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April 10th, 2016

Ny's Marathon 2016 - Lets see how far I get! [Apr. 10th, 2016|09:50 pm]



Ok, I have an urge to do this. But I want to try and be realistic about my ability to devote time to doing so.

So this is my plan.

I will post with a given number of episodes, and the date on which I plan to have watched them by.

Then, as I watch them, I'll come by and comment on that same post. When I've met my goal, I'll put up a new post with my next goal, and use that as the place to comment on those episodes.

If by some miracle someone else is out there seeing this and wants to jump in the comments on any given post, feel free! And if you want to try and join me in my watching goal, even better!
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101-105, Due Date: April 18, 2016 [Apr. 10th, 2016|09:58 pm]



Ok. I have a crazy busy week coming up, so I'm giving myself until 4/18/16 for the first 5 episodes.

Back with comments in a few days. Or I'm delusional and this is the last time I'll be posting until next year. We shall see!

If you have anything to say about the first 5, comment below!
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