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February 13th, 2010

ENTRIES POSTED! [Feb. 13th, 2010|11:41 am]


All the submissions in the Second Chance Challenge 2, with bonus prompts, have now been posted. There was a wide array of different themes and prompts used, which was great to see! We had a grand total of 23 entries!

A big thank you to all the challenge veterans who took part yet again, and also to our first-time entrants, of whom we had quite a few. Welcome! It’s great to have you on board!

Also, thanks to our betas!

The entries will remain anonymous for five days. Please do not reveal your identities, reply to comments or cross-post your work until the big reveal.

The entries are posted on both IJ and LJ, so be sure to track both posts to receive your comments.

Below the cut is a list of all the participants.

Participants )
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