June 8th, 2009

[info]_alicesprings in [info]qaf_recs


This asylum is for reccing fic, vids, graphics, picspams, new asylums and anything related to Queer as Folk.

Posting is open to all members. Feel free to rec old faves or new obsessions.

All canonical pairings and characters from Queer as Folk are welcome.

If you've got something to pimp, this is the place for you!

[info]fun_demented in [info]qaf_recs

Fic Rec

The Little Prince by [info]kjsolipanna is a post-513 stand alone that is incredibly IC goodness. Very well written and instantly intriguing...SOOOOOO good.

[info]_alicesprings in [info]qaf_recs

Fic Rec!

For my first post here I'd like to rec someone near and dear, a fantastic writer I'm lucky enough to beta for - [info]notreallyme10!

This is just a small sampling of her work. Please enjoy, and remember to leave her some feedback!

A wonderful AU!
Golden Opportunities

Ridiculously hot MoMA porn, asfgh.
Fine Art

Artist!Justin porn. *dead*

No words, just read it kthx.

Some fab Justin and Michael friendship
Rage On

And some hot and sexy Melanie/Lindsay porn

Could I also ask that reccers please tag their posts, with either fic, vid, picspam, asylum etc, to make finding what you want here easier. Thanks!