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[10 Dec 2018|01:20pm]

hey this is caitlyn cooper, bodhi's mother. i'd love to work out some lines with everyone.
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[23 Nov 2018|07:36pm]

hey this is riley shivak. he's a patch and has been since 2003. he's originally from ohio but moved to stl when he was 18 following a woman. several years later, here he is. wrecking shit and taking names.
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[10 Nov 2018|09:50pm]

hii everyone. this is aleena, she's going to be 22 and pretty much a work in progress. i wanted to see if anyone needed anything filled before i went into depth with her. currently i think i'm going to have her possibly be a lady jester, but not sure.
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[03 Nov 2018|06:58pm]

bringing in this patch. he’s the brother of zayrah and zachary and the brother in law of bradan. he owns a restaurant and a food truck.
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[18 Oct 2018|06:42pm]

as i will be apping her either tonight, or tomorrow, i thought i'd post in here with a tldr and get my lines together!

this is virginia colleen storrow, mother of our beloved club president, and grandmother to his million and three kids. only her peers or elders call her virginia. literally everyone else knows her as 'mamma' or 'ma.' she's not a st. louis native, but moved there from new orleans when she was 17. but most people probably see her as having 'always been there.' she's a founder's wife/president's mother and she expects respect from everyone. and she has no problem putting anyone in their place when they step out of line. she moves between tough love and affection with an ease that may make her seem a bit bipolar at times, but it's just because she's played this game for so long.

there's probably nothing that can startle, or shock, her. she's great for an alibi and has been an active member of the community for her entire time in the city. people know her, and if people don't like her they typically keep it to themselves. still, mamma has always lived her own life by her own rules and gives few fucks about what people think outside of her family. but for all she can rule with an iron fist... it's typically clad in velvet. she's a sweet heart, looks after her people, will listen to those who come to her in crisis, helps where she is needed, and is definitely some kind of figure head with the old ladies. she is also a functional alcoholic who chain smokes and also will light up a joint in the evenings.

also... everyone probably knows/suspects that she is older than she will admit to, but anyone who says she's older than 50 will NOT like what happens next. it's an unwritten rule. mamma's birthdays have been yearless for ages and 50 is all she will ever admit to publicly.

all that being said: bring me ALL THE LINES!!! all club members/club fam are her "kids". so don't feel shy!

P.S.: mamma is also a bit of a cougar and i need some younger patches and prospects who have had some fun with her over the years. ;-)
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[06 Oct 2018|07:49pm]

hi all, i've just applied this little lady here and i thought i'd toss her out for some lines while i wait for adds. this is madeline bauer, a st. louis native who was a quintessential good girl. good grades, good friends, good choices. you know the drill. she dated [info]valterri from when she was 15-21, probably the only "bad" decision she ever made. she believed vince could be so much better but all she saw the partying and the MC taking him down a path she didn't understand. she stayed in the area until shortly after vince's daughter was born and then she took off and backpacked through europe for several months before taking a job with a family friend in england. she stayed there until a few weeks ago when she returned home due to her father's illness. she's been offered a job at [info]valterri's father's law firm, which i hope makes you lol as much as it makes me! (she's as yet unaware of his own ties to the MC) happy homecoming! so basically i need all kinds of lines, friends from back in the day, future clients, dates, guys she may or may not use to make [info]valterri jealous (of course she's not! how dare you suggest it!) all the things we can come up with. lets go crazy!
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[06 Oct 2018|06:27pm]

New face, who dis?

Hello my lovelies. I'm getting ready to app Anjelica over here. Is there an in-game club for her to work at, or should I look up an existing one in St. Louis?

For those who don't know this sarcastic, bitchy, loving mother of a teenager, this is Cassandra Anjelica Bardot. She's 31 and I am looking to make her a Lady Jester. What do you have for me?
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[06 Oct 2018|03:24am]

hiya, fam! this here is nate, freshly 18, newly minted prospect! feel free to bitch him around as you'd like, he's always ready and willing to do whatever anyone needs doing. got trash that needs to be taken out? call nate. need a last minute babysitter? call nate.

he's just graduated hs this past may and bradyn scott is his sponsor. he's not the brightest crayon in the box but he's sweet and has a lot of heart, as well as a lot of heart eyes for his brother's ex girlfriend, [info]baylormarie. so any girls around his age that he casually dated during school, guys who take advantage of his willingness to do any odd and dirty job, people that think he's a dipshit, etc. just anything you guys wanna use him for, i'm game!
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[05 Oct 2018|04:27pm]

What's up, [info]jesters?

I just applied my lady here and I figured I'd try to get a few more lines while I wait. This here is Minnie, she's 25 and a native. Currently she's a bartender at The Crack Fox and has been there for the last three years. Right now I have lines with [info]rockey, who's known Minnie's mother for quite some time. She dated [info]valterri and now they're good friends. And I think I've talked to one or two other people, but my memory sucks so please refresh me if we have!

