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May. 24th, 2010


supernatural psl?

craving the sam to my ruby. i can do katie or gen, any season, any plot. poke me here or on aim. samples in my journal if you're curious.

May. 23rd, 2010


Name: t
Age: +18
Contact: comment or pm this post.

Game Fandom: hp
Genre: canon/au/trio/post-hogwarts/mwpp
Character: anthony goldstein, zacharias smith, oliver wood, hannah abbott, tracey davis, mandy brocklehurst, lisa turpin, alice longbottom, benjy fenwick, amelia bones, edgar bones, james potter, ted tonks, andromeda black

What I'm Looking For
Format: thread-based
Journal Preference: ij

May. 18th, 2010


And here I come again!

Searching for a Game:
Name: Dena
Age: 28
Contact: Email: or AIM: MioneG80

Game Fandom: Harry Potter (Also interested in various Anime/J-Drama)
Genre: Canon preferred. AU taken based on plot
Characters Wanted:
I am looking to play either Hermione (Trio-Era {Anything from Fourth year or after} or Post-Hogwarts era)

Lily Evans (Marauders' era or slightly post Marauders' era)

Rose Weasley (Post Trio-Era)

Narcissa Black (Marauders' era or slightly post Marauders' era)

What I'm Looking For
Format: Primarily Journal-based but will accept AIM-based as well.
Journal Preference: IJ preferred, will also take LJ
People Preference: Mature players and mods who are friendly and if there is ever an issue will be fair and ready to speak with you before jumping to conclusions and assumptions.

About me )

Past Journals )

May. 4th, 2010


Looking for the Songbird to my DJ

Name: Cor
Game: [info]the_colony
Fandom: Original
Format: GoogleDocs
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic
Who you're in search of: Hiya. I'm looking for someone to play an established relationship in a post-apocalyptic setting for my boy Andrew.

A brief summary of their relationship: Andrew is a boy from Oregon who moved to Las Vegas to go to college for teaching music. He met his girlfriend Analise (who goes by Ana) at a Coyote Ugly Saloon, and instantly fell in love with her when he heard her sing. They've had a very wildfire sort of relationship before a huge virus ran rampant, forcing them to evacuate. Since they were unmarried, they were sent to separate camps. Now that the virus has burned out, Drew is back in LV, hoping that she'll return as well and hear his broadcasts for her.

If you'd like to see him some more, you can read his scenes here.

Hope to hear from ya.

Apr. 21st, 2010


Hi there! We're the mods of [info]golden_world a Next-Gen Harry Potter game based around the Malfoy family being the royal famlily of Muggle and Magical Britain. We are quite new and are still looking for a lot of roles to be filled including Lyra Malfoy the youngest child of Queen Pansy and King Draco.

Apr. 16th, 2010


Looking for Characters to fill an SL
Name: Kimberly
Game:On the Edge of a Golden World
Fandom: Harry Potter
Format: threading
Genre: AU Next Gen
Who you're in search of (and list as many as you want/need!{:
Cecile Delacour-Davies - Seraphine and Julian are in desperate need of their younger sister to round out their family. All of them are royalty with lots of plot and social interactions. The trio is very close, so you'd walk into read-made plot and lots of welcome!

Apr. 14th, 2010


Looking for Cuckoos!

Looking for Characters to fill an SL
Name: Mindee (Irma) Cuckoo.
Game: [info]new_worlds.
Fandom: Pan-Fandom, but the bulk of play is Marvel.
Format: Threading mostly.
Genre: AU.
Who you're in search of: Celeste and Phoebe Cuckoo. Mindee needs her two remaining sisters, right now their listed as de-powered in her history but that can be changed. Mindee's been taken from a point before they go to The World and know that Weapon X used Emma's ova's to create the girls so Mindee can still feel. Her PB is Taylor Swift but Phoebe and Celeste's PB's can be just about anyone. If you need to contact me you can PM this journal or catch me at Weasleys GF.


Hi! My name is Tasha and I just created a new game with my friend Kia and I have some characters that WOULD LOVE to see some more characters in the game. The game is called The Painting and it's a social next gen game based in school!! [info]thepaintingmods.

First off is Autumn Stebbins [info]sweetautumn - She's a 6th year Gryffindor. She had a hard childhood, but is making it past that. What she would like ARE SOME FRIENDS! Where are her fellow 6th year Gryfifndor girls?

