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Everything's Great [Mar. 8th, 2010|09:34 pm]

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Title:Everything’s Great

Rating: PG for references to violence…if you squint and tilt juuuust right

Author’s Notes: For the prompt “Fathers and Sons”. I really loved writing it. Although I wrote it waaaaay in advance and then got scared of posting it early....then missed the original deadline...I'm posting it now! yea! I'm so on top of things! >.>

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for "Kinnetic gossip!" prompt [Jun. 26th, 2009|11:19 am]

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[Current Mood |calm]

Title: Nothing but Work

Rating: PG? Ish? lol. Maybe 13 for insinuations.

Author’s Notes: For [info]fun_demented’s promt of “Kinnetic Gossip!” at [info]qaf_prompts. Hope it’s good enough! Also - beware the self-betaing. ^.^

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[May. 24th, 2009|02:19 pm]

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Title: Nothing but Work

Rating: pg? 13?

Author’s Notes: Inspired by [info]_alicesprings’s prompt of “Sex at the Office” Hope it’s good enough!

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