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May 15th, 2008

Stupidity + academia = Sheer lunacy!!! [May. 15th, 2008|04:49 am]
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I am livid. I am MORE than livid about this one, my droogies!

The DSM-V, the diagnostic book that assists doctors in diagnosing mental health issues, is up for review. Of particular interest to me is that the diagnoses for GID (or transsexualism) has been assigned a Task Force to review whether or not GID should be reclassified or removed from the DSM altogether.

However, the asshats at the DSM assigned Dr. Kenneth Zucker, who advocates reparative therapy for gender variant children, to head up the Task Force. In addition, the panel includes Dr. Ray Blanchard, infamous in medical circles for producing a protegé in Dr. J. Michael Bailey, who posited such interesting theories as: all transwomen are merely extreme 'homosexuals' or drastic fetishists depending on their orientation, and transmen and bisexual men just don't really exist. Bailey is also known for using questionable and unscientific theories to gain his data.

And the idiots at the DSM thought hiring Zucker and Blanchard for this was a GOOD idea?!? Jeebus Crust, but stupidity really can coexist with academic smarts, it seems.

See links here and here. There's a petition going around here as well. X-posted to [info]transandallies and [info]hazumuchan.
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