Second is Nakita Weasely [info]cunningweasley - Nakita is a 7th year Slytherin and captain of the Quidditch team. She's very outgoing and a little bit crazy. She would LOVE TO SEE more family! Really her siblings. She's the daughter of Katie bell and Charlie Weasley, and she REALLY WOULD LOVE her fell triplets - Fabian and Kane! Plus her little bro's Gideon and Arthur! PLUS SOME COUSINS! There are A TON OF THEM! So where are you cousins. Nakita would also love to see more QUIDDITCH PLAYERS!

Third is Aribella Zabini [info]ravenzabini - Aribella is a 6th year Ravenclaw and a prefect. She's kind of a bitch... Well she's sort of the pureblooded girl you'd expect her to be, but she sort of wants to break free too... Aribella has a little sister Misha and she HATES HER. Misha is a Hufflepuff, and Aribella thinks that's "pathetic." I would, love, love, love to have Misha around! I think she'd make such good plot! Aribella also would love more people in 6th year around!

Fourth and last is Septimus Bole [Unknown LJ tag] - Sept is a 7th year Hufflepuff and the Head Bole. He's a workaholic and takes things like being Headboy pretty serious. He has two younger brothers, Ajax and Apollo... And we're missing Apollo. Apollo is a 6th year Hufflepuff! Where is the last brother? Septimus also needs his Ex Girlfriend from 5th year!

Go check it out! It's going to be A-MAZ-ING!

Thank you,

Apr. 6th, 2010


Bellatrix, Narcissa, Alecto, Ted Tonks, Kingsley, Weasleys

Name: Alison
Game: Chronic Resurrection (via [info]cr_mod)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Format: mostly journals, but threading or logging is good too
Genre: dark AU time travel, set in 1979 and 2000
Who you're in search of:
Bellatrix Black, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Armand Jugson, Fred and George Weasley, Regulus Black
Bellatrix has a Rodolphus ready for her, both her sisters (though one of them is a filthy blood traitor I'm afraid) and a bunch of other Death Eaters, so she will have instant interactions and plot. Kingsley is needed by the rest of the Order because they could really do with some help! :-) Fred and George would be loved by Ron and Ginny, as well as Patricia Stimpson who was recruited to the Order by them. Armand has a wife, sister, best friend, nephew and niece all waiting anxiously for him. Regulus has Sirius and a bunch of Death Eaters and it would be great to see if he goes the same way in the this universe as in canon.

It's a dark game - we tend to focus more on DE and Slytherins than other games do, and in 2000 the DE have won. (Harry time-travelled back to the 70s and got so preoccupied with that he failed to stop Voldemort in the 90s.) Characters who would be alive in both times are played in both times e.g. Katharina here has separate journals for her teenage self and her adult self. You should probably look up the premise if that's still confusing! It's very easy to get the hang of, and I'm happy to go through it as it relates to your character if you have any problems. We're complimented on being a non-cliquey game and on playing with new people straight away.

Check us out if you're interested! Please don't hesitate to comment here or ping/email me if you have any questions or suggestions. I'm herringprincess on gchat/gmail and imphandsosmywife on AIM.

Mar. 30th, 2010


Hi! I come from [info]ammods, a Harry Potter time-displacement RPG. Everyone from the Harry Potter universe is dragged into a strange town from their own times, and are somehow living two lives at once. I'm looking for some specific characters for Angelina Weasley and Rodolphus Lestrange.

Fred II Weasley and/or Roxanne Weasley
- Both George and Angelina are in play, as well as Fred Weasley the First. They come from different times, but know about their marriage and having children.
- Fred II is the reason Angelina & George married, and also the reason George is trying to get over his alcoholism. It's something that stresses Angelina out, and it would be nice for her to worry about one of her children instead of her husband.

Katie Bell, Lee Jordan, Alicia Spinnet, Oliver Wood
- Angie needs her friends, and people to confide to! They can come from any and all ages, pre or post Angelina/George marriage!
- I'd love to stir up some tension and have at least one of her best mates disapprove of her marriage
- Otherwise, Angelina is trying to get quidditch up and running in the town and can always use more players!

Rabastan Lestrange and/or MORE DEATH EATERS
- Rodolphus needs his brother to talk sense into him, and calm him when he gets out of control.
- Currently the town has far too many Weasleys/Potters and Rodolphus would really like to shift that balance.

