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Jul. 8th, 2008



Jul. 7th, 2008


Prompt: First Time

Title: Brother and Sister (5)
Author: [info]foreverbm
Words: 780
A/N: This one is slighty different, JR is 15 and Hunter 32, but it still comes under the prompt I believe. I'm just not sure if I got a 32 year old Hunter right or not.

Brother and Sister (5) )
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Prompt: First Time

Title: Brother and Sister (4)
Author: [info]foreverbm
Words: 338
A/N: Part of my Hunter and JR series

Brother and Sister (4) )
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Jul. 6th, 2008


For the 'First time' prompt

Title: Fangirl squee
Timeline: This weekend
Characters: Kata and Marina!

Fangirls meeting for the first time;

To drink lots of wineBacardi.

Marching with Pride in fairy wings

Can you hear the fangirls sing?

Perving over pretty gay boys;

Too much sun, and tons of noise.

Then home for 410 and 101.

Brian was fucked from day one.

Watching the end of our favourite show,

Seeing the girls fuck off and go.

“It’s only time” he says;

If it’s only time I’m counting the days.

Random watching of 313,

Loving the hair and the squee.

Kata, my darling, I love you so,

I’m writing this ‘poem’ just so you know!


Prompt - First Time

Title: Brother and Sister (Part 3)
Author: [info]foreverbm
Timeline: Season 5
A/N: Part of a Hunter and JR series for this prompt. This turned into a ficlet of 438 words.

Brother and Sister )


QAF-US Drabbles: "Work In Progress" (Brian/Justin)

For the First Time prompt.

Co-inspired by [info]jans_intentions.

Beta by [info]xie_xie_xie.

Four 100-word drabbles.

Work In Progress

Jul. 5th, 2008


Prompt: First Time

Title: Big Brother
Author: [info]foreverbm
Timeline: Season 5
Characters: Hunter and JR
A/N: Another in my 'first time' Hunter and JR series, as requested by [info]kata_ny. Hope you like it.

Hunter looked up from the TV when he heard JR’s cries. Michael had promised she would stay asleep as he ran out the door, yelling he would only be five minutes.
He stood and walked upstairs and into her room. Her chubby little legs were kicking at the blankets and her eyes brimming with tears.
Shit. He tentatively picked her up, amazed when she instantly stopped crying.
“Don’t like being alone huh kid!” he said as he carried her downstairs sitting her on his lap.
“See that’s a zombie!” he said pointing at the TV. He was sure she giggled
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QAF-US Drabble: "Blank Canvas" (Justin/art)

For the prompt First Time: first brushstroke.

100-word drabble.

Blank Canvas


Prompt: First Time

Title: Brother and Sister
Author: [info]foreverbm
Timeline: Season 5
Characters: Ben/Michael/Hunter/JR
A/N: The first time Hunter and JR interact. Would have liked to have seen more about this on the show :)

Michael heard JR crying for the third time that night and started to get out of bed but Ben reached out stopping him.
“Stay there, I’ll see to her.”
“Thanks.” Michael replied, snuggling back under the covers.
Ben grabbed his robe and headed downstairs to heat her bottle, hoping that would settle her for the night.
By the time it was ready her crying had stopped and he pushed open her door quietly.
Hunter was sitting in the chair, JR in his arms, sound asleep.
He crept away silently, a smile on his face. He couldn’t wait to tell Michael.

Jul. 4th, 2008


Prompt: First Time

Title: The Unknown
Author: [info]foreverbm
Timeline: Hunter's childhood

My mother led me towards the bedroom door. I knew he was waiting for me, to do what, I didn’t know. I couldn’t remember his name, there were so many of them, in the end they blurred together to become faceless.
“Just do what he tells you Jimmy.” She said. “And I’ll buy you something tomorrow.”
I hesitated but she pushed me harder, opening the door.
He was sitting on the bed, a smarmy smile on his face, his bare chest white and hairy.
“I don’t want to”
“It’ll be ok Jimmy, trust me.”
She closed the door behind her.


