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September 30th, 2008

12:02 am - [info]femmequixotic - October challenge

So, it's been a while since we've had a challenge, and we've some new members who should be welcomed. :)

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write or draw according to one of the following two themes: Halloween or Autumn. Think of it... Ghosts! Parties! Horror stories! Fancy dress! Roasted nuts! Crisp, cool air! Sex in piles of fallen leaves! Let your imagination run wild; just make certain to incorporate one of the themes in an intrinsic (and porny!) way. All pairings are acceptable as long as they are slash or femmeslash. (Threesomes may be written, but if there's a het element, the focus of the fic must be on the slash/femmeslash pairing.) And remember, R or NC-17 ratings only. :) Fics should be between 500-10,000 words.

I'm going to open this challenge to members and watchers, so if you're a watcher and you'd like to participate, just email your fic or art to me via femmequixotic @ and I'll post it for you. All fics and art should be posted (or emailed) by Saturday November 8.

Also, just a note to those of you reading the IJ comm on LJ via the rss feed: please make sure you click through to the actual IJ post to leave comments. The URL should be at the top of the feed post. Comments left on the RSS feed don't actually get emailed to anyone, so it's highly unlikely either I or the author/artist is going to see those comments. For those of you without IJ accounts, you can leave comments on IJ posts either anonymously or by signing in with your LJ username under the OpenID option. Thanks!
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