*Contact me if you need any help with PBs or plotting!

Mar. 27th, 2010


Looking for characters~

Name: Chrissy
Game: [info]ahuntersway
Fandom: Supernatural
Format: Threading & AIM based.
Genre: Canon, with bits of AU thrown in for good measure.
Who you're in search of: Bobby Singer, Ruby (both 1.0 and 2.0), Becky Rosen, and minor canon characters.

Mar. 19th, 2010


Future Gen HP Game Seeking Characters

Hello! Coming over from [info]beyondthepages via [info]pages_mod, I have a few requests to fill.

follow the bouncing ball )

Beyond the Pages is an OC friendly, future-gen, plotful and social game set in 2023. All information can be found in the mod journal.


LOOKING FOR A PLAYER TO FILL AN SL: Actually, I'm mostly just looking for interaction between my characters and other characters from their fandoms in a panfandom game
About me and the character I play: My name is Jen and I've been RPing on and off for about ten or eleven years in IM logs and gdocs. Most recently, I've been playing in forums and community games for about three years. I play Shannon Rutherford from Lost as well as Astor Bennett from Dexter. Shannon is from early season two of the show (obviously). In past experiences, I've played her a bit on the softer side but in this particular game, so far, she's had no reason to be nice so I'm playing her fairly reverted back to S1 personality with S2 reasons for it. If that makes any sense. Astor is a mix of book and show canon, taking her from the third book and using S1 and S2 information from the show to fill in the blanks about her likes, dislikes, age, personality, etc.
Character wanted to fill an SL & why: As for Shannon, I'm really just looking for a familiar face. A Sayid, Boone, Claire, or Charlie would be most prefered, but anyone from S1 or pre-Abandonment from S2 would be awesome. As for Astor, I'd really like someone who is familiar with the books and the television show and would be willing to mesh the two canons. I'll totally take someone who is only familiar with the books and I'd take someone only familiar with the show if they're willing to hear out how very different Astor is between show and book canon and are willing to work with it. I'd love a Dexter, but a Cody or a Rita would be great, too. Actually, anyone that Astor would know would be awesome. Also, slightly off-topic, the game currently only has two children characters, so any characters from any fandoms under the age of 16 would be amazing!

Note: I have no idea wtf is up with the spacing in my character table entry on this journal, so please ignore it and accept my apologies. It's not showing in the code or I'd fix it. In any case, I've got samples for pretty much all of my characters, and definitely for Shannon and Astor from previous games, if you'd like to look them over :)
Game to join: [info]salus_rpg / [info]the_government (mod journal)

Mar. 12th, 2010


X-Project - seeking players!

Game: X-Project
Genre: X-Men Movieverse on LJ
Newly Available Characters:

Blink, Anole, Aurora, Chamber and more

Brief Description of your game: X-Project is an X-Men movieverse RPG on Livejournal. Set after X2, we've been running since May 2003 and use a combination of in-character journals and email/IM logs. There's a number of settings for a range of play, whatever your preference, and while we accept new characters we strongly encourage people to adopt one of our orphans.

Link to Game Information/Application: Applications can be found here. Please read the previous history of the character before applying. A test log with the mods will usually be required, and we'll ask prospective players to communicate with players in the cases of significant relationships with a played character (eg: If you want to app Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, you'll be asked to ping Jean-Paul's player, to ensure continuity). See the FAQ on Applications for details.

Mar. 9th, 2010


seeking bellatrix and rosier, sr.;

Hi there! I'm Jessi and I am looking for a Bellatrix Black/Lestrange and a Rosier, Sr for Advena Magia [ [info]advenarpg via [info]ammods ], a multi-era displacement Harry Potter RPG.

the game - advena magia; )

I am seeking Bellatrix on behalf of my character Druella Black née Rosier [ [info]commeglace ; June 1980 ], Cygnus Black [ [info]adarkness ; December 1979 ] and many of Bellatrix's family members and associations already in game, including, but not limited to:
...his last, best lieutenant...; )

I am also seeking Rosier, Sr on behalf of Druella:
more; )

In addition, I would definitely like to see (with regard to interactions with Druella): society types (Death Eater wives and the like), Death Eaters & supporters and purebloods, both purist and non-purist. I would also like to see more Weasleys in general, as we are sorely lacking in them, and for characters/lines on our