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April 15th, 2010

Yo! Anybody alive?

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i17 is in open beta have you all had a chance to check it out? Can't wait for Going Rogue, mainly the new content ^_^

I'm mainly on Dreamwidth, if anybody needs an invite let me know and if you all are interested in doing a COH community let me know also :p

Miss you all <3

October 18th, 2008

I know this comm is mostly dead, but...

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...back from Hero Con and in case you haven't seen this anywhere else, after dinner, Matt "Positron" Miller, started up the Halloween event. So yeah, Zombie Apcolypse is going on now. Get 'em while they're hot.

PS Sexy Jay? Pretty sexy, actually.

August 30th, 2008

Sally! Jack in Irons!

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City of Heroes last night was a hoot.

Our tiny team found the perfect parking spot in Croatoa, which I always think of as Halloween Land. We situated ourselves at the bottom of a valley near three sets of... bleachers, for lack of a better word. Every set of bleachers carried at least four oranges, sometimes four reds, and moving from bleacher to bleacher as the Fiends on them kept re-spawning made for some very sweet experience. The true thrill of the night, though, was the "epic monsters."

First off, we saw Sally as she swam through the lake, and got nearly close enough to touch her. Better yet, Jack in Irons spawned less than 400 yards from where we'd been hunting, and one other hero was already eager to take him on. We met up with her and one other, building our team up to five. True, one of us was a peacebringer, but I was the only tank. Two controllers and a blaster left the team with a high squish factor, but Elder Nashiim was an amazing healer and kept us all alive. Of course, two phantom armies bolstered the ranks occasionally--and turned the fight into such a clusterf**k that my computer's processor wept.

Still, Jack only threw me three times, though he did fall on me twice. He also apparently wears a black thong, which I was "lucky" enough to get a look at when he finally keeled over, or at least that's what it bloody well looked like. But wee! One pip to go and we're level thirty-one! [Well, a pip and three quarters for Apprentice Daath, because he managed to aggro an orange group all on his own and was immediately pasted. Twice. Oops.]

August 26th, 2008


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Oh man, how cool does Issue 13: Architect sound?!

Personally I'm most thrilled by the idea of creating your own missions! Storytelling in game that goes beyond RPing? Awesome!

The Day Job thing sounds cool as well.

So what are you all most pysched about?

Also, [info]darkrose and I created a pair of stalkers and let me just say that a stalker duo can wreck a hell of a lot of damage, particularly when their players are sitting next to one another and easily and quickly can work out the plan of attack.

August 24th, 2008

Yet another ding!

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After 100 hours on the prowls Helga the Enforcer (my SS/WP brute) has finally dinged 50! Brutes are very expensive to slot too x_x

How is everybody else doing?

August 6th, 2008

My first 50!

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It took 34 months (What? I've got bad altitis, okay?), but I've finally made it all the way with my first villain, though not my first character. She dinged in the middle of the third mission in the Imperious Task Force, which I've run with her almost every night for two weeks.

So here she is, the most adorable sociopath evah, Energy Melee/Dark Armor/Soul Mastery Brute Kawaii Kitten:

The best screencap I could get )

June 26th, 2008

My 'Toons

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I saw on the lj COH community, that some one did up all their 'toons. I wanted to do mine, too. So I did mine by server. Pinnacle is my main server, and Apprentice Daath is my highest 'toon at lvl 27. 'Toons are from highest level to lowest level.

Pinnacle. )

Liberty. )

Guardian. )

Protector. )

Various servers. )

June 21st, 2008


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Well, I got my VEAT, Bane, A Stroke of Midnight to 50 tonight. After about 107 hours of play.

When I first created her I teamed with a lot of full 8 man team of VEATS, talk about XP! Then got into Cinemora and did several of the IFT's but lately all the recipes have sucked! Now I just need infamy to trick her out ^_^


June 11th, 2008

Trying to get into the new area

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Wow, it's been a while since I've posted in here...

