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June 29th, 2007

Agoraphobic!Justin [Jun. 29th, 2007|09:48 pm]



Original poster: xie_xie_xie

So, I was on the phone today with [info]happier_bunny and we were speculating on WTF happened to Molly Taylor after 202, when Jennifer sent her to her room while Justin was freaking out, never to be seen again.

"Maybe," I said, "she developed a terrible case of agoraphobia."

My innocent wife Bunny chattered on, but my own words triggered something in my mind, some dark, horrible memory.

"Have you ever," I interrupted her, "read the story about agoraphobic!Justin?"

Silence, then: "I... I'm not sure."

Bunny's read everything, so I thought she must have, so I went on. "Justin never gets out of his bathrobe and hasn't left his apartment in years and just watches TV and plays online and orders delivery food, and then Brian moves in next door and he falls in love with him."

I paused to take a breath. "And Justin hasn't had sex in years and years or maybe ever, I don't remember, and he's always indoors and in his bathrobe but for some reason Brian can't resist him. They're making out on the bed and Justin comes six times without Brian even touching his dick or opening up his bathrobe, and I don't know, Brian just likes that, to make out for hours with a come-spewing pasty-skinned mushroom without even fucking him or trying to take his clothes off."

I stopped, and panted.

"I think I know that fic," said Bunny, her voice sad. "Let me send you a link."

"Agoraphobia" by Grover

You must read it immediately.

ETA: New link for the fic is "Agoraphobia" by Grover

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