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Hey ... [25 Jan 2011|05:56pm]

I don't know if it went through so I guess I'm just letting you know this way that I sent you a question through PM on this site, ha. On your Connor account.
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First Anomaly Incursion Game [19 Jan 2011|10:17pm]

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[ music | Stereo Love - Alpha ]


I've finally done some work (not a lot really) into our first anomaly scenario as I think it's been long enough. As Alyssa stated, we haven't had much action involving marine animals, so as a blatant excuse to get our favourite characters all moist, our first anomaly shall open up from an ocean in the Devonian period. I thought that a suitably dramatic and fun location would be deep within the London Underground, resulting in water flooding the tunnels and our team having a hard time locating and closing the anomaly!

As always, hungry creatures will find their way through, and what's more dramatic than sharks!! I've had a brief search and decided on something within the Xenacanthus genus of sharks, but as I'm not really a palaeontologist, we'll just use that as a basic guide for the size and shape. So, we're looking at an ancient cross between an eel and a shark of about three metres, perfect for swimming down the tunnels of the Underground.

Here is what our beasts will resemble:

I was thinking of starting this on Friday night (yes, a week later than I planned), which will give us enough time to finish up the first post. Is that ok with your guys? Any questions or queries just ask!

Thanks for playing!!

PS. This week's Primeval was indescribable; Becker finally topless. YES!

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Abigail Maitland [17 Jan 2011|04:46pm]

(This is Chelsea posting this, by the way.)

Name: Abigail Sarah Maitland

Age: 27

Appearance: Abigail Maitland is 5'2'', with blue eyes and short white-blonde hair. During her time in the Cretaceous, her hair grew out some and into dreadlocks. She's leaner now than she was in the Cretaceous, and doesn't wear as much makeup. She didn't have any during that year and grew out of the habit.

Role in the ARC: Menagerie Keeper/On the Team (goes to the sites of the anomalies)

Personality: Abigail Maitland is the type of girl that doesn’t let on her emotions to other people, even those that she has known for a very long time. She has to trust someone exceptionally well to actually let them in to the deeper part of her feelings, and even then, she often doesn’t let on the true extent of what’s going through her mind. Part of this comes from when she was young.

Her parents weren’t the type of people who were ready or understanding of kids. Being the older sister, Abby took most of the abuse for her brother, even when he was the one in trouble most of the time. Until she was fifteen, she attempted to win their love by being perfect in everything she did – but when it didn’t work, she eventually gave up and threw herself into her love for animals. As well as hindering her trust in people, the abuse in her past taught Abby to be extremely protective of those people she does care about in her life – this extends not only to Jack and Connor, but to Becker and the rest of the ARC staff as well.

Abby is fearless when it comes to most things – not in the way that Connor throws himself into situations without thinking, but that she can handle harrowing situations without the blink of an eye. When she’d first joined, she was a bit more flappable, but after the year in the Cretaceous nothing seems to bother her anymore. It’s growing as time goes on – she’s not comfortable in this world anymore, she feels out of place. She lived in a world untouched by humans and now she’s back and is seeing the damage that humans are doing. She’s tired and she’s frightened, but she’s trying not to let on that she’s suffering from PTSD.

Abby is a tomboy, but she does have a eye for viewing relationship possibilities in other people.

Skills: excellent gun handler; brilliant with animals; excellent with reptiles; keeps Connor in check; keeps calm in tough situations; understands the people she cares about; good with people;

Likes: kickboxing; yoga; lizards; animals; Sid and Nancy; Rex; the people she works with (most of the time); her brother (again, most of the time)

Dislikes: her mother and father; spiders; being alone (not since the Cretaceous); crying/showing emotions; seeing people she cares about hurt; Phillip Burton;

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Did you read the rules? Who is very hot?: Hilary, of course.

RP Sample: To Come
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Question! [16 Jan 2011|11:18pm]

We don't have many people right now, which is why I'm even asking in the first place. I totally want to play Abby. I'd be able to keep up and things (I've had many more than two before) but I'm just wondering if you don't want the same person to have two characters just yet.
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HAI. [11 Jan 2011|07:56pm]

[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | my family, being very loud and obnoxious ;) ]

Hey, there. 

