March 1st, 2010

[info]ladynero in [info]porn_battle

My where does time fly???

Guess what? It's March 1st and that means:

ANother Round of Porn Battles!

Forgive the sudden post, but I just looked at the calendar and realized it was time again.

So! You have until 12:01am on Tuesday March, 9th to get your prompts in. They will be collected and soon after that deadline, posted for your porning enjoyment.

Just an FYI on posting: the formula is: Fandom, character/character, prompt
If it's a Real person fic, the fandom is RPF, character/character, prompt
Also, all of the fandoms that have numerals in the title, such as the Final Fantasies, should be depicted by Roman Numerals so Final Fantasy 7 would be posted as Final Fantasy VII.

Have fun!!!

EDIT: All prompts should be the "top" comment of a thread. In other words, just reply to this comment to ensure I get all the prompts.

Edit: Promots are now closed! Thank you all for paticipating. The lists will be going up ina couple of days.