Fri, Feb. 1st, 2013, 04:40 pm
[info]whatdoyoufear: Coping with Fear

What? A forced inspection of the Arkham facilities at the hands of Dr. Crane is interrupted by the appearance of concerned citizen Bruce Wayne, wanting to see what his money is being put to in the wake of recent suspicious deaths at the hospital.

We do not have too many problems with crazed super-humans... We deal with... More human conditions. )

Tue, Jan. 29th, 2013, 03:56 am

Who: logan and Bets anyone else too
What: looking for his son
Where: Madripoor
Rating: TBD
Status: Locked/Incomplete.
gotta find em )

Mon, Jan. 14th, 2013, 11:54 pm
[info]i_killed_sirius: Dungheap outside the destroyed inn

Who? Bellatrix and Regulus
What? Waking up confused
Where? Dungheap near the inn
When? After the rift opened, post destruction of the inn

She was in a world of shit and it sickened her less than she would have expected… )

Sat, Dec. 15th, 2012, 02:54 am

Ivy stared sadly at the beautifully lit Christmas tableau in the mall store window. She was numb. She was always numb around the holidays. It was torture on her heart. Trees everywhere lying brutalized with gaudy bits of bobbles hanging askew.they would weep... )

Wed, Oct. 3rd, 2012, 03:09 am

Who: Manda Eona & Darryn Karnkane
What: … ?
When: Early morning; A few days after the Jedi traveling to Korriban and returning with Ven, and Rihadon hasn't come home since running off.
Where: The Detention Center/Temple on Dantooine
Rating: R??
Status: LOCKED / Incomplete

The woman was shown to the room by guards, after arriving rather early )

Mon, May. 21st, 2012, 05:15 pm
[info]news_lane: Reassignment

Clark adjsuted his glasses as he made hi way into the bullpen where all the reporters were at work typing up stories and some even using police scanners for there glimps of superman. he stormed into her cubical dropping some papers sh had on a shelf. he scurried to pick it up. "um Lois Perry said your going to Gotham? or Arkahm he said it was....Um it would have been nice to tell me you know..."

Lois sighed. She knew it was only a matter of time before Clark found out about her accepting reassignment. It was also not difficult to make the assumption that he would be rather upset about it. She didn't need to hear from another person- let alone him- how dangerous it was to go to Gotham in it's current state of upheavel. Continuing to pack her belongings, she looked up at Clark and shrugged. "I only decided this morning, Clark. What do you want me to say?"

He kept his head down as he helped her pack up her gear holding her box. "So soon? I mean I thought we partners?" he didnt like this, he had asinking feeling in his gut. "I-I can still go with you It wont take me long to pack up my laptop..."

Lois turned toward him and gave a small, sad smile. She leaned her hand on his cheek. "Listen, Smallville... Gotham's a tough town, I know- but I'm a big girl and I can take care of myself, ok? Besides, someones gotta keep an eye on Metropolis and keep on the look out for Superman." she lowered her hand and looked around her desk nostalgically. "You need to take care of the Planet and everyone while I'm gone. Especially Jimmy." she turned back and sat on her desk, crossing her legs. "This isn't goodbye, you know. I'll be back as soon as Mayor Sharpe comes to his senses."

Clark didn't trust it, but he nodded holding her box full of her stuff. "I know I just Its REAL dangerouse Lois and you have a habit of falling off buildings and I just well I don't tihnk I mean it seems like the city is tearing itself apartand well I just I want you to be ok you know. Planet will fall apart withyou here to keep the story's coming." He studdered and kept his usual compusure in all honesty he was worried about Bruce and his family. They were the one group doing everything to keep the city in some semblence of order...

Looking taken back when Clark mentioned the bit about her falling off buidlings, Lois chose not to comment on the insult and took the box of her belongings into her arms. "Look, I already assured Perry that if things got too difficult, I'd high-tail it outa there, ok? I'll be writing while I'm there, for the Planet so don't worry about the paper, I'm sure Perry had his own interests shoving me in the middle of a war zone but I agreed to the case. I can handle it. Maybe it's luck, maybe it's fate but no matter how many situations I've found myself in, I'd somehow found a way out, right?" she smiled, leaned in and gave Clarke a kiss on the cheek. "It's been great workin' with ya, Smallville but I'm not so great at goodbyes. Let's call it a 'See Ya Later'." With that, she winked and headed passed him, toward the exit.

With a blink she was gone, Lois was a force of nature it was somthing that he suppsed that made him love her that much more. She never doubted much or feard anything. She left and two minutes later he was in the air watching skies for her plane. He tracked it down and fallowed her keeping to the skies. The city was nearly in flames and the sounds of sirens filled the skies. He thought the city was over run...howbad had it been.? He knew Bruce would never ask for help. not his style. He was still shocked and worried now for lois and Bruce as well.

