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[09 May 2021|07:09pm]

can I get something het or slash for Tommy Lee?
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[28 Apr 2021|07:08pm]

longshot but something for this pb? i have a bunch of line ideas to jump off of with ideas ranging from sol to fandom to historical. journals only.
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[21 Apr 2021|07:16pm]
looking for a psl set in a bladerunner-esque world, comment for a custom
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[21 Apr 2021|05:35pm]

check the journal looking for a psl
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[23 Apr 2021|06:11pm]

check the journal for some supernatural themed ideas
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[18 Apr 2021|10:33pm]

I generally just do OC stuff, but... I have a random craving to play a Jason Todd line. Setting and format are negotiable, though I would prefer if it were over Discord. It doesn't need to be a long-term line, but that's always nice.

Just thought I'd throw it out there just in case.
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[18 Apr 2021|10:17am]
check the journal. ideally looking for more femme lines but up for anything that's writing heavy.
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[16 Apr 2021|08:34pm]
could i get some psls for the ladies listed in the journal? i’m looking for pretty much anything under the sun since it’s been a long while since i did any writing and i’m itching to get back into it again.
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[09 Apr 2021|10:12pm]

An Arthur for my Eames? Pre-movie, post-movie, or AUs welcome.
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[10 Apr 2021|02:40am]

Anyone for an outlander line?
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[09 Apr 2021|10:13am]

His GPSL died, and I'm looking for something against this Oscar Isaac PB. FWB, romance, whatever!
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[07 Apr 2021|05:03am]

Back to IJ after a long hiatus, and I'd like to find some new lines & partners. Check the journal or let's brainstorm something. <3
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[30 Mar 2021|08:26pm]

Character A is a loner, more of an introvert. He's been this way most of his life. He has a few "friends", but he spends most of his time alone scribbling away on a book he dreams of publishing someday, listening to music or painting. Enter character B. He's the opposite of A. Outgoing, charismatic, charming and worldly. The two are opposites, but there's an attraction. I prefer to play A.

Open to plotting and brainstorming for this line and adding to it. Comments screened.
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[17 Mar 2021|01:16pm]

Anything fun and exciting to get into? Het or femme. As warning, I might lag a little. I lost my mom not too long ago and that has made my play a little wonky. But I am trying to get back into a good routine. Comment please!
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[15 Mar 2021|01:08pm]

Looking for a romance between the girl and the young merman who had saved her from drowning as a child. As they grow older, the relationship deepens between the girl from the land and the boy from the sea. Looking for equal parts fluff, angst, and smut. Pining is forever my jam.

I would also love, love, love a courtesan verse for Evie. Sold into service at a high class brothel, she's spent years entertaining all sorts of patrons, never expecting to meet someone that they actually care about. Maybe she has a patron that returns time after time, and although she is reluctant to admit that she has fond feelings for him, eventually does. I am absolutely a sucker for a forbidden romance, and if this doesn't qualify, I don't know what will. I have so many horrible ideas of the hurt I can inflict in this verse, but ultimately, I would love for them to have a happy ending.

Or, I'd also like a slow burn romance with the man that she's made to marry. At first, maybe they're both uncomfortable and aloof, but they find some sort of common ground, which leads to innuendo, and stolen moments, touching, kissing, missed opportunities, and a whole lot of UST.

More ideas heeeeeere! )
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[07 Mar 2021|02:34pm]
Any Heathers fans lurking around?

JD here needs his Veronica.
Flexible on faces, genders, etc. Just want to keep the same dynamic overall.

Make me a custom if you'd like to discuss. Short term or longterm.
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[27 Feb 2021|08:52pm]

Two strangers meet at a late night diner. I want to discuss and brainstorm this line. I have a few ideas, but nothing is concrete. I'm up for mystery, angst, love, long distance love, heartache, hurt and more. Let's talk and see what we can come up with.


Seeking a line with the following elements; Age gap, asylum, apocalypse, romance/relationship. The latter would be down the line a little. I have ideas, but looking for someone to brainstorm with. Please only reply if you're willing to brainstorm and share your own ideas and plot for the line.
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[27 Feb 2021|05:37am]
would anyone be willing to play davey havok or play against one?
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[19 Feb 2021|05:50am]

Like sci fi, horror and cyberpunk? Let's work something out!
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[05 Feb 2021|04:39am]

I know this is probably a long shot but any Karate Kid muses out there? Mr Miyagi, Johnny, John Kreese, any of the other original Cobras, Ali, Kumiko, Terry Silver?
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