In terms of lines, she could use a best friend, a neighbor or two, people she grew up with, regulars at The Crack Fox; I'll take pretty much anything. Let's plot.
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[05 Oct 2018|01:52pm]

hello all! this is Vince Valterri, Tail Gunner for the MC

he is a st. Louis native. he comes from money and his father is the personal lawyer for the MC. he was never a golden child, following in his troublemaker brother's footsteps (~kaydenbenn). he was always cutting school, dealing/doing drugs, drinking too early, fighting, etc. he was always realy around the MC due to his father's relationship with them, but it was not until after he graduated high school that he was more so involved. He prospected when he was 19 (in 2004) and 6 months later was a patch. In 2010 he became the tail gunner. personality wise he is kind of an asshole, selfish and a ladies man. he's had 3 serious relationships, including the one he is in now. he has a 5 year old daughter with his current girlfriend. he is hot headed and can fly off the handle. he owns a technology repair company. he's always had a knack for computer's/etc. he can repair pretty much anything that has to do with technology. AND he can hack into pretty much any system at the click of a button.

he needs a bromance, past flings/hook ups please and connections with everyone here please!
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[03 Oct 2018|02:44pm]

Hello all,

I just applied this chick here and she's going to be a sweetbutt. Her father was killed by the rival gang when she was 10. She was taken in by [info]rickz and family as he was her dad's best friend. Her mom was a sweetbutt and she's trying to follow in her footsteps.

I'm open to any kind of lines you all would like to throw at me (hoping she gets accepted of course)
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[03 Oct 2018|03:12am]

Some of you may recognize this journal, but not with this face. This is Janelle Mackenzie Scott aka Nelly Mack. She's 33 and the poor unfortunate soul born between Bradyn and Ryver. ;p

She is a sweetbutt and a freelance photographer. Her bio is more detailed now, so go ahead and check it out then give me all of the lines.
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[29 Sep 2018|01:45am]

Alright, so I've got everything in my head for this guy, but I just need some lines from at least one of you. Also? I'm not married to this PB. So if something better comes up for a line, I'm all in.

This is a recycled journal. I'm thinking former officer turned nomad, ready to come back and patch back in. The reason he left was two things: he had a kid at a young age (either gender) and his other grandparents were bigoted and wouldn't let him in his own child's life, despite wanting to be. The second reason is that his wife was killed, so he couldn't take it anymore. He would just be coming back to town after hearing that his grown child's grandparents are gone. They would be keeping in touch and the kid wants him in their life.

So if I can get that much, that would be amazing.
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[23 Sep 2018|02:03pm]

i'm bringing in this shawn mendes pb as a 22 year old prospect by the name of graham kelley. he needs any and everything so if you need something filled or have ideas, hit me up!
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[20 Sep 2018|08:25pm]

okay so, in light of some recent happenings, i decided to go ahead and revamp nora a little bit. she's no longer the secretary's daughter - instead, she's the daughter of a patch who recently transferred to a different chapter after knocking up his much younger second wife. nora decided to stay in st. louis and still hangs around the club because at this point, it's pretty much all she knows.

soooooooo yeah, she's still pretty much the same sassy little spitfire she's always been, just with a couple changes!
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[16 Sep 2018|05:19pm]
I'm bringing in this guy here as a patch and he needs just about everything. He grew up in the area, I'm still debating whether or not his old man was involved with the club or if he was just your regular small time crook. Ivar has two children (7 and 5), things ended with their mother because he can't keep it in his pants and she wasn't too happy with club life. As of right now he's a contractor, if someone has other suggestions I'm all ears. He's generally calm and friendly, likes to party, is completely dedicated to the club and will flirt with just about any woman in sight. I'm not sure if I can get anyone for his baby mama because there's definitely no love lost there, but if anyone wants a half brother (because he takes right after his dad when it comes to women), a former/current/future fling or anything else, gimme!
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[16 Sep 2018|01:09pm]

Hey what's up? I'm bringing Xavier "Enzo" Hill. He's a St. Louis native, former marine, and boxing trainer. He works for [info]willbr and could use any and everything. He's a patch. Loyal to a fault. Fixer type that handles situations most people don't want. Scorpio to the fullest. Oldest child. Loves to laugh. He's live in the DC area and New York for a few years as well. Hit me up and let's get the plotting.
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[15 Sep 2018|10:35pm]

Sooo I'm gonna bring this Rose Bertram here in, I just don't know what the hell I'm gonna do with her! Thinking about overhauling her completely, but I kind of like the idea of her being a family member. She's 22, straight, friendly, optimistic, outgoing, can be catty when need be, strong, jealous (totally pretends not to be), possessive (also pretends she's not), and a bit of a trouble-maker. Does anyone need anything for specific lines, before I get started?

edit: [info]vinterivar is her half-brother!
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[15 Sep 2018|10:42am]

looking to bring in a private investigator character and can't decide on the pb - summer glau or krysten ritter? she's in her thirties, no kids, and is a former fbi agent who left after she was framed for misconduct by a crooked district attorney. she's a native of st. louis and came back a couple years ago to set up her own private investigation business. she'll likely be on friendly terms with the mc because i'm sure she's done work for them at various points during her career. she's tough, no-nonsense, frighteningly good with weapons, and could use just about everything.
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[15 Sep 2018|10:05am]

I just submitted my app for this girl here, she's the younger sister of[info]wolfn and [info]bearn. I'd love connections for her! friends, someone she flirts with maybe, old crushes or someone she dated in the past perhaps.    She's working at a florist shop right now and taking care of her mother so hasn't had much time for any sort of personal life but she's working on changing that.
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