April 26th, 2010

[info]happier_bunny in [info]qaf_scavenger

Second QAF Scavenger Hunt.

In case you haven't noticed, I haven't posted the teams yet and that's because I need to change the dates. I've had some work interference that I wasn't exactly anticipating.

Poll #5080 scavenger date change
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If you signed up for the hunt already, would you still play if I moved it to 12:01am EST July 9 thru 7am est July 12?

Absolutely...can't wait.
12 (70.6%)

2 (11.8%)

Maybe see comments.
4 (23.5%)

If you haven't signed would you if we were playing July 9 - 12?

YES...move it!
6 (85.7%)

1 (14.3%)

Maybe, see comments.
0 (0.0%)

I'm really sorry guys. I just don't have time to get it all set up and organized. :(