Prompt: First Time

Title: I Am Sure
Author: [info]foreverbm
A/N: I think you will all become very sick of me with this challenge :)

I watched Michael as he slept and thought about how many times we must have made love over the last three years. Too many to count; but all of them special in their own way. But the first time stays with me to this day. I had knelt above him, his eyes locked with mine, no fear or doubt showing in them, just want, need and more than anything love. We had made love slowly, savoring every minute of that first time and I felt as if I had come home. We became one that night and always will be.
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Prompt: First Time

Title: Hunters First Christmas
Author: [info]foreverbm
Timeline: Season 3
Character: Hunter

Hunter sneaked quietly out of his bedroom, the light from the moon shone through the window as he tip toed towards the Christmas tree in the corner of the room. Michael and Ben must have decorated it after he’d gone to bed. It was huge, almost to the ceiling and was surrounded by presents. He’d heard Michael badgering Ben that he wanted the biggest tree ever and had come home last night with bags full of decorations.
He’d had Christmas’s before but none like this. He somehow knew that this would be what he would always call his first Christmas.


Prompt: First Time

Title: Do you believe in love at first sight
Author: [info]foreverbm
Words: 350
Genre: General
A/N: I actually wrote this for my Michael Musing's challenge, but thought and hope it fitted the prompt so am taking the liberty of posting it.

Do you believe in love at first sight )


drabble/ficlet etc. prompt

first time.

first time they met.
first time they fight.
first Christmas.
first time they do something together.
you catch my drift.hopefully.

Jul. 2nd, 2008


Lindsay's hair

A picspam explaining my feelings regarding Lindsay's hair throughout the 'Five ages of QaF'...

stroke the pretty... )

My feelings for each season perfectly visually shown by Lindsay's hair!

Season One: Nice

Season Two: Love weddings!

Season Three: Better

Season Four: Perfect

Season Five: What????

Jul. 1st, 2008


Drabble for Phone Calls

Title: Birthday Surprise
Author: [info]foreverbm
Timeline: Future
Characters: Emmett and Drew

Emmett picked up the phone on the third ring.
Silence greeted him at the other end but he was sure he could hear breathing.
“Is anyone there?”
“Hello Emmett.”
“I see you still haven’t got that sinus problem fixed.”
Deep laughter came through the phone causing a smile to cross Emmett’s face.
“I had a birthday yesterday.”
“Yeah I turned twenty-one.”
Emmett let those words sink in before speaking
”Where are you?”
“Outside your door.”
Emmett dropped the phone and ran to the door, flinging it open, jumping into Drew’s arms.
“Happy Twenty First Birthday Drew.”

Jun. 30th, 2008


Drabble for prompt "phone calls"

Title: Untitled
Timeline: Post S5
Characters: Justin/Brian
Warning: Schmoopy

Justin could hear the phone ringing. He leaned over, still almost asleep, and picked up the receiver.



“Huh? Brian?”

Justin sat up and rubbed his eyes.

“I’m just calling to remind you that the guy is coming to look at the boiler tomorrow...”

“Brian, it’s 3am. Why are you, oh, I see.” He let a grin spread across his lips.

“I just remembered about the boiler, and I know that you’ve been wanting to fuck the boiler-guy since the first time you met him. I  thought I’d better remind you..”

“Just say it Brian!”

“OK, I miss you...”


Jun. 29th, 2008


Phone Calls

This started out as a drabble for [info]kata_ny but somehow I got slightly carried away.

Title: Getting Smarter
Author: [info]foreverbm
Characters: Michael and Hunter
Words: 342

Getting Smarter )

Jun. 27th, 2008


Drabble for the Prompt Phone Calls

Title: Late Night Call
Author: [info]foreverbm
Timeline: Future
Warning: Angst
Characters: Brian and Michael

The ringing of the phone finally penetrated Brian’s mind He opened his eyes, stretching as he sat up on the couch.
He’d spent the day with Michael, leaving him with the promise he’d be back in two hours. He glanced at the clock. 2am. Fuck. He hadn’t meant to fall asleep.
He took a deep breath before flipping open his phone.
“Brian.” The heartbreak in Michael’s voice shook him to the core.
“I’m coming Mikey.”
He stood, reaching for the bottle of Beam, pouring himself a drink before throwing the empty glass at the wall and left the loft.

Jun. 26th, 2008


Drabble for prompt phone calls

Title: Midnight caller
Timeline: In the HMC universe
Characters: Melanie, Michael, JR


“Mel? It’s Michael...”

“Michael, what the JR OK?”

“Er, well, she’s been a little sick.”

“A little sick?”

“She’s thrown up a few times, and now she’s really cranky and we can’t get her to sleep.”

“What have you been doing to her?”

“Er, we went to the fairground, and you know that spinny thing they have, the one that goes round really fast?...”

Mel stifled a giggle.

“OK, put her on the phone.”

She could hear JR whimpering and began to sing to her. A few minutes later everything was quiet.

“Thanks,” Michael whispered.

“Goodnight Michael!”

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