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Goin To Work
By [info]jenerik_brand

FOR ME!! AH HAHAHAHA YOU SUCKERS!! That's right...for ME!!

Also a Little 'Yasha fic.

So he was going to Sesshomaru’s offices. This was definitely a compromise. And in a suit- another compromise. And before 9am. This required another taste of that fine sake Inuyasha had found for him. Twice.

The things he did for love.

Still, the shower was a great way to encourage him. Rather, sex in the shower. And sitting back to watch him get dressed in that damnable suit and tie? Well, let’s just say suits were not so bad when Inuyasha wore them.

“Not bad at all.” I toed the inner seem of his slacks.

“Don’t distract me. We’re already late.” He smirked over his shoulder. His hair was shorter than it was in the old days. Sometimes Miroku missed that long, gorgeous mane. But it gave him a grown-up air. After a few hundred years a person really couldn’t look like a kid anymore, could they? Demon, half demon or otherwise.

“Since when do you care if we’re late?” My toe goes up…

He puts one arm through a silk jacket Miroku stole for him in Venice. “It was your idea.” Inuyasha will not own up to the fact that he was very distracting when Rin asked us to go to this ghastly event on the phone. Oh, if only could Miroku could have been rude to her and hang up. Damn her insufferable sweetness.

She really did rule the world. And she did it with fantastic kindness. It was terrible.

Inuyasha turned when he was done. Gods, He looked so… Miroku hid behind another swallow of sake. “It was incontrovertibly your fault.” He pointed and tried weakly to accuse. “You and your puppy technique. Besides, I wanted to stay home.”

“I can see that.” Inuyasha eyed the black silk suit Miroku lounged in. “Over do it, much? That’s evening wear?”

“Absolutely not.” He wiggled sandaled feet.

“You’re kidding?”

“I am.” He bit his pipe and grabbed his shoes and socks from under the desk. “I just wanted to get back at you for hiding my pipe and sake.”

“Oh, I think you did.” Inuyasha snickered. “You liked it, anyway. Admit it.”

“Not as much as I am going to enjoy a limo ride with you.” Miroku rubbed his ass. “Come on. I think the car’s already out there.”

“I’m sure.”


It was inevitable. The driver knew it. This happened every time he went to this stinking address. These two guys… Geez. It wasn’t that he was against the gays or anything. Live and let live he always said. He just didn’t understand what it was about these two guys that made them think they had the right to act like it was mating season every time they stepped into his limo?

Every time!

They would do it doggie style. Missionary. They did that thing with their tongues on their asses- after sex! Oh, jeez. And they always- always- had to blow each other while one stuck his head out of the sunroof.

It was like a tradition. Hell, who said romance was dead. In these two’s case, someone needed to kill it. Shoot it dead.

They didn’t even put up the privacy screen. Shit. In fact…

“Hey, Joey! What do you think of this?”

That Guy with the dog ears, Inuyasha, he was porking that black haired guy from behind, pulling his hair and jerking him off.

“I have to drive.”

“Oh, too bad.” They both snort and they kept going. And going. Finally that Inuyasha guy pulled it out and made that other guy sit down so he could- yeah, you guessed it- suck him off while he – “Woooooooo!”

And Joey got a big eyeful of that Miroku guy’s hands squeezing that Inuyasha guy’s ass while he did his thing.

He didn’t have a problem with the guys. God help him he didn’t. But why do they have to make him stop at the iHop while they do this?


“Don’t stain your shirt, Baby.” He wiped the raspberry sauce from his lip. Inuyasha licked it off.

“This was a good idea, old man.” Inuyasha tapped the seat in front of them. “You are the best, Joey!” He gave a thumbs up. When the driver gave them a weak smile they looked at each other and laughed. “I could smell how hard he was,” Inuyasha whispered in Miroku’s ear.

He nearly choked his breakfast, he was laughing so hard. “Let’s get to work.”


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Daddy and Baby Love