January 11th, 2010

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Endings and Beginnings Contest

Lovely contest banner made by the ever-amazing [info]qafmaniac Thank you so very very much!

A huge THANK YOU to all the participants! I am going to start posting the entries for the Endings and Beginnings Contest. Please leave some love in the comments for the artist/author! Don't forget to track the post so you can see what everyone is saying!

If you have been unable to finish your entry yet, I understand and am offering an amnesty until January 31st, almost a whole month! I will post anything I get at the end of each week (hopefully Friday or Saturday).

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Post 1: [info]frantic_quest

Title: Line in the Sand
Author: [info]frantic_quest
Author's Notes: Sincere thanks as always to [info]sunshinyday5762 for her quick and thorough beta. Canon through 508, then I’m just doodling.
Line )

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Post 2: [info]florida_minxie

Title: The Morning After…
Author (Beta): [info]florida_minxie ([info]vl_redreign)
Author's Notes: Written for the Endings and Beginnings Challenge. HUGE *kisses* to [info]_alicesprings for the prompt. She saved you all from certain death!fic.

The Morning After…  )

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Post 3: [info]etextraordinary

Title: Everything Begins Somewhere
Author: [info]etextraordinary
Author’s Notes: Set about a year after 513. It is set in ET’s post-513 ‘verse, about 6 months after Red Leaves and about 3 months before Moving Day. Sorry for writing this story out of order, damn non-linear brain! A giant hug and “Thank you” go to my amazing beta, [info]ahaw9913 , you are the best!

ModernFormations is a real gallery in Pittsburgh, which specializes on local artists who do modern work. Check them out!

Everything Begins Somewhere )

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Post 4: [info]qafmaniac

Title: What I've Done
Artist: [info]qafmaniac
Author's Notes: This is an S3 B/J Reunion vid to the song What I've Done by Linkin Park.It's Justin's POV.What he's done is over and he's desperately fighting for a new beginning with Brian.

What I've done )

Download here

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Post 5: [info]kari77

Title: How far we've come
Artist: [info]kari77
A/N: wallpaper, 1280x800 px

Graphic behind the cut )