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[24 Apr 2020|09:21pm]

Looking for a age gap het line set in the Hunger Games verse with a victor/mentor flavor. My character would be the most recent victor from District 8, which is responsible for textile production. Due to the nature of the books the line will probably deal with a lot of darker themes. I would love for the role of her male mentor to evolve into something romantic and the problems that causes with the Capitol. I have loads of ideas but am also willing to plot as we go so the other player has input as well.

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[18 Nov 2019|06:52pm]

A Dark Harry Potter RPG set in 2012
Harry Potter is dead. With Voldemort's disappearance, the Death Eaters retained control of the Ministry, their reign arising from out of the crumbling ashes of the Battle of Hogwarts. The magical world waited with bated breath to see what was to come. The changes, however, started off impossibly small. But they did come.

Following a series of muggle attacks on wizarding communities, muggleborns slowly began to lose their rights in the name of their supposed protection. Falling to the wayside in the community at large, they came to be an unprotected, at-risk population, easy to exploit. Now, fourteen years later, a hierarchy has emerged based on blood status. Those at the top seem to have all the rights, while every step could lead to possible ruin. Those at the bottom seem to have nothing to lose while those in the middle have the largest array of choices. Everything a character does can have potential consequences. What choices will yours make?

The Purist Initiative is a dark post-war AU RPG where Voldemort's ideas of blood purity has created a caste system within the closed Wizarding World. A variety of catastrophes and political issues continue to arise, allowing for a very plot driven game. We officially opened August 7th and has been going strong since! Please check us out and put in a hold if you're interested!
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[01 Jan 2019|08:06pm]



Are you, the discerning RPer, looking for a low-key place to play your original characters? With a low activity requirement and no huge over-arching plot? Do you just want to write without pressure, without having to necessarily react to some huge crisis?

Come check out [info]springs_mods! It's a low-key OC game set in a newly-built apartment building in the heart of D.C. But there's no political intrigue running the whole game, there's no supernatural creatures, no murder most foul, just people all moving in to the same building and having to live together. You can explore relationships of whatever flavor you want: family, friend, romantic. Or just personal character development.

Silver Springs is a quiet slice-of-life game that had a soft open these past few weeks but will be opening with a vengeance in the new year. Bring whatever you want to the table, as long as they're not a vampire.

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[10 Dec 2018|10:42pm]



Located in downtown Washington, D.C., this new all-inclusive apartment building is sure to fill up fast! Not only is there a variety of stores and restaurants on the bottom two floors, there are a host of amenities for the residents of the building, including a controlled-access garage, indoor swimming pool and 24-hour fitness center, and a 24/7 front desk concierge. And so much more!

Silver Springs is more than just a home for the wealthy: although there are luxurious apartments for the discerning renter on the top floors, the middle floors are upscale at an affordable price. If you are interested, contact our leasing office today! Space is limited, reserve your spot before it's gone!

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Comments or Customs [20 Nov 2018|08:48am]

Looking for a Bex Mader (of Once Upon a Time fame) for same sex line. Must be interested in joining a small community. (Not an OUAT/celeb/fantasy line).


Character Info for Line under cut )

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Doctor Who [07 Oct 2018|12:21am]

I am offering either 10, 11, 12, or the War Doctor plus minor supporting characters. A zany plot made up as I go along which makes no sense and is quite confusing so you might as well turn your brain in the 'off' position right now. I do promise Daleks, Cyborg Men, and tea. Copious amounts of tea.

Now in the best sense of American bargaining, bring your characters to the table and make me an offer.
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[29 Jul 2018|03:55pm]

A Hogwarts-based smut RP
Cedric lives, forcing the Ministry's hand in believing Harry's story about the Dark Lord's return. With the element of surprise gone, Voldemort's supporters attack-- and win. With the Ministry overrun by Death Eaters, Hogwarts and Hogsmeade come to be the only safe places still left. Except that spies and double agents are everywhere, working to undermine Dumbledore's-- and the Order's-- influence at Hogwarts. With the water contaminated with inhibition-reducing potions, Hogwarts descends into chaos.
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[20 Jul 2018|10:02pm]


