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April 29th, 2020

Always Amazed... [Apr. 29th, 2020|04:45 pm]


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I'm always amazed how often Queer as Folk isms still pop up on Tweek says. I mean, no one has probably submitted any in in over 10 years....It is kind of crazy how nuts we went over submitting them to have them still be so frequently in the rotation all these years later.

I like cheerios better!

Save the last dance for me

I want you safe cream kisses

Always have, always will

Your business expertise

You gave me crabs! *cracks up*

And in honor of all the fun we used to have with this, and my new obsession, schitts creek, I submitted about 10 schitts creek gems...wonder if I'll ever see one of those pop up.

Posting here is a bit like yelling into the void. But I hope 10 years from now, its still here, and I'm still popping back. Love this place!
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