June 20th, 2009

[info]_alicesprings in [info]qaf_recs

Asylum Rec!

I'm reccing some asylums that have been a little quiet of late. I'm hoping you guys will get over there and wake them up!

[info]qaf_prompts is an asylum for posting fic prompts and the fic that is the result. There have been lots of great fics (and prompts) posted already, but there's no such thing as enough.

[info]qaf_commentary is an asylum where authors post "DVD style" commentary of one of their fics. I love reading the thought processes behind fic and why an author makes the choices they make. I'd LOVE to see this asylum take off.

If they take your fancy, please join them if you haven't already, pimp them around and get posting some prompts, fic or commentary. Thanks!