I was definitely supposed to do this awhile ago, but I never actually managed to. And I haven't actually done an intro for awhile, because I'm usually just involved in a one-on-one. I haven't done an intro in about a year and a half. But I suppose I should just get to it, then, and stop rambling. (; 

My name is Chelsea. I'm eighteen just turned nineteen and keep forgetting that I did, and therefore calling myself eighteen. Unlike most Primeval fans, I'm from the USA. I'm in NY, actually. And I'm realising right now, that this could be a problem. That generally means you're five hours ahead of both Alyssa and myself. But we'll work it out, I'm sure. We're generally both awake until four in the morning, our time. 

I am quite the fan of RP. I've been involved in an epic Primeval RP, but I've also been in several other forum based RPs ... currently one about zombies, and previously one about the tv show Criminal Minds. Unfortunately, I think that one has died off. I'm crossing my fingers for it to revive itself, but things aren't looking hopeful there. 

I live for fandom. And reading. 

And animals. I love animals. I wanted to work with them as a kid, but I took up writing instead and am going to college for an english degree. I might become a librarian, might not, I'm not sure yet. 

Originally, my family had two cats. Ragdolls, named Max and Ruby. They're seven years old now, and act like an old married couple. Then, one day, my mother came home and told us we were adopting two cats. After a few days of debating about names (I wanted Sherlock and Watson, or Crowley and Aziraphale) we named them Lewis and Clark. Then there's Russell, the newest addition. Russell's middle name is Quinn, after Danny. (I'm ratting out Alyssa and telling you that her cat's name is Becker, and that I fostered him when he was a kitten.) 

I have a six year old aquatic frog named Hula, and a beta fish named Anomaly. 

I write. Constantly. And ... there's really not much else to know about me. I write, I read, I watch TV, I act insane. I support the use of sarcasm. 

I also support Danny/Becker. Alyssa and I were wondering if you would mind Danny/Becker in the RP. 

Just throwing that out there. 

Oh, and my brothers school just called. He has no school tomorrow. Yay snow day for high school! (I was already off, so.) 

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Game Start [11 Jan 2011|06:07pm]

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[ music | SCREAM - GLAY x EXILE ]

Hey all,

My impatience has got the better of me and I have decided to start the game today! Hoorah! I have posted an initial game thread in the main community, and we can begin playing from there! My plan is to get details and everything ready for an incursion to begin on Friday, so until then we can play as our characters as they try to cope with the aftermath of a Spinosaurus incursion as well as the return of some old faces. I realise that we do not have players for the entire team, so for now any character who does not have a player can be used by players within their posts. For example, if Connor asks Abby a question, Connor's player can answer as Abby within the post.

I did some advertising today, albeit not a huge deal, but hopefully we'll get more people joining to take those characters that are still inactive. Until then we can still have a lot of fun. I shall post as Connor in the game in a bit, and I'll be thinking of ideas for our first incursion. If you have any ideas of creatures and locations, that sort of thing, just let me know!

Let's all have fun playing! Whoo!

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Game Information [07 Jan 2011|10:09pm]

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[ music | ANIMAL Feat. Yoko Yazawa - 井上ジョー ]

Hello all!

I'd like to take this opportunity to try and explain my idea for the way this game is played in a less nonsensical way than is in the very rushed info of the community! Being new to Journal based RPing, I'm more than happy to take ideas from you guys as to how you'd like to play too, and I'll probably need your help with things at some point too! Anyway, as the show we all love is very episodical in its structure, my intention is to play the game in a similar way. When I started up my series two RP we stuck to a time based episode routine, whereby we would all chip in and give ideas as to what creatures and scenarios we would like next, and then on a certain day a post would be made by a NPC, which in this case will be this anomaly account, which will explain where the anomaly has opened and what has immediately occurred in the surrounding area. Following this, the characters will then obviously be alerted to the anomaly, and take appropriate action, with RP fun ensuing.

The way this worked, to ensure that this didn't just fizzle out, we had a time limit on getting the creature and anomaly cleaned up, for example after stating on a Sunday night at 7pm a raptor appears in a shopping centre, players have until 7pm the next Sunday to play as their characters and save the world. A new scenario would then be decided upon, and the cycle would start again with another specified time limit. I found it stopped things getting stale. If things weren't quite wrapped up, the NPC would take over and save the day, returning the characters to status quo. Characters are not forced to participate in each scenario, if you want to write some extremely angsty storyline where your character needs to mope alone, then go ahead! Also, in between the scheduled anomaly appearances, characters are free to continue playing, for example Connor and Abby could go out for dinner somewhere to discuss where he's going to live, or something.