A Marauders Era premade group PSL, inspired by Giovanni Boccaccio's The Decameron.
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[11 Jun 2018|02:38pm]
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[01 Jun 2018|04:10pm]

Welcome to the Rift
a panfandom rpg
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[14 May 2018|05:52pm]

The Console
a panfandom rpg
The world we live in can be harsh, unsettling, and downright stressful. Some of us like to kick back and unwind by logging online and hopping into our favorite game to unwind. The beauty of a game is that it takes us to another world where we don't have to worry about consequences, we can be who we want, and there's never really such a thing as 'game over'. We can stop when we want, turn off the console, and go back to the real world. Now? It's your character's turn to enjoy that reality.

The Console is a panfandom RPG that hosts it's characters inside a world that encapsules some of our favorite vintage video game locations, characters, levels, and plots. However, this power button never turns off. When the Console isn't hosting a game inside, the world is open and free with default 'game modes' that the characters can live and thrive within. Until 'the player' puts a new 'cartridge' into The Console..what part will your characters play in the game?

Endure obscure new 'games', levels, and ways to interact with other characters to level up, earn trophies and collectibles to increase development, or merely seek a peaceful existence within the new reality. The choice is yours.
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Salem City Game - Adults Only - 20+ [10 May 2018|03:10am]

no secret remains silenced forever...
  • We give all characters FREE WILL!
    No micro-managing: all actions have consequences and characters will have to face those they have created.

  • We try to imitate RL in game, meaning that some characters DO have more power than others.

    Emphasis put on threads and logs over 'text' and 'e-mail'

  • We offer Bi-Monthly Challenges!

  • We offer both "Classic" characters and "Original" characters!
    Ever wanted to play Crowley, Frankenstien, or Hellboy in a realistic, non-panfandom setting? Here you can!

  • We have a LOT of playable species for you to choose from.
    Humans - Hunters - Vampires - Werewolves - Lycans - Pixies & Fairies - Merfolk - Demons - Angels - Foreign Gods - and much more!

  • We are: Het - Slash - Femme FRIENDLY!
    When God created humanity, men and women both began to destroy the resources Nature had to offer to them. In order to balance the scale, Mother Nature created Supernatural Creatures to predate on those humans. For all that they ruined, her creatures created their own fair share of havoc.

    But now the world is at risk.

    Almost all of the Supernatural community are trapped in Salem by the same bubble that protected them from the nuclear attack humanity sent to destroy them. The balance has been disrupted and now it is up to those stuck in Salem -- humans, hunters, and creatures alike -- must work together to break free and return the world to its natural order.

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    [01 May 2018|02:36pm]


    a mature marauder era rpg

    it's 1981 and the war is in full swing, with Death Eaters taking over the Ministry, Lord Voldemort rising to power and everyone else is fighting back and resisting, or succumbing. Which side will you choose?



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    [07 Apr 2018|03:09pm]

    Welcome to the Rift
    a panfandom rpg
    The world is not as stable as you think. Ley lines, lines of magic energy, criss-cross the earth. Sometimes, where they intersect, form pockets, the walls between worlds get weaker. They put out siren calls that are nearly impossible to ignore. They open doors. Doors to other worlds. Other times. Other dimensions.

    You have fallen through one of those doors.


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    [05 Apr 2018|10:46pm]

    [info]over30only_mod Always looking for members over 30 years old who are looking forward to writing with other people who are over 30 or more!



    his Asylum is dedicated to all writers over the age of 30/ 35 years old (or older) who can't find someone to write with in the usual communities which seem to have been taken over by twenty something's or even younger people.

    Please. Don't take offence in this. It's just that sometimes, some of us prefer to write with people closer to our ages and more experience in life.

    There is also the matter of:

    * Communication. Which I found sometimes it's not the same between younger people and older than 30.

    * Fandoms. Some of which younger people have barely even heard of and we still would love to write.

    * Actors & Actresses. Sure we watch TV. Movies and we read. We keep adding PBs and characters to our lists all the time!

