February 6th, 2010

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Quick and Easy Graphics Extravaganza

I'm hosting the first Come-As-You-Are Graphic Party to celebrate QAF, Love, Teh Love, Sex, BJs- in all forms-, Couples, Asses, Hearts, Heart-Shaped-Asses, and/or the best Break Ups Ever (David and Michael, Ethan and Justin, Tad and Ted, etc).

What I mean by Come-As-You-Are is grabbing your favorite screencap or two and making a blingee, graphic, header, or icon with one of the online effect sites. I promise that you can be a creatin' superstar using these programs. Of course, I'd love for graphic makers with computer programs to participate as well.

Please sign up below and then post your creations here at [info]qaf_scavenger on Sunday, February 14! (Don't post your creations here until Feb 14, or in your journal until a week later, because that would ruin the surprise. Thanks.)

The rules, as always:
1. No flaming
2. No Brian/Micheal
3. No MPreg

Show the world how much you admire Teh Love, appreciate Justin's fine ass, or love the Ethan/Justin break up or whatever else is in your heart!

I would love for you to pimp this in your personal journals, too!

Click for examples of effects you can do easily and quickly



Online effect sites:

http://www.lunapic.com/editor/ This site lets you crop your picture, which you can then save to your computer and use on other sites. Has some fun effects. Also gives the option of saving as icon-sized. Can add text with this site.

http://www.picnik.com/ This site lets you crop, which you can then save to your computer and use on other sites. Of course, also good if you just love a certain screencap and can't find an icon of it. You can make it yourself! Site also lets you add cute hearts, stars, holiday and other decorations, as well as text. Also gives the option of saving as icon-sized. I highly recommend this site for a beginner. :) Some effects cost money, but I would just skip those.

http://blingee.com/ Has fun animated and still effects. Gives the option of saving graphic for icon use.

http://www.photofunia.com/ This site has fun effects, both still and animated. Gives the option of saving graphic as icon-sized. With a few clicks of a mouse, you can have an awesome icon! This is a really easy site to use.

http://avatar.pho.to/ This site has fun animated effects, like transitioning between pictures.


http://bighugelabs.com/motivator.php You can make the popular "motivator" posters here.

Here's a list to a bunch of other sites: http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/services/28-online-photo-editing-websites-to-have-fun-with/

Easy to follow, I hope, instructions for PhotoFunia! )