Aug. 19th, 2013


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Jul. 13th, 2012


Letters for the Powers )

Jun. 26th, 2012


Pure rage. It cannot be held back. Cannot be contained. The psychic touch is not kept to merely the Blood. The Queen is beyond being able to calm herself.


[ ooc: because Phobos cannot behave, he set fire to one or two or several of the trees. Gabrielle is livid. She went out to stop him and try to douse the flames before they did too much damage and he taunted her. Anyone who comes out to investigate will see the God of Fear and the Dea al Mon Queen going toe to toe. Someone should probably stop them. Just sayin' ]

Jun. 11th, 2012


[ Psychic communication: open ]


Rage, that someone would try to take her. Some fear, not as well-hidden as he'd like it to be. But chiefly rage, a Warlord Prince who fears for his Queen raging at whoever would dare to separate them.

Jun. 8th, 2012


[ ooc: backdated to last weekend, okay, don't judge me ]

[ psychic communication - LUCIVAR & SAETAN; ]
How long do you plan to let this go on?

Jun. 6th, 2012


[ Psychic Communication; to the Blood ]

Mother Night. I've rolled beneath the couch and I can't move it with Craft! Is anyone near?

Jun. 3rd, 2012


Who says that Loki doesn't know how to woo someone? The next time Sif is out, she'll come home to find this embedded in her apartment door... )

Jun. 1st, 2012


general psychic communication

There is no speech, not yet. Just a tentative push, hardly even that, nudging ever-so-slightly to get a feel for what minds might be out there. He can tell there are some, but he hasn't explored enough to get to know whether they're moderately safe or -- tainted.

He's not being sneaky about it. Just brushing up against the first inner barrier, no pressure, no intent to push his way in, just feeling for psychic scent.

[ooc: Daemon is specifically searching for other Blood, but if you'd notice a psychic touch, feel free to respond :D]

May. 28th, 2012


Psychic Communication

The voice is midnight dark and edged with ice. The words are carefully measured and pronounced, but she isn't spiraling down to the depths of her power. Not yet.

★ Who is present? ★

May. 27th, 2012


The following letter is left in Ysa's box... )

May. 4th, 2012


General psychic communication

*What the hell is going on here? Who's here, and who's responsible for this?*

The psychic voice male, and very deliberate, as though the speaker is only just controlling his temper.

May. 3rd, 2012


» so
» i was thinking
» i should get a job, right?