Mon, May. 21st, 2012, 01:11 am
[info]curves_n_thorns: Arkham City

Poison Ivy peered down from the tree she was perched in. The view was truly disgusting from up here, a mixture of reds and greens and blues in a pungent stew had been pouring down the street by the old dye factory for hours now. Ivy had been slinking along when she'd her babies crying. She'd arrived in time to see a proud old maple dissolve and collapse like a flan in a cupboard, consumed by the ooze. So she'd leaped to the weightier oak nearby determined to save at least one. frowning down at the advancing muck, almost in tears at the pain she was feeling from the burning roots underfoot. Scowling she reached out with her mind, sending out questing tendrils of organic matter to and fro on the wise old tree building out the bark to the strength of iron, hoping it would be enough to protect the tree while she figured out who was to blame. Leaping onto a fire escape Ivy grew out vines and, carefully so as to never hit the ground, made her way to the second floor front window of the dye factory and leaped inside, ready for answers.

Thu, May. 3rd, 2012, 02:34 pm

Bruce’s body slammed up against the metallic wall of the sparring chamber, his body covered in sweat. He couldn’t help but let out a surprised noise as strong, rough hands made for his body once more but this time not to fight. Dick wrapped his right hand firmly around his neck and pulled him close, pressing his body against him, slipping a leg between his and pressing his fingertips into his skin, he laid his left hand on his hip. His tongue invaded Bruce’s mouth, dark black hair, musty with perspiration, shagging into their eyes.

They were shirtless, each of them wearing nothing but a pair of loose sweatpants which showed off nothing but large bulges poking out at their groin in their rising excitement. Moaning into his adopted son’s mouth, Bruce pressed his hips against him moving to kiss behind his ear and nibble on his neck just the way he always liked it. The room filled with Dick’s moans as he did so and the young man’s hand instinctively slid down Bruce’s pants to return the favor, wrapping his fingers around his cock firmly and pumping it slow at first but gathering in speed.

With his head falling against the wall, exposing his neck and causing his eyes to roll back, Bruce gasped, rolling his hips against his motions. He too began softly moaning and was moving his hand past the elastic of Dick’s pants and around his hardness - when the door to the chamber opened.

The two men jumped up and apart, taking a moment to adjust themselves with their backs turned as Alfred and Zatanna walked in but it had clearly been too late. “Oh Dear… Pardon me, Master Bruce… Master Dick… I didn’t know you were previously engaged but a guest had arrived.” the butler spoke gesturing toward the magician.

Bruce avoided eye contact, deciding instead to pick up the towels and empty water bottles along the sparring chamber floor. “It’s fine Alfred but an announcement next time would be nice.” He said with an ironic smirk, his cheeks a bit red.

Dick seemed significantly less awkward and more annoyed by the situation. He contented himself with brushing his fingers through his hair and then crossing his arms over his chest, staring rather crankily at the two intruders.

"Of course, Master Wayne." Alfred replied. "And perhaps an appropriately placed cowl of warning on the post or lintel on the next occasion?" he retorted, assisting him with the clean up.

Tue, Apr. 24th, 2012, 12:03 pm
[info]poke_with_stick: Traveling in a forest

Sokka stared at the giant trees in front of him and the weird holes inside them. He looked at them, then came up close and peered into the holes trying to figure out how the trees were standing when they resembled swiss cheese. He could stick a hand through them and in fact did so, curious as to what was inside. "Ewwwwwww!" he yelped, pulling his hand out, dripping with sticky sap. "Ewwwwww, ewwww, ewwww!" he ran around in circles shaking his hand frantically, not caring at the moment the scene he was making in front of his friends. He stared at his goo-soaked hand. "Get it offffffffff" he squealed and dove for a bush, frantically wiping his hand on the leaves, trying to rub the sap away unsuccessfully. Finally giving up on the idea he decided to sulk instead. Wandering back to the tree he poked it with a stick repeatedly, angry with it for gunning up his arm and highly surprised when the stick disappeared. Sokka stared at the tree confused, it had yet another hole in it.

He went over to the tree, stared at it some more, and then kicked at it. He noted that the tree caved in wherever he pressed on it hard. He kicked some more and then let out another "ewwwwwww!" when sap poured out of the bottom of the tree where he'd made the hole all over his moccasin-clad foot. Sighing he plopped down in an Indian position looking with an expression of complete surrender on his face at his sticky extremities. Maybe it would wash off if they'd find a river nearby but for now it seemed he was doomed to a sticky situation… And he still couldn't figure out these weird trees. Were they hollow? How did such giant trees stay up if that was the case! Sokka glared at the trees with resentment in his eyes, unsure whether they were being trees or expressly mocking him by being so odd.

