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About procrastination
This comm is for fanfiction and original writers. I don't have any rules as of yet.

Anyone may post and comment.

Let us know what it is you do to avoid writing. Writing Block galore :)

procrastination is so laid-back, its not even funny. My other two comms are down to business, though.

You may be disqualified from this comm if you've never procrastinated.

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What I should be doing:
working on polishing my short story for my portfolio
studying for my American Lit Exam tomorrow

What I'm Doing Instead
Stalking this fanfic rants post
watching The Two Towers
Drinkin' Dew
Making The Most Second Book in the Whole Series icons

Procrastination is wonderful. It is so nice to see it getting the true respect it deserves.

Hello :) I'm new. I recently wrote a short essay on how I had procrastinated until the last minute to complete the essay (that I was writing) so I had no topic left but the procrastination that was making it late in the first place. My tutor loved it.

What I should be doing:
- Two essays,
- Three worksheets,
- A birthday fic for a very good friend.

What I am doing:
- Joining insane journal,
- Having a crafty cigarette out of the window,
- Getting ready to go to the bar.

The Love Below [userpic]

Finally, I am among my own kind. :D

What I should be doing:

- My class work. Never mind the quarter ends in like a week and I still have chapters 8,9, and 10. Plus three project builders and my final project to do. All I need is some foldgers and a computer. I'll be sweet. :D

- Writing those fics that were due on 27th of last month. I forgot. Srsly.

- Sleeping. Who procrastinates sleeping? Really. I think I have a problem.

What I am doing:
- Typing this
- playing on Dragon Cave
- Watching Happy Gilmore with my dad


Hooray, a place where procrastination is socially acceptable!

What I should be doing:
- Writing that short-story I've been thinking about for four days now, and more than just the three paragraphs I have already
- Writing a vicious vicious rant on Indigo Children
- Learning Portuguese
- Learning to play the theremin
- Doing groceries
- Getting my diploma in order

What I am doing:
- Staring blankly at the screen
- Chatting to friends on MSN and iChat
- Messing around on Facebook
- Messing around on InsaneJournal
- Staring blankly at the screen some more

Current Mood: predatory

New to this community. Just dropping in to introduce myself. Procrastination on posting something else right now. ;)

location: bedroom/office
Current Mood: annoyed
Current Music: Relax Trax
I saw this book...

...and I thought of this asylum.

How to Procrastinate

It's been a while, everybody. How are you? :)

I'm enjoying my winter holidays by doing absolutely zero.


What I should be like, totally doing: 

-Cleaning my closet
-playing my instrument
-writing my epic 

What I'm doing instead: 

-Typing this entry
-Thinking about whether I should or should not write/continue my epic/hesitating on continuing my epic 
-Talking to rl friends via online
-sipping coke 

'cause soda, is totally awesome. And, I can't sleep. @_@ School's almost over, thank god. Oh, and I also have a writer's block/mental block. D: rwar.

Drakan [userpic]

Things I should be doing...

Doing Algebra 2 and Geometry homework
... more importantly, sleeping.
Less important, working on roleplays
working on my SH4 fanfic.
or, working on Marishka's chara profiles and designs.

What I'm doing now: messing around online
waiting for Alice game to get finished downloading.
Looking for "Bokura wa Love Style" torrent
looking for more anime stuff. pr0n
posting here.
Looking at my DA.

location: bedroom
Current Mood: bored
Current Music: KEYJ Rock 108 {Radio Station}
...Um, what was I doing again...

Things I should be doing:

-writing my fiction stories (both fan and original)

What am I really doing?

-reading other people's fictions
-leaving a message here
-checking my email

My story writing comes and goes. It depends on which one of my many plot bunnies decides it wants some quality time being written, and it usually sneaks up on me and says, "Here I am!" and starts shooting me with Nerf arrows. I've got (I believe) 5 fan fictions in progress, and 2 original fictions in progress.

location: Mi apartment
Current Music: "American Gladiators" on NBC
... I'm not very good at this, am I?

