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February 10th, 2008

12:04 am - [info]femmequixotic - Challenge reminder

Just a reminder that there's officially one more day left until the Magical Devices Challenge ends. However, I won't be posting the masterlist until Monday evening, so if you've a last minute entry you have a bit longer to squeak something in past the deadline.

Thanks to those of you who've submitted fics and art, and remember that this is a challenge that is open to members and watchers alike. Details can be found here.

07:00 pm - [info]femmequixotic - LONG: Mirror Mirror, Severus/James, NC-17 (Watcher: [info]saxgoddess25)

The current Magical Devices Challenge is accepting fic and art submissions from the watchers of [info]pornish_pixies as well as members.

Below is the submission by watcher [info]saxgoddess25.

Title: Mirror Mirror
Author: [info]saxgoddess25
Characters: Severus/James
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2742
Summary: With the help of the Mirror of Erised, Severus discovers what his heart's deepest desires -really- are.
Author's notes: Set sometime during the Philosopher's Stone, with a dose of good old-fashioned voyeurism. Hope y'all enjoy!

Mirror Mirror )
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