Anyway, that's briefly how my idea works. It allows all of you players to have input into what we play, and also I think helps to give direction to the game and prevent things from just running out of steam. As for playing on this Journal site, my plan is to have all posts into the main RP community, with characters replying to those if they are with the original posting character, but if this isn't how you usually RP on Journals then let me know. I also have a feeling that people use the character Journals to post into as well, so if you have any ideas on how we could incorporate that into the game then throw them at me!

If you have any questions, just ask! I think I shall leave things until Monday to see if anymore people join, and in the meantime let's get thinking of ideas!

Thanks again,

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Character Application - Connor Temple [07 Jan 2011|08:05pm]

[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Last angel - 浜崎あゆみ ]

Name: Connor Temple

Age: 25

Appearance: Connor is a slim and tall, but not lanky, guy with an eccentric fashion sense. His hair is dark and very unkempt, and he has a soft gentle face with dark eyes and an infectious smile.

Role in the ARC: Connor was lead technician of the ARC before becoming trapped in the past. Much of the anomaly detecting equipment that the ARC uses was designed and created by Connor, and he prides himself on his computing skill.

Personality: Connor is a very easy going person, always looking on the bright side of things and rarely letting things get him down. He was initially a student under Professor Cutter's tutor when the anomalies began appearing, and his determination and enthusiasm were what enabled him to get onto the team. He is quite obsessive, and his love for palaeontology and the knowledge in this area is extremely in depth. Connor is also a very loyal person, and he makes friends for life, never putting himself before them.

Throughout his time at the ARC he has grown up a lot, but still retains his childlike innocence about the world and people. He is still a huge science fiction fan, but after seeing so many close team members killed and lost he has grown up quite a bit from the failing student he was to begin with. Despite all his indispensable work at the ARC, he is an extremely modest person, unaware of his talents and far from arrogant.

Skills: Hacking, Recognising prehistoric beasts, Fixing electronic equipment, Putting his foot in it, Remaining positive

Likes: Sci-fi films, Dinosaurs, Saving the world, Prehistoric animals, Computers, Cracking jokes

Dislikes: Helen Cutter, Exercise, Being told he can't help, Harming animals, Writing ARC reports

Sexual Orientation: Gay

Did you read the rules? Who is very hot?: Captain Becker, of course!

Sample: A roar echoed through the trees, and ahead of them a group of smaller two-legged dinosaurs burst from some bushes and scattered about the forest floor as the sound of cracking branches told the two men that the dinosaurs were pushing through the treeline. Becker's hand slipped from Connor's as he continued to sprint forwards, darting around trees and leaping over bushes with ease. Connor was running on wobbly legs, his head still not recovered from his blackout, and he stumbled over the hard ground. The sounds of footsteps and growls seemed to fly at them from all directions, the claustrophobic forest increasing the volume of the cries of hunger from the dinorsaurs. Becker glanced back over his shoulder, and cried out at the close proximity of the animals, which were spreading out around the two men, closing in around them.

"Connor!" Becker called back to him. "Can you climb?"
"Uuum," Connor tried to answer through his panting breaths. "Do I have a choice?"

The dinosaurs continued to chase them, and Becker shuddered at how agile they were to be able to keep moving so quickly in such a dense forest. He looked about ahead of them, trying to find a tree that they could climb quickly to a safe height. He spotted a large-trunked fern, with branches sprawling out from the trunk at about ten foot from the ground, with wines wrapped around them. That was it.

"Follow me, Connor," he shouted, increasing the speed of his sprint, grunting against the pain in his legs.

As he approached the tree, he leapt upwards, swinging his arms to grasp the branches above his head. Roars rang out around him as his hands gripped wood, and he tightened his fingers around it. Swinging his legs inwards, he felt for the trunk and grasped it with his thighs, releasing his grip on the branch and using his stomach and back to hurl himself higher up the tree, arms reaching out for more branches. He looked down briefly, Connor was stood at the bottom of the tree, desperately trying to grip the trunk and lift himself up. Becker gripped a branch with both hands, and swung his legs upwards, flipping his feet and then his knees over another, before letting himself lean back and dangle from the branch on his legs. He reached down to Connor.

