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Terrible Wigs [06 Jun 2022|10:10pm]

Look, Rhaegar having a terrible 'already used by Viserys' wig in the flashback made me roll my eyes. The sea of bad wigs in the HoD series just made me want to weep. However, it also made me want to pull this dude out again if anyone is interested.

Headcanon that might be relevant here
Various and sundry line ideas here.

Would love a Cersei to shake things up a bit. However, I'm pretty open to any proposals.
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[30 May 2022|08:59pm]

Looking for MCU Nat for a femme line with Carol! Especially hoping to fill in the five-year gap but open to AUs (our own plot or any of the What If...? stories).
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[28 May 2022|08:40pm]
Please bear with me as I slowly set up his journal, but I’m looking for a line or two with Obi-Wan? Nothing specific in mind, but would love something set during the Disney+ series, though I’m definitely open to discussing other ideas!
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[21 May 2022|11:58am]

Dusting off my old account here to hunt up a Heartstopper line between Charlie and Nick.

I have NOT played Slash since Dinosaurs roamed the Earth, so this would be a VERY slow burn line. I would like to play either Charlie or Nick, would like to play Nick more just because my caring side, but either or is fine!

I have only seen the TV shows, but have done extensive Wiki research, so I know the BASIC idea of the Comics, though the timeline might be a bit eschewed in some places.

Comment if your interested!
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[22 Apr 2022|10:19am]

I am looking for any and all characters from One Chicago to play Kelly against. Of course I would love to find a Stella Kidd for a ship and even a Erin Lindsay. That doesn't mean I'm not open to other ships but my top ship is Stellaride.

I'd also love to play against Matt Casey, Leslie Shay, Gabby Dawson, Jay Halstead and other One Chicago characters as well.

If anyone is interested reply to this or send me a message.
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[02 May 2022|11:20am]
Something long term and active for Chris Evans? Het\pb or celeb. Would love a good pregnancy line, and very open to suggestions, but I would love Emilia Clarke or Nina Dobrev.
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[31 Jan 2022|10:24am]

I'm looking for a witchy femme line, open to elements, details, world building and plotting together. Anyone interested?
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[07 Mar 2022|03:04pm]

Looking for my Bats.
Or a Rob if you’re feeling the “Wonderland” chemistry.
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[08 Apr 2022|02:10am]

Longest shot, but I'd love to find a Poe Dameron writer for a longterm private line against my Extended Universe Jaina Solo. I have many ideas for it, all I need is an active partner. Comment here if you're interested!
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[30 Dec 2021|11:57pm]

This may be a long shot, but would anyone out there be interested in a PSL playing Brian Haner aka Synyster Gates with Kelly Kleinert-Haney (ex-SG/GG/Alt Model)?

I'd also open to other pairings.

Thank you!
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[28 Jan 2022|04:41pm]

I finished a replay of Horizon Zero Dawn in anticipation of Forbidden West coming out in a few weeks and would love to figure out a line in this world! Characters from the game or originals would both be amazing.

Similarly,I'm replaying Dragon Age Inquisition and would also love something in Thedas!! Something between a mage and Templar? Exploring more of the possible relationships between the characters? I'm open to discussion!

I have other wants in my journal, so please don't hesitate to check it out!
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[30 Jan 2022|05:18pm]

Looking for Hawaii Five-O lines for my McGarrett. I would love a Danno for a line and/or a line with a teenage Grace(17/18y.o.) who doesn't see her uncle Steve in that light anymore.
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[30 Nov 2021|11:46am]

ho ho ho! i am looking for a fun, cheesy, holiday themed slice of life psl (or two!). it's been awhile since i updated my psl journal, but for the intents of this post i am looking for something that goes with a bunch of 'hallmark christmas movies' tropes. my ideal partner would be someone who enjoys writing scenes, 'customs'(or the characters 'texting/emailing', etc), perhaps even throwing in other extras or narratives into the line. extra points for someone who likes to help plot, has a sense of humor and is a good communicator. if we get on well we could keep the line going beyond the holidays, i hope!

i'll happily supply a list of tropes or ideas if you are curious. comment here or at my journal for a custom!
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[25 Nov 2021|11:49am]

Worst time ever to ask this but could I get some PSL action for a Dakota Johnson PB? The cliche part of me really wants a Jamie Dornan but I’m open to others as well. Light, dark, fluff, angst, smut…I’m down for it all. Slice of life, supernatural, fantasy, science fiction are all my jam and I would love, love to brainstorm and come up with something really amazing. I’m even willing to embrace the Hallmark of the season, because I’m weak.
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[23 Nov 2021|12:00pm]
looking to pick up a few lines! i have a few ideas in the journal but happy to hear about your biggest desires as well
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[08 Nov 2021|12:53pm]

Jumping on the Love, Victor / Simonverse train. Benji needs his basketball star in his life, complete with family drama, character growth (yes, Benji has a clusterfuck of Personal Issues to work through), the works. Canon-compliant, AU, college, coffee shop, adults - bring it all to me! Journals or discord!

Inquire within.
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[02 Nov 2021|08:24pm]

I know this is a long shot but I am hoping to find someone that would play the Manchester City player Jack Grealish against Jordan Henderson (Liverpool captain and the beauty in my my user pic)
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[23 Oct 2021|07:18am]
check the journal if you're also interested in a writing heavy femme psl. i'd love some holiday themed lines since they're around the corner, but anything listed is on the table. i have ideas for every theme mentioned. just lemme know what you're interested in when you comment.
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[20 Oct 2021|04:13pm]

Looking for a few psls. Check out my ideas here!
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[17 Oct 2021|02:45pm]

Can offer Rey & Ben & Jyn & Cassian & Rose & Bodhi.

Are you longing to play approximately one million self indulgent AU's? Have you seen the Adam Driver Burberry advertisement and wished that you could play a mer AU (or centaur)? Have you read a fanfic and been inspired to play a particular plot? BITCH, ME TOO!

Bring me your period au's, your modern ones, your tentacles and oh my God they were roommates. Let me tell you about my dumb ideas or inundate you with lists and lists of AU's as far as the eye can see!

Let's discuss! Let's play!

I am fully open to crosscanon or wibbly wobbly timey wimey SW shenanigans, but I would be remiss if I said that I didn't have particular favorites that I'd love to play with. Jyn x Cassian and Rey x Ben, for starters. For Bodhi, I love Jyn or Cassian or both! OT3 for life, yo. You can even throw a Kay in the mix, I'm easy! Truth be told, I love Ben for Rose, but you could offer Rey or Finn or Poe or Hux (for Rey, too!) or Kaydel or hell, Beaumont if there is one out there! I'll try it all.
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