    But truth is. Sometimes we go to the usual communities and we have NO idea who the person in the icon is! (This doesn't makes us old. We just don't move in the places that perhaps you do. Like perhaps you guys want to play people from reality shows. You tubers. Fighters from the Mixed Martial Arts. Wrestlers. etc. And some of us are just not interested in that)

    This is a place in where people who wants to PSL or find partners for GPSLs around their age. They can.

    Needless to say. If you are under 30 years old you won't be accepted in the community. I'm sorry. I'm doing this with the hope to make a place in where my decade can find partners who will hopefully communicate and commit like we used to years ago.

    * To join the community please fill in the short application and wait to be accepted.


    [02 Apr 2018|09:42am]

    [info]deadlight I'm looking for the person responsible for helping get rid of her abusive husband. No face or gender preference so long as they're 40+. I would also like Ryan Reynolds or some other attractive male neighbor who she calls on for help around the house. Could be a completely unrequited crush if you prefer.
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    [31 Mar 2018|12:21am]

    [info]avengers_mods Gamora & Peter would love Rocket, Groot, Drax, Mantis, Nebula, Yondu and Ravagers to join the time/space borkage!

    Trish & Jess would love Malcolm Ducasse, Will Simpson, Jeri Hogarth (as we start a parallel retelling of JJ season 2) and of course other Defenders: Matt Murdock, Luke Cage, Claire Temple, Colleen Wing, etc.

    Everyone from Black Panther also very very wanted.

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    [09 Mar 2018|04:17pm]

    On the surface, Point Pleasant, Maine certainly appears to be the kind of idyllic coastal town that every tourist would want to flock to during the warm summer months. It has that welcoming small town atmosphere that draws you in and makes you feel as though you belong. Locals will be sure to point out its gorgeous harbor, cozy little shops, the pollution free night skies, clear and full of stars... not to mention its disturbing fascinating history.

    What the locals won't tell you is that for the past three hundred and twenty three years, Point Pleasant has unwittingly served as a nexus for the supernatural, the metaphysical, the evil and the damned. There are plenty who are dismissive of its history. After all, every town has a run of bad luck here and there. So what if Point Pleasant has an unusually high number of missing persons... strange and unexplainable deaths happen. That? That wasn't a monster you saw... monsters aren't real. Right?

    Oh, everyone wants to talk about what's happening in their town, and yet no one really wants to talk about it. They're content with going on with their lives, getting through school, making another buck, getting through the day in one piece. But what they don't know is that ignoring the evil won't make it go away. Those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it, isn't that what they say? Simply put, whatever has been drawing the darkness into their small town is only getting started, and nobody is safe.
    The Shadow Before is an original, horror based game set in the fictional town of Point Pleasant, Maine. This game is inspired by various elements of horror and the supernatural, and will include both game wide plots as well as individual arcs. Warning: Mature and dark themes lie ahead.

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    [14 Feb 2018|05:13pm]

    Welcome to the Rift
    a panfandom rpg
    The world is not as stable as you think. Ley lines, lines of magic energy, criss-cross the earth. Sometimes, where they intersect, form pockets, the walls between worlds get weaker. They put out siren calls that are nearly impossible to ignore. They open doors. Doors to other worlds. Other times. Other dimensions.

    You have fallen through one of those doors.


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    [27 Nov 2017|09:25am]

    Every once in a while, there is a door that appears for witches and wizards. One that lurks in the corner of a person's eye and begs their curiosity. A rickety old door with rusted metal and splintered, warped wood. Those that are brave enough to walk through it will find that there is not simply a dusty old closet. Rather, there is a world beyond that door -- one that is apart from time itself.

    In a seemingly quiet, quaint little village lies something as dark and haunting as the door that leads to it looks. Once someone steps through it, there is no going back and you enter a world where nightmares become real.

    The Cellar Door is a time-displacement Harry Potter roleplay with dark themes. We look to build an active, plot-centric community which tests the bounds of characters within the village. Will you be daring enough to walk through the door?

    Wanted: Narcissa Black/Malfoy, Weasleys, Hermione Granger, Next Gen!

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