A lot has been going on, though. There's been a lot of evening and weekend playing between myself, [info]providences and [info]suhina. I play a number of pairs with [info]providences, though I think my favorites are Noo Dee Girl (mine) and Noo Dee Boy (theirs), and nFERNo (mine) and Cynder Fella (theirs). We need to get some screen shots of them up.

When all three of us play, it's exclusively as Imri, Daath and Nashiim, where we all just hit level 26 this last weekend. Our last two levels have been attained simply by hunting instead of doing missions. Primarily, we try to hunt orange/red and occasionally orange/red with a purple or two. We've gone into some more dangerous areas of Talos Island, taking on a ton of the Devouring Earth and getting our asses handed to us a few times, but mostly doing the ass-handing. As well, we've explored a lot of Dark Astoria, which is reminiscent of walking through the Silent Hill games. The Banished Pantheon have been exceptionally good hunting, with several squees of delight at the spooky places we've been finding, like Moth Cemetary. My best memory is when I heard [info]suhina over Skype saying, "Hey, look, there's open coffins you can stand in--AAAAAAIIIIGH!" The shriek was precipated by an eruption of Dessicated Husks out of the ground by the coffins. We rushed over to help and took out the mob, and then laughed ourselves silly.

We did briefly team with some others to take out the big baddie, Adamastor, who is found in the Moth Cemetary area of Dark Astoria. Our team of eight spent about 15 minutes beating him down, during which time nobody died (though the other healer on the team aside from me would have died several times over had I not been healing him more than the other team members). We all got the Keeper of Secrets badge and a nice bunch of XP for our efforts.

The last couple of nights, after doing some furniture shuffling in our townhouse in preparation for contractors replacing our windows this week, I've spent some time playing Bricktastic, my (now) level 37 hero. On Monday night I pushed him through the last 2/3rds of an XP bar to get him to level 37, by completing a couple of story arc missions. It's so nice to see yellows turn white in the middle of a battle. :o) Last night I went and tried to access the Roman-era area, Cimerora, since Brick is a high enough level to get in. It turns out he has to run a story arc of missions before he can get the password to get into the Midnighter Club. He ran the first of them last night after doing some post-levelling enhancement/recipe work, but there's still five or six to go. I don't know if I'll get to play much tonight, as it's our son's birthday today.

May 30th, 2008

Caps! Not capes... Caps!

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I thought i would share some screen caps with you fine people.

We [spouses and I] plan to play a good chuck this weekend, to get our characters to lvl26. They're halfway through lvl24 at the moment, so 26 is not that difficult, I think.

Cut for teh bigness... )

May 26th, 2008

It's all about me baby!

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Well I've been playing hard again and got A Stroke of Midnight up to level 35, I choose the Bane path and I must say Clocking Device + Shatter = Executioners Strike! Can we say almost 200 in damage (course I'm slotted 2 acc, 2 dam, 1 rech and 1 endux)! Placate + Shatter = DEATH! LOL At first I thought Crowd Control was lame but I'm liking it now, not sure about Surveillance though, we'll see.

I like the Midnighters story line, finally did the mishes to get into the club and visit Cimerora tis pretty cool! Got some screen shots for ya...

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May 21st, 2008


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Look at how many people were in the Tutorial last night! Never seen so many at once! Probably most of those had the idea I did, to check out the character creator. Anyways, here's my newest 'toon, Icee Ladee.


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Found out IJ isn't blocked...

Well I can view LJ first level but I can't log in, click cut tags or comments, says it's blocked because it's 'offensive' geesh... so I can view my friends list on LJ but only public posts...

Well first of all I dinged A Lick of Frost Saturday night to level 50! Took me about 104 hours to level her but I was playing her hard.

We have a guy in our SG where everything he writes/post is about leveling to 50, he doesn't want to do honest missions, he wants farms and PL's while that is ok once in a while a full 8 man team out on mishes gives good xp too. He was on par with Moon over Twilight but I dinged her back in February (I think) and not only did I create a new character but got her up to 50 before he did. So it was a bet that I could ding before he did and I won! bwhwahaa

Check out the bloopers here

May 20th, 2008


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Just a quickie update...