Mon, Apr. 23rd, 2012, 03:32 pm
[info]savage_sabre: The slums of Tokyo

Sabretooth stared with some disgust at the syringe the junkie was offering out to him but took it all the same. He never touched the stuff, on principal and as a matter of practicality. With his healing factor it was usually a pointless endeavor. The one time he’d tried drugs was at the advice of some useless prat back in the Christly 70s. What a useless decade. He’d taken the acid and all it had done was make his nose itch a bit. His body flushed out the rest before it could even work and meanwhile there’s the faggot of a producer twitching like a scalded shithouse rat and he decided then and there he probably didn’t want anything to do with ‘em even if they did work. Kicked the little turd’s head in and left in a huff. But he was feeling a bit of an urge for a work over, the more carnal kind, and a bit tired of grabbing the dock hookers for a quick fix. The last one had smelled, to his keen senses, of rotten meat, and concerned him so greatly that he refused to even let her come close, never mind close enough to service his needs. So he knew what he needed to get in order to hook the big fish. Tonight he was mutant hunting. And for that only the finest drugs would do, this particularly mutant having far less reservations about usage.

Ever since he’d caught up with the little twitchy Jap Sunfire in a dive somewhere in the tangled mess of Tokyo while hunting down a weak thread of hope about Wolverine, ever since he’d found tales of Wolverine’s son instead and the sheer destructive force this Akihiro carried with him, he’d had Daken on his mind. The thought of taking that little bastard pleased him mightily. The thought of a long drawn out night of insane debauchery and bloodshed lent hunger to his famished soul. And the thought of how enraged it would make Daken’s daddy, that just tickled him pink. He had a job to do. Had to hunt a big stupid beast. But maybe Daken would want to help with that too. God knows the trail had been cold as hell as of late. And he hated Tokyo. So much... Smell here. Rotted fish and rotted flesh. And no damn Wolverine.

So he took the syringe and snapped the junkie’s neck. Cheaper in the long run. Short run too. Left him to drop in the alley like a pile of twigs and crumpled coats and wandered off to go prowl the bars for the distinctive look and smell of the bastard animal Daken. Maybe in that savage he’d finally find a partner. The kind he hadn’t had since… Well, a long time ago.

Wed, Apr. 18th, 2012, 12:30 pm
[info]black_magichat: The Wayne Concert Hall in Gotham

Zatanna wearily took her final bow and exited stage left. It had only been to honor her father's memory that she'd appeared at this little charity event. Entertaining the rich and famous of Gotham with parlor tricks and rabbits in a top hat... So inane that it drove her nearly to scream. But the cause felt right and it was over now, she could relax. Indulgently she wondered as she padded down the halls in the labyrinthine back-end of the illustrious Wayne Concert Hall, for the millionth time whether her Bruce was present among the multitudes. Seemed likely, incredibly so, given that his family name patroned the place and he was just about the personal moneybags for what, 90% of the city? The world? She had no idea, but it did seem likely given it was for charity that he would be around. So why hadn't he wandered back stage to meet her when she stepped away? Wasn't like he didn't have the right to go wherever he wanted. And the man was very, very good at being sneaky, that Zatanna knew personally.

She sighed and mumbled, "!moor gnisserd ym ot em teg". As usual in this place she was near-instantly lost in the overwhelming set of corridors, often peculiarly devoid of any signage. As the floor tiles cheerfully obliged her magic touch and lit up a pleasant shade of glowing yellow to help her along like so many neon breadcrumbs Zatanna trudged along moping and exhausted. At least, she reflected, there'd be a nice hot shower and a sofa where she could nap before the encore performance in a few hours. Maybe Bruce would show up then? She missed her childhood friend more than she cared to admit.

Sun, Apr. 8th, 2012, 08:09 pm
[info]magnetic_fate: Genosha Island

Magneto looked out from the tall hill he was perched on and stared with unabashed fascination at the chaos below. The island was as usual in a state of anarchy with mutants and humans in a constant struggle for control. Magneto pondered for the fiftieth time the point. He figured it was simply the act of control. Subjugating others was a fuel for war that only religion could claim superiority over. He wondered if he would see a very old friend show up. This was usually his thing... trying to find a happiness between sapien and superior. Magneto had no such burdensome ideals. He was here to recruit. He was here for the brotherhood.

