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[18 Jul 2021|02:35pm]

[info]witchisland Femme and futa gpsl, now officially open. Check out our wanted lines here or join [info]witchislelines to make connections and fill lines.
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[06 Jul 2021|04:49pm]

New femme/futa witch gpsl, open for holds and apps.
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[26 Feb 2021|06:33pm]

[info]eastbayst a slice of life gpsl taking place in charleston, sc! rolling adds, no examples needed, all walks of life welcomed! come write with us
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[17 Nov 2020|08:57pm]

[info]eastbayst - an active, slice of life gpsl set in charleston, south carolina!

adds are wednesdays and saturdays - bring us your homeless, your quirky storylines, your popular and unpopular faces - but most of all, your desire to write and interact!
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[18 Aug 2020|07:59pm]

Crazy idea, maybe a GPSL, anyone up for a genderflipped Dresden Files line, or an AU, genderflipped/'good and evil' realities and normal realities collide
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[18 Aug 2020|06:35am]

[info]nybynight is a Vampire the Masquerade game sat in the city of New York. It deals with vampires locked in a never-ending game of desire, conspiracy, and betrayal as they fight for survival within the Big Apple.

No previous knowledge is needed to play. We're just looking for a few good writers who want to not only write but develop their characters and the world around them. An overarching metaplot guides the game but we welcome your individual plots and lines as well.

If you're looking for something different, come check us out. Now accepting not only vampire characters but humans as well.
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[31 Jul 2020|02:17pm]

[info]eastbayst - a small Slice of Life GPSL set on the port town of Charleston, South Carolina. Out of the ashes rises ...oysters? Ha! Come put your holds in. We open officially on August 6th or at 10 applications. Writing-based, interactive and fun. Aesthetics are not a priority! Come write!
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Sirius Black or Remus Lupin/Daphne Greengrass [13 Jul 2020|03:01pm]

Looking for a line semi-inspired by the Debt of Time fan-fiction.


Daphne is flung through time and through magic manages to go through adolescence not once, but twice, during two different eras. When she does it the second time, she doesn't remember the first. She doesn't remember Sirius/Remus and what they eventually came to mean to each other. She does, however, follow a similar path in both: diverging from her blood purist parent's beliefs before becoming a spy for the Order.
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[13 Jun 2020|09:09am]

looking for more supernatural creatures of all varieties at [info]prophets, a small gpsl centered of dedicated writers with supernatural/horror concepts and monthly plots. would love to see the archangels, leviathan, more vampires and werewolves, and shin hye-sun, han hyo-joo, or bae suzy for something mildly specific
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[22 Mar 2020|12:58pm]

Ya’ll. I am bored. Help a self-isolated girl out. I prefer to scene via Google Docs but will thread or email as well. Please be an adult. You can comment below or shoot me an email at Cross-posted.


911: Looking to play an OFC against Buck. We can work the storyline together.

Harry Potter: I would love to play against Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Fred Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Pansy Parkinson, Draco Malfoy, Theo Knott, Regulas Black, or Severus Snape.

I play Daphne Greengrass, Astoria Greengrass, Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Harry Potter, Remus Lupin, James Potter, Charlie Weasley, and Draco Malfoy. I have played OFCs too.

Looking to play Hogwarts-era and beyond. Time travel, people not being what/who they seem, angst, romance, fluff- anything goes, really. I do dark and twisty as well as light and airy. I like a good mix of both.

The Walking Dead: I just really want a line against Daryl.

Sons of Anarchy: I would like to play against Opie or Happy.


Supernatural (anything witchy/werewolf-y/ghosty/etc), faux-celeb, regular people, older/younger adults, mystery, suspense, romance- pretty much anything, really. If you’ve got a muse/line, let me know! I usually do het/gen lines.
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[29 Jan 2020|12:29am]

I'm dying for a Erik/Charles psl and I am up for any kind of world, au, canon, canon that deviates at a certain point. 18+ please, I would love to plot and discuss things. Kink/s*x friendly. Not a group, but I'd love to create a little psl sandbox for multiple people.

contact here!
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[23 Sep 2019|11:09am]

For anyone looking for a kinky gpsl with a storyline please check us out. :)
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[18 Aug 2019|08:19pm]

Looking for a Commissioner Gordon to her Batman/Catwoman for a futuristic gpsl.
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[28 Jul 2019|10:56pm]

[info]prophets a smallish/gpsl of dedicated writers pulling from inspiration from buffy and other horror facets looking to add more people into the story. all supernatural creatures accepted!
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[13 Jul 2019|07:54pm]

Multi-fandom GPSL looking for the following characters! We also welcome original characters.
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[03 Jun 2019|10:10pm]
Testing interest in a GoT GPSL set 20+ years after the show. Potential for Retconning is very much there but the general thought is all independent kingdoms and a council of kings to keep the peace.

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[03 Apr 2019|08:42pm]

Looking for a Bellatrix Lestrange and more Death Eaters for a small but great plot-driven canon divergent MWPP GPSL. Check us out at [info]thequest.
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[28 Mar 2019|12:37pm]

[info]magnoliapark is small but active. i'm looking for an assistant, the illegitimate half-sibling he only just found out about, and a line that's a bit like crazy ex-girlfriend. bonus points for rachel bloom as the pb!
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[10 Mar 2019|11:56am]

Looking to start a GPSL or two. The first four ideas I have are all original. the last one is fandom, next generation based - buffy/spn/tvd. have a read and dude dude dude let's see.

Anon comments are turned off. don't hide your shame, take the blame for your kookoo ideas!
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[08 Feb 2019|07:01pm]
Who am I? Adjudicator
What I want? I want to roleplay mutant in a certain setting, and I have a plot idea for the psl that I will share.
Who I'll play? Original characters only, currently want to use Sophie Turner and add more as we go perhaps.
What I will allow? Typically rp dos-and-don'ts.
What I won't allow? obviously r*pe, and similar elements.
Contact info? Adjudicator's drop box
Anything else? I am really looking for a long term rp partner to play with and world build in our own psl. If you have friends that want to join you are welcome to invite them once we get settled. I have a plot idea, and want something mutant related with dystopian themes somewhat. Just hit the drop box and we can discuss whatever! (Not the journal I will use for the rp)
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