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July 10th, 2008

Idea for a marathon [Jul. 10th, 2008|11:51 am]


I posted the other day in my journal about the dreaded "B/J Fast Forward Syndrome," and mentioned a mental exercise that I have found interesting while watching the episodes, that helps a viewer see how all the different storylines, arcs, and characters reflect on each other, and that you miss a lot if you just fast-forward from Brian/Justin scene to Brian/Justin scene -- by which I mean, we miss a lot about Brian and Justin.

There is a dream analysis theory or method by which you assume every single character in a dream is you, the dreamer. I have tried watching some episodes assuming that every single character and storyline is telling me something about Brian and Justin's characters and/or storylines.

Of course that's not literally true; it's an exercise in interpretation. But it's extremely interesting nonetheless, and does often reveal common themes and ideas that I had otherwise missed or not really let register with me.

So I'd like to do this for an episode here in marathons, but the question is: which episode?

I thought of doing a poll, but I don't really want to pick even a few to choose from. I'd like to know, is there an episode that you feel would really be interesting to do this exercise with? Maybe one where you can't see how it would apply, or that has little or no B/J in it, or that you just think would work with this approach in an interesting way?

Please suggest it! I'm open to all seasons, and any episode, although probably we should avoid late season 2 since I've already marathoned and meta'd that to death, LOL.
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