

2:57PM - Another Legolas wall

I wasn't gonna share..LOL..I had made this one for my self, so it's really simple.

Legolas )

2:56PM - Legolas Wall

This one is frikkin HUGE, BG was made by [info]phlourish_icons

To the Giant Legolas! )

2:53PM - Sons of Anarchy Icons

Most are bases, you can take them and put stuff on if you want, and 2 are text ones.

Only 7 for now )

2:52PM - 2 More Robin Dunne

Only 2 right now, I'm gonna have to cap the shows for more pics, the ones of of him I find on the net are sorely lacking in quality, these were the only 2 I found and liked, I even have the second one as my default right now...lol..Fuckin HAD to have those pretty eyes and that jaw line!

2:51PM - Twilight Icons

Mysti thought this one up.

2:50PM - Dr Will Zimmerman icon dump!


Caps taken from [info]random_caps where I try to make at least 1000 caps per episode. Usually wind up in the 12 to 1500's

The Rest here )

2:48PM - Henry Icons

I only have 6 right now, with my computer screwing up, I wanted to make sure my computer could handle the making, uploading, and posting of pictures..more will follow. And they will be better quality, when I don't do this for a while I get rusty.


The rest )

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