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January 10th, 2008

07:54 pm - [info]femmequixotic - Another invite update

Okay, here's the latest batch of invitations for posting members. If you know someone on this list, please direct them this way. We're incredibly close to having the invitation process finished. If your name is on this list, please accept or decline your invite here as soon as possible.

As always, please remember that members/watchers without posting access may friend the IJ community here or keep track of the community via RSS feed on LJ by friending the syndication here.

Invitations: __hibiscus through vivier )

10:11 pm - [info]violet_quill - LONG: The Advantages of a Well-Fitted Suit, Percy/Teddy, NC-17

Title: The Advantages of a Well-Fitted Suit
Pairing: Percy/Teddy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When you're the Minister of Magic, everyone wants favours... like getting your niece's unemployed boyfriend a job.
Warnings/Kinks: workplace sex, oral sex, object insertion, sex magic, very slight D/s, wanking, rimming
Word Count: 7600
Author's Notes: I wrote this in December (a birthday prezzie for [info]nqdonne) when [info]pornish_pixies was in between the LJ-to-IJ move, and was all sad that I didn't have anywhere to post it. So now that PP is back and better than ever, I am very happy to help christen it with some post-DH porn.

They say you always have time for family. )
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