What I should be doing: 

-Hw (math and chem)
-Or at least writing a ficlet 

What I'm reaally doing: 

-Musing about life
-Talking to friends 

Ahh, damn senioritus. XD

balinesenoneko [userpic]
The things I'm not doing

Things I am not doing rightthisminute:

  1. Letting the dogs in (it's warm[-ish] outside, they're fine)
  2. cleaning the house
  3. doing research for a fic
  4. doing an outline for a fic
  5. working on transcribing an alien language's alphabet to the English alphabet so I can have recognisably different words and sentences without ROT13-ing the hell out of everything
  6. getting ready to take one of the dogs to her vet appointment
  7. picking up a new mouse (my clicky wheel broke! ;_; How can I research without it?!)
  8. looking at dog grooming tools
  9. looking at dog grooming links (*cries* I can't open them without my clicky wheel! ;_;)
  10. giving the puppy a bath and, possibly, a shave and a haircut
Things I am doing rightthisminute:
  1. Reading fic
  2. Thinking about moving the whole living room around so I can hook up the PS2, sit in my favourite chair, and play Persona 3 FES on the widescreen TV

Current Music: Breaking Benjamin - Simple Design

I am going to have my butt whipped by the end of this week.  Right now I'm *supposed* to be studying for my :

  • Criminal Justice final exam
  • Classical Art and Archaeology final exam
  • Latin final Exam AND
  • Working on my Story Making Short Story which should have plot, character development, significant detail (and all that jazz) based off of my weird relative assignment. 
  • Also I should be working on writing my evaluation on my writing for my Story Making class.
Instead I'm:
  • Reading Leaky Lounge Posts on the HP Lexicon Lawsuit
  • Commenting on Fandom Wank entries on said lawsuit and laughing with some of the comments made.
  • Browsing my LJ/IJ F-lists.
  • Browsing Council of Elrond.com
  • Sending Power Points to classmates who didn't think that the Professor would take them all down before exams... all 17 of them.

Current Mood: blah

/peeks/ Hi~ 

I've always wondered about procrastination, like why it happens, how can it happen, but in the end, it just happens. XD 

What I should be doing: 

-Hw (lots of them)
-Violin practice 
-Finish chapter 2, part 2, for that ff7 epic fanfic of mine

What I'm really doing: 

-Listening to jrock
-typing this entry
-writing OTHER things besides my epic. 
-lurking in the internetz/reading fanfics


Procrastination updates II

What I should be doing

- Literature homework for Friday
- Practicing for Friday's statistics exam
- Cleaning the Cave (my bedroom's name ♥)
- Writing, as always... I don't know why I start these huge WIP fics when I know I won't have time until winter break to sit down and complete them. But they're so amusing...
- Learning how to play Cryin' on the bass for, uh.... tomorrow

What I'm actually doing

- Operation Prettify the Journal. (Lookie!) How do you think it looks??
- Uh....

Oh, hey look...

I was writing a story. 23046 words later, I guess I got distracted with something shiny, because it's been sitting there untouched for the last two years o.O

I should keep writing it, but...
I'm lazy.

Current Mood: cold
Current Music: Manic Depression - Emilie Autumn
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Two New Members

[info]wintergrey and [info]suziecroft are our new members! Welcome :) I've procrastinated to welcome you for a couple of days, but I'm sure you understand... hehe!

Procrastination updates

What I should be doing:

- Writing another chapter of a fic that I lost all interest in.
- Catching up with my statistics homework.
- Tuning and practising bass.
- Sleeping?

What I'm actually doing:

- Laughing my ass off
- Singing "RELAX! Take it eeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasyyy!"
- Not sleeping.

Current Music: guess what? ;)
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Three new members :)

[info]_heart, [info]geshem, [info]shalotii are our newest members. Thank you for not putting joining this fine asylum off till tomorrow :D Good to have you here!
Procrastinate successfully.

(In addition a hug to all watchers and members: [info]_heart, [info]akuma_river, [info]altogetherisi, [info]balinesenoneko, [info]dani_meows, [info]darkrai, [info]geshem, [info]gothatheartholo, [info]kaesa, [info]shalotii)

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Everyone Can Make Tags Now!

IJ had an upgrade Mar 12. Now I am able to let ALL POSTERS to create new tags for their posts. Approved Tags List and Request a New Tag links on the sidebars of fandom_tag_sale and procrastunation are removed now.

Use whatever tags you wish on your posts :)  Or don't use any at all.
(There is still Search by Tag option on a sidebar)

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A warm welcome to our two newest members: [info]dani_meows and [info]kirara. Hope you have fun procrastinating :)

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