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April 17th, 2008

06:36 am - [info]tarie - LONG: None The Wiser As They Both Be Fools, Sirius/Regulus

Author: Tarie
Title: None the Wiser As They Both Be Fools
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Sirius/Regulus
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: While carrying out an Order mission on Knockturn Alley, Sirius spies Regulus. Mission temporarily aborted, Sirius follows, lead by lineage and love lost. Missing canon moment(s).
Warnings: Blackcest
Word Count: 3,000
Author's Notes: Thanks to [info]bewarethesmirk for the beta! Written for [info]enderxenocide for 2008 [info]hp_springsmut

None the Wiser As They Both Be Fools )
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