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The BIG problem with 513 [Jul. 6th, 2015|07:06 pm]


I think it is time we address the elephant in the room.

Justin's plane is leaving that night, at 10 in fact - "What time is your flight?" "Ten."

But he apparently only very, very recently found a place to stay, in fact so recently, that he isn't even sure about it, "I think I've finally found a place to stay."

And we know he doesn't have studio space either, "Finding work space is going to be difficult..."

So why the fuck is he leaving for New York on a flight at 10 at night with neither a certain place to stay or work space yet determined?

And Brian isn't terrible concerned or finding this weird either, "You'll manage. You always do."

So WTF is going on? Why the rush to get there that night at 10pm when you aren't even certain you have a place to live yet?

There can only be one explanation: Justin already has a job lined up, or an interview, or a meeting. Some reason why he has to be there first thing in the morning and can't wait another second. And clearly it is important and Brian already knows what it is, or he wouldn't be all nonchalant about his partner leaving for NYC at 10 at night.

Also, they both seem to think there will be frequent travel. That no one is worried about Justin paying for. "Whether we see each other next weekend..." "I'll be back. And you'll come there."

Why is this relevant? Because of the stories where he doesn't do well and has to come home. Or he gets a job in a restaurant to make ends meet. Why would he have to be there first thing in the morning without a home to live in for sure unless he was going for some important reason?

Other thoughts about this weirdness?

And people think the problem is because they aren't together at the very end. Pfft.
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513 Cuddle Line [Jan. 21st, 2009|04:53 pm]

*Waves hi to all*

Reading this asylum's user info I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but since it's kinda important for my future enjoyment of QaF fan fics and my future attempts at writing one, I hope it's ok.

There's an ongoing discussion on the wonder (or not) that is Brandon on the other thread *points down*, and I thought perhaps I should re-watch that Brandon arc to refresh my memory of him. So I emotionally detached myself from the show and got ready to watch. Somehow I ended up watching 513 instead (yes I'm easily distracted).

I've never read anything Cowlip had to say about the ending of Qaf, nor have I read what the other writers had to say about it. I knew these interviews/letters existed, but I read that they weren't anything really good about BrianXJustin's relationship, and since I never stumbled on them I thought it might as well that I don't read them. I believe what they wanted or tried to say is irrelevant to begin with, what matters is what's on the show. I still believe so.

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