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evil, Evil, EVIL [Oct. 28th, 2007|01:02 am]

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Okay, so I'm lightly tripping through the getithere community looking at what fics are trying to be found and saw a link for Southern Sunshine:
Which is a collaboration between Thyme and Gina (I don't know Gina, but am familiar with Thyme.)

I admit, I should have known better, but it was late...

I kept saying I was going to quit reading it, as I pressed the mouse to click over to the next chapter, but I kept getting sucked in by the fact that everyone is evil in this fic -

Evil Chris Hobbes
Evil Craig Taylor
Evil Ethan Gold
Evil Cody (do we even know his last name?)
Evil Darren/Shandra Lear

A virtual cavalcade of evil. All with an annoying southern accent.

So I pose to you - what is the best worst Evil crack!fic out there?

(I did redeem myself by going over back and reading Gone by Triciaqaf)
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