Sun, Apr. 8th, 2012, 05:12 pm

Billy looked over at his boyfriend and nudged him under the enclosed desk. Being bored was one thing, today's physics lesson was particularly boring and he would never fault Teddy for appearing uninterested but snoring? Honestly, he was not going to wait in front of the school until he got out of detention. Lifting his eyebrows, Billy gave his boyfriend a look of warning that said something along the lines of "pay attention" before looking back at the professor and scribbling away in his notebook. Thank goodness they were all the way at the back of the lecture hall.

Sun, Mar. 25th, 2012, 10:03 pm
[info]gay_and_green: Avengers Tower

Teddy felt the sweat pour down his washboard abs as he groaned upwards into the 200 pound barbell he was fighting against. After a hard training session nothing felt better than gradually cooling down with a light workout... Well, "light" for Hulkling. God his muscles were tired though. The training had been brutal, post-apocalyptic scenario prep stuff. The kind of thing where if you weren't watching just the simulations could beat the living shit out of you. Just one more, he thought... Just the one... Slamming the barbell into the rack with enough force to almost crack the iron Teddy brought the bar into the bench and nipped up to grab the towel, his thick cock bouncing in his loose gym shorts and his pecs shimmering, tight and firm from the constant punishment. With a tremendous yawn and a stretch he looked around rather satisfied and relaxed and tried to find a sweatshirt. Not finding one he decided on a shower and wandered off to find a free stall in the adjacent locker room area. Not seeing anybody else around he stripped off his shorts prior to entry so he could throw them in the laundry basket outside the locker room door and then, very tired and very naked, Hulkling shouldered open the locker door and stepped inside, making his way to a shower. It immediately sensed him and turned on the water accordingly, adjusting to his preferred temperature... It paid to have Stark's brand of genius around... Mmmm... He luxuriated in the steam of the water as it cascaded through his beautiful blond curls and down his similarly hairy chest, washing the sweat away in rivulets down his incredible body. Felt so good.

Sat, Feb. 11th, 2012, 07:09 am

Who: Logan OTA.
What: anything?
Where: Bar.
Rating: R-Violence
Status: Incomplete.
what has the world come to? )

Tue, Jan. 3rd, 2012, 01:21 pm

Who: Batman, the Joker and Vicky Vale
What: Trouble at Amusement Mile
When: Winter
Where: Gotham
Rating: R
Status: OPEN / Incomplete

Hope you had a nice trip, Batman! See you next Fall!!!! )

Tue, Dec. 27th, 2011, 10:01 pm

Darkness had fallen hours ago and yet the forest surrounding Eleanor's house was as bright as a summer's midday afternoon. The trees and grass which usually whispered quite silently of the nights activity seemed to be more alive then ever. In this world, the woods did not speak to him like they did at home but it did not take much see that the fire-raisers had come. As fast as his legs could carry him Dustfinger ran toward the house in which the only copy of Inkheart still existed. There was his only chance at freedom, there was his only chance at being home again and there he would do anything, anything to protect it.

No, it wasn't because he was becoming fond of the people inside and it certainly wasn't to ensure their safety or to warn them that of the fire-raiser's approach. What did he care about them or their well-being? It was that damned Silver-tongue's fault he was trapped here in the first place! Never-the-less, Dustfinger hissed his was passed a few of the torches, trying to die down the flames as best he could but fire did not obey him here like it did in his world...

Slinking past the trees with Gwin at his feet and his backpack bouncing on his back, Dustfinger scrambled across the front lawn toward the large wooden house. No one was there to see him climb up through the window he knew to be the library of Eleanor's house. His eyes immediately met with a familiar woman who appeared rather startled at his intrusion. Resa- with her daughter who was now so grown that she looked more like a twin beside her mother.

"Capricorn's men." he spoke through labored breathing. "They're here. They've come for Silvertongue and for the book." He needed to hear that it was safe. He needed to hear that they'd still had it locked out of harms way.

Tue, Dec. 20th, 2011, 10:01 pm

Who: Baby Doll and Blue
What: Confrontation
When: Blondie's Preformance
Where: Lennox House / The Brothel
Rating: Likely high
Status: Closed / Incomplete

Letting out a whimper of pain, she sat back in horror... )

Tue, Dec. 20th, 2011, 08:29 pm

Who: Dorian Grey and Diana Selwyn
When: 20 December, 1955
Where: Lennox House for the Mentally Insane!
Rating: DEFINITELY R, maybe WORSE! XD <333
Status: Incomplete

Thou shalt not...! )

Tue, Dec. 20th, 2011, 09:19 pm

Who: Pamela Isley and Bruce Wayne.
Where: Wayne Enterprises, his office.
When: Late Afternoon.
What: Seduction
Open: No.
Rating: High

He winced as thorns embedded themselves into his skin, tearing his suit and sinking their toxins into his bloodstream. )

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