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Primeval RP Game Start [11 Jan 2011|06:06pm]

Five years ago, Professor Nick Cutter and his assistant Steven Hart began investigating a strange creature sighting in the Forest of Dean, spurred on by the obsessive interest of one of his students, Connor Temple. The, at first, sceptical Professor soon uncovered one of the most astounding natural discoveries of all time; rips in time where beings could pass directly from one time into another. Following the discovery and subsequent attack of prehistoric beasts that spilled from the Anomaly in time, the government stepped in to take charge of keeping the public safe from these anomalies. James Lester was appointed as the overall Project Bigwig, with Jenny Lewis acting as his PR adviser, and a local zoo keeper, Abby Maitland, also joined the team, all prepared to risk everything to study and understand these unnatural phenomena.

It has been five years since the existence of the anomalies was confirmed, and the number of creature attacks directly linked to these existences has taken its toll on the original team. Nick Cutter, Steven Hart, and Sarah Page are dead as well as Nick's estranged wife Helen Cutter, who had been using the anomalies for her own agenda. On top of this, the anomaly project and its base the ARC had survived several attempts to breach its security and obtain information by malevolent individuals, and many of the other staff have been killed in action also in their work. The last year has seen the ARC go through its most radical change; with three of its main operatives listed as Missing In Action, Presumed Dead, namely Connor, Abby and Danny Quinn. Since their disappearance almost a year ago a new team leader has been appointed, Matt Anderson, and a new Field Op Manager, Jess Parker. Coupled with this, the ARC has become joint owned by the government as well as businessman and billionaire Philip Burton.

Present Day-
After a creature that had escaped the ARC Menagerie was contained, the team were sent to an anomaly alert in an industrial area of London, where to their surprise and relief Connor, Abby and Danny appeared through the splice in time, followed closely by a large Spinosaurus. Reunions were cut short by this incursion, and the team members acted quickly and worked together to return the Spinosaurus to its own time, eliminating the threat through the use of a device used by Helen Cutter. It is now early evening, and the team members have all returned to the ARC for debriefing, and for some a warm welcome home.

Title: Reunions and Revelations
Time/Place: January 2011, The ARC
Characters: Connor Temple, Abby Maitland, Captain Becker, James Lester, Danny Quinn, Matt Anderson, Jess Parker, Philip Burton
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