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December 30th, 2007

Themed Retread: PWP [Dec. 30th, 2007|07:47 pm]


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Ready for the PWP I promised you? I've decided to start with a few of my faves.

This author has contributed some of the finest stories to this fandom. I cherish each one of her stories but tonight it's all about the porn. ;)

HAND JOB by [info]luceononuro

BURNT UMBER by [info]luceononuro

FLY by [info]luceononuro

and I can't retread some of my faves without including these next 2 authors!
INTERLUDE by ragingpixie

and FIVE BY FIVE by bigboobedcanuck

Finally, a few stories from 2 authors who are IMO, a couple of the finest porn writers in our fandom.

AND WHAT IF I DON'T by triciaqaf

MOTORCYCLE by triciaqaf

SEX SCENES: 69 by xhaleslowly aka Ethan

This retread got a little long because I'm a porn whore and I HATE to whittle down my porn. hee I hope you all have "fun" with these and believe me, I've got PLENTY more for the rest of the holiday. *evil grin*

OT: [info]bj_action is hosting a new theme and you should sign up NOW!
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