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    Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
    12:10 pm
    cinlynn32002's Introduction
    1. How long have you been quilting? A little over a year
    2. Where are you from? New Hampshire, USA
    3. What method of quilting do you prefer? Machine Quilting, I dont have the patience for hand. :)
    4. What do you like to quilt? bedding, tote bags, place mats, table runners, just about anything.
    5. What's the best quilting advice or tip you ever received? Iron, Iron and Iron!
    6. What kind of fabrics do you usually use? I tend to gravitate towards dark earthy tones and 100% cotton.
    7. Are you a fabric fanatic? Yes I need a 12 step program! I buy lots of fabric.
    8. Do you do other craft projects besides Quilting? I make table runners, tote bags and pillows.
    9. Your greatest Quilting strength? Hiding my mistakes!...or "quilters character" as some refer to them as. :)
    10. Your greatest Quilting weakness? Picking multiple colors that complement or contrast well.

    I have belong to many different quilting forums that have died off over the years and I am excited to start this one and see where it may lead me. I will post some of my quilt pictures to get the ball rolling. Please post and share your work with us all too! :)

    Current Mood: excited
    12:05 pm
    Welcome to Quilter's Club!

    This is a brand new community that I hope will gain many Quilting friends. If you would like to join please feel free to do so and dont forget to post your introduction.

    Current Mood: busy
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