I have tons of blooper pics I need to post but stupid work had journals/blogs blocked so one of these days I'll post them for ya.

Today the VEAT's came out. I made one by the name of A Stroke of Midnight on Liberty, already up to level 9, almost 10. Teaming with a full team of 8 which 7 of them are VEAT's funny seeing male widows but I'm seeing more of the soldiers than the widows.

Quick piccy...

That's me, 2nd from the left in the purple... lol


April 29th, 2008

From NC Soft...

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April 28th, 2008 marks the fourth year since the launch of City of Heroes. To celebrate this achievement, the NCsoft NorCal team has created a City of Heroes / City of Villains calendar for fans of the game. This downloadable calendar features each of the 12 “Issues” that have been launched since the games release, one for each month of the year.

The calendar also includes an Anniversary message from Matt “Positron” Miller, along with important dates for the next year, including:

* May 6th, 2008: Issue 12: Midnight Hour enters Open Beta Testing
* July 18, 2008: Double XP Weekend Begins
* October 20, 2008: Halloween Event Begins
* December 15, 2008: Winter Event Begins
* January 23, 2009: Double XP Weekend Begins

April 28th, 2008

Image Dump

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Had a blast this weekend doing various things. From 3 Deathsurges being spawned (all at once no less!), to a Cap Task Force that took 4 hours, Lord Recluse, and so on.

I played either A Lick of Frost (level 26 corr ice/cold) or Moon over Twlight (level 50 MM ninja/dark) on Liberty server. We had fun!

Now warning, the following post is image heavy (about 16 images) place behind the cut for your viewing (non-viewing?) pleasure!

Will Hurt (my buddy toon) kept Frost busy busy!

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April 26th, 2008

CoX Prayers

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I had to repost these from LJ's CoH community. They were too funny not to.

CoXer's Prayer )

The Villain's Creed )

April 24th, 2008


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Once again I'm prodding the community )

April 4th, 2008

The first hit's free...

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Last week, I got into a discussion with one of my co-workers about the various MMOs we've played. I've beta'd a few, but the only one I really play is City of Heroes/Villains. He's played World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, and a few others, but nothing that really worked for him long-term. He found it was too much of a time investment to advance in WoW and GW, and that, especially in GW, the powers you can get are pretty limited.

I got into talking about the powersets in CoX and the fact that you can respec pretty much at any point in your career (and mentioned that it will also become much easier once they bring in the freespec inventions). I raved about the awesome character generator, the trading community, the inventions, the special events, and the frequency of new content being introduced. He said he'd been interested in getting into CoX, but wasn't sure what it would cost or what the game really looked like. Since I have it installed on my workstation at the office (though it's got a crappy video card compared to my one at home), I brought him over to it and fired up the game. I showed him the interface and explained various elements of the game to him, running about with my highest level 'toon, Bricktastic. He'd been worried that all the 'toons would look similar and was pleasantly surprised to see that none of the players looked even remotely alike.

Since he sounded interested enough, I offered to send him an invite to the game, which would give him a 10 day trial, and he took me up on it. I sent out the invite, burned the game client software from my workstation to a DVD and wrote him an e-mail on how to install it so that he wouldn't have to download the 2.5GB client from their site. He sounded pretty enthusiastic about getting it home.

I didn't hear from him all week, as he works at a client site every day but Fridays. I went up and checked with him if he'd been able to get it installed and into the game. He'd had no trouble, and had been able to get in and create both a hero and a villain. While he said he hadn't had much time to play since he'd installed it, he'd played enough that he was getting into The Hollows, Perez Park and Skyway City for missions. He'd been teaming with other folks and getting to see a lot of the villain factions. He'd even participated in one of the many costume contests and won himself 10,000 influence. It sounds like he's quite enjoying himself.

Now he just has to stay on into a paid account, which it sounds like he will, and I'll be given a free month of game play. Another has been brought into the fold. :o)

April 1st, 2008

That's a good one...

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Did anyone catch the April Fools joke NCsoft is trying to play on us all?

Initially I thought they might be serious... )
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