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Queer As Folk Writing Challenges, with a B/J focus

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November 8th, 2010

Winter Challenge (with a twist!) [Nov. 8th, 2010|06:40 am]



Hi, everyone! Along with my fic writing muses coming to life, my challenge muses are waking up, too! So here we go. Please make me happy and spread the word!

The theme of the challenge is "Winter"... winter holidays, the season, cold weather, snow, being snowed in, winter sports... if you can make it be about winter, it's in! Entries can include any of the following: Fic of any length including drabbles; artwork/graphics including but not limited to icons and wallpaper; vids.

The "twist" is that, for the first time, crossover fic/other artworks will be allowed if that's what you want to write, with one restriction:

While you can use real people (eg, Adam Lambert) as well as characters from other fictional works (eg, Reid Oliver, Harry Potter) in your crossover work, none of the "Queer as Folk" actors or QAF-associated real people(eg, Gale Harold, Patrick Antosh) can be in it. It has to be the CHARACTERS of "Queer as Folk" interacting with the real people or characters of another fandom/fictional world. Comment here if you have a question.

Entries in the Winter Challenge are due on Sunday, Jan. 3, no later than 6 AM, US Pacific time and will be posted immediately after that.

To enter, please sign up on this post. Entries officially close on Monday, Nov. 22, and late sign-ups WILL be accepted. It's just helpful to me to know how many entries to expect, so please, if you're doing to submit something, sign up!

Important note: Please read all the information on the profile page HERE to ensure that your work meets all the criteria, or it will not be accepted -- this includes the rule that YOU MUST HAVE YOUR FIC BETA'D! If you need help finding a beta, comment here.

The only deviations from those guidelines, which are for this challenge only, are that non-QAF real person fiction/slash will be allowed, and the deadline time is changed.

Fics and other works will, as usual, be posted anonymously for the first five days, during which time you may not reveal yourself as the author/creator or crosspost the work. The name of your beta will be withheld until the authors are revealed, and we ask that you not upload your art or vids to a site or account that identifies you by name/username, so as not to give away your anonymity.

When your submission is ready, email fic, or links to artwork or vids, to me at xie.kay @ gmail.com. Don't forget to include the html coding as outlined at the above link.

Questions? Comment here, or email me!

Sign up below!
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