"Take my hand!" he cried, blood rushing to his head.

Connor looked up to him, his face white with fear, but he nodded. Becker's hands were a few feet higher than Connor's head, and he strained and shifted to lower then down to the other man. Connor took one last glance behind him at the approaching dinosaurs, and then leapt upwards, hands stretched towards Becker. Their hands clasped together, and Becker tightened his grip instantly, digging his fingers roughly into Connor's skin. He nodded reassuringly at the student, before looking back up the tree.

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Application: Hilary Becker [06 Jan 2011|07:13pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Name: Hilary Becker

Age: 26

Appearance: Captain Becker is very hot is 6'0", with sensible dark hair and brown eyes. He has a slim, muscular build and is very fit due to regular training routines and anomaly incursions. Formerly very stoic, the past twelve months of failure have worn down his defenses and left him more outwardly emotional. He is usually seen in black combat fatigues, fighting to keep the uniform because it promotes a sense of unity and authority in the field. He always wears a watch. Outside of work, Becker dresses casually and surprisingly owns more than just his uniform.

Role in the ARC: Head of Security

Personality: Becker is a very difficult man to figure out. Before his friends went and got themselves trapped in the past, he was a stoic man, doing what needed to be done and attempting to keep everyone at arm's length (and alive in the process). But a year with that grief has worn him down. His mental barriers could only withstand so much and one day, he quit bothering with them all together. He's one of those people who keeps to themselves, or at least tries to, but he's seen what bottling up his emotions for a year could do to a person's state of mind and now at least tries to make an effort to reach out to others. He's more open now then he was a year ago, cracking jokes and on more than one occasion, even a smile. His sarcasm is oftentimes used to distance himself from strong emotions. He's more determined than ever not to let anyone else die and he vehemently objects to anyone going through the anomalies for any reason. He's still more inclined to shoot first, ask questions later, and isn't too happy with the new non-lethal weapons, but he's working on it.

Skills: handling weapons, sarcasm, protecting the others, taking charge of a situation, level-headed

Likes: guns, camping, archery, rugby, triathlon training

Dislikes: his first name, anomalies, failure, creatures, helen cutter

Sexual Orientation: Gay (Y/Y? It's practically canon anyway.)

Did you read the rules? Who is very hot?: Hilary of course. (;


The ambulance ride over was the only time that Becker had to really sit and organise his thoughts, because once the short hiatus was over, everything spun into a flurry of activity. The medics rushed Danny into the operating theatre and Becker spent the better part of the following hour filling out all the necessary paperwork and talking to all the people who needed talking to.

Despite the Home Office and military credentials and an assurence that all the right people were notified, the hospital staff had still notified the local police, and Becker was left to explain how it happened to the police. As he wasn't entirely sure what had happened himself, he could hardly give them the truthful explanation. Besides, what was he supposed to tell them: 'oh, we were checking out your everday rip in time to ensure no dinosaurs had gone on a rampage when one of our old dead colleagues decided to drop by through said rip in time, setting off one of the scientists who, when tackled, shot my friend in the leg'?

Somehow, he had a feeling that wouldn't cut it.

So he feed them some cock-and-bull story about a hunting trip gone wrong and flashed his credentials to forestall any further questions, before slipping into the waiting room crowd. He could have easily given them Temple's name and description, he realised once he'd settled down with a cup of vile instant coffee from the vending machine. Told them he was the one responsible and that he was now at large, but he was a soldier to his core and he wasn't in the habit of foisting his problems off on other people. No, Connor Temple's betrayal was his problem now, and he and his team would be the ones responsible to track him down. Danny had taken the bullet protecting him because of Temple, the least he could do was find the man himself.

The last contact he'd had with his men was just as he'd arrived at the hospital. Davies had informed him that they had found no trace of him, but they would keep on looking. The news was hardly reassuring, but there was nothing he could do from here. He would have worried about the chances of Connor coming back to target the others if he didn't know they had already relocated to the ARC. But then, the ARC isn't exactly impervious to intruders, he thought grimly.

After that he made some more phone calls and ended up sitting in on the briefing with Lester over the phone, as the others explained what had happened in the forest. He was asked to put in his own two cents and reprimanded for not handling the situation better, which was quite unnecessary, because Becker was more than capable of reprimanding himself enough for everyone, he didn't need the bureaucrat's admonishment on top of that.

Cutter explained his side of the story in a flat voice, how the anomaly opened after he'd been shot and how he managed to stumble through, and when he woke up, he found himself in a timeline where Claudia Brown once more existed. It was hard to tell over the phone, but the Professor's voice sounded strained when he mentioned that other timeline on the other side of the anomaly. He didn't go into detail, but Becker wouldn't mind betting that he was editing his story.

"So I'm to believe the Professor Cutter we buried not two months ago was, in fact, your clone?" The dry, long-suffering tone of Lester's voice was unmistakable, even with the shoddy connection. But he seemed to take it in stride and Becker found that information surprisingly easy to process himself. It just reinforced how weird this job was, that a clone was a viable excuse for a return from death. They soon moved on to discuss Connor's sudden change of heart and Becker was only able to slightly enjoy the fact that the news threw even Lester for a loop.

"Temple?" Lester's voice was pure disbelief, but when met with grim confirmation from everyone, including himself, the bureaucrat lived up to his earned reputation with a stiff upper lip that had obviously helped him get to where he was today. "Well, I can't say that I'm surprised. There always seemed to be about him."

Becker had dismissed himself from the conversation once the chorus of enraged replies assualted his ear from the others and he winced as he hung up, after thanking Sarah for promising to keep him updated and promising to send updates in return.

The conference had kept his mind occupied, at least, which helped to put off the inevitable for just a bit longer. He knew that whenever he retired to bed tonight, he was looking at a long night plagued with a long mental list of all the things that he could have done differently. At the top of that list was 'keep closer eye on Temple.' Because maybe if he had paid more attention, or reacted quicker, being here now would be unnecessary. They would all be back at the ARC celebrating another routine day on the job, instead of discussing traitors and waiting for their leader to be prepped for surgery.

Becker shook off the thoughts and drained the dregs of his instant coffee with an involuntary grimace before making his way over to the reception desk. Danny had informed him on the way over, sometime between giving him medical proxy and fending off incessant medics with an oxygen mask, that the lady in charge of information guarded her patient's like an angry dragon, but with a wave of his ARC credentials and a firmly-phrased question, he was on his way up to Danny's room, though the red-head at the desk did give him an odd look when he mentioned Danny Quinn.

After stopping outside the door long enough to let the others know Quinn was out of surgery and where to find him, Becker slipped into the room to find the man already awake and looking around as though searching for something. The soldier noticed the man's face light up as he stepped into the room, but then his smile dimmed as though Becker hadn't been quite who he was expecting.

"Expecting someone else?" he asked, glancing behind him to check for anyone else he could have been searching for. There was no one. Maybe he'd taken a fancy to one of the nurses downstairs; that might explain the odd look the red-head had given him at the desk. The soldier shrugged in apology. "Sorry, just me."

"How're you feeling?" he wondered, eyeing the heavy bandaging that wrapped his right leg, with a twinge of guilt. If Quinn hadn't shoved him out of the way, he wouldn't be here right now. But all in all, he forced himself to think positive. It could have gone worse. A lot worse.

"The others are getting everything sorted with Lester," Becker grinned. "I don't envy that job."
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Bio: Danny Quinn [06 Jan 2011|06:50pm]

Name: Danny Quinn

Age: Forty-One


Danny Quinn is tall, standing at six foot one inches. If you see him in a suit and tie, you’re either hallucinating or trapped in a bunker with Connor, Abby, and Sarah, and awaiting rescue. He’d rather wear comfortable clothes such as a pair of jeans, simple shirt, and a jacket than anything fancy. He often wears a chain on his jeans.

He’s pale – though not as pale as he was before spending a year in the African Rift Valley – and well-built. Don’t forget the blue-green eyes! The majority of his life was spent as a copper, so Danny Quinn has both the muscles and the brain of a detective. The past year has added to that, and though he’s lost weight during this time, he’s also gained muscle.

Role in the ARC: Team Leader after Professor Cutter’s death; currently stuck in the past


Danny Quinn doesn’t quite understand the word ‘no’. If there is a word to describe him, it’s stubborn. He spent the majority of his career as a detective searching for the cause of his brothers disappearance, and fourteen years later and no longer working as a copper, he’s still searching. He’s persistent. The concept of giving up on someone isn’t something he’s familiar with, which makes it hard for him to know that there are people back home, not stuck with him in the African Rift Valley, who might be searching for him, or might need him – and he can do nothing about it.

That, of course, doesn’t mean he’s giving up. Quite the opposite, actually.

Danny comes off as a tough guy, a guy who doesn’t listen to what other people are asking him to do and does things his own way – but he’s also a man who is fully invested in this team. He cares about them. He wants to protect them. In a way, they are his second family – he lost his first when his brother died. It’s difficult for families to stay together after the loss of a child, and his was no different. He doesn’t want to lose this second family that he’s found, but he’s now been stuck for a year by himself. It’s difficult not to lose hope, but he’s trying.

He loves to make people uncomfortable. If he cares about you, you can expect constant ribbing as well as loyalty stronger than a golden retriever’s. Making people uncomfortable and getting on their nerves is just part of who Danny is.

Danny is impulsive and sometimes reckless, though he will never willingly put anybody else but himself in harm’s way. He’s not scared by many things – after all, it takes a certain type of fearlessness to fly a helicopter over a dinosaur that’s trying to kill you.

Due to his family’s split after his brother’s disappearance, Danny is quite determined to not let the family he’s found in the ARC fall apart. He knows they’re hurting from Cutter’s death, he knows they’re trying to keep it together, and he doesn’t want to take Cutter’s place – he just wants to be part of a team. And maybe, if he’s lucky, find his brother along the way.

Skills: helicopter flying; marathon running; poker; was a detective; getting on Becker’s nerves; good marksmen;

Likes: dinosaurs – he always found them cool as a kid; detective work/mysteries; family; the team at the ARC; anomalies; making others uncomfortable; doing things his own way

Dislikes: losing family members; dinosaurs that will try to eat him; solitude (after being stuck in the Rift Valley, no thank you!); ostrich like creatures; blindly following orders

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Did you read the rules? Who is very hot?: Captain Becker is, of course.

Sample: (This comes from another RP I did with Danny; this was early in the RP. Becker had been injured, Connor, Abby, and Danny were attempting to save his life. Lines in italics were the lines of other characters.)
”I stumbled, and he picked me up. The therizinosaur got him…”

“Becker.”He said, the name harsh and accusing of the fallen soldier. How many times did he need to beat it into this man before he got the general consensus of not throwing oneself under the bus? Danny knew without doubt that his accusation was hypocritical. He’d have done the same, for any member of the team he was leading.

And that included the man bleeding out on the forest floor.

He averted his eyes from the scene between Connor and Abby. In spite of the timing, the hug was oddly intimate, and he fixed his attention on Becker instead.

No matter how many times he told him of his own worth, he wasn’t going to listen, was he? Damn soldier’s morals, he didn’t need them messing with his team.

Danny winced when he saw the soldier flex his wounded shoulder upon awakening, crying out from the harsh pain the action must have caused. “Easy.” Danny tried, resting a hand on his left shoulder. It came away bloody. Becker’s eyes had opened for barely a second before screwing closed against the light. Though Becker was quite obviously in pain, relief flooded through the leader at the sight of it.

Quite simply, it meant he was alive.

Trying to keep him awake, he slapped the man’s cheek twice. “Come on, soldier boy.”

”Would you quit that?”

He nearly laughed – Abby was laughing. Leave it to him to come out with that when waking up. Was the first thing he could come up with really a complaint about him? “It worked, didn’t it?” Danny challenged, an eyebrow raised. He added in a quick, “I’ll quit if you stay awake.” Don’t even think about drifting off again.

”I – don’t. need. to. be. coddled.” Becker had hissed, to which Abby had quickly replied, ”Shut up,”

“Well put.” He told her, before returning his gaze to the soldier. “Becker, shut up.”

”It’s not coddling, we’re saving your life. You’re ridiculous, do you know that?” That was Abby again, but he didn’t lift his eyes from the fallen man.

“And you’ll very well let us do that.”

The blare of sirens cut through the forest –exaltation flew through his veins. Ambulances meant help, more help than the three of them could provide. “Medics,” he said needlessly, before standing and waving at the sound of approaching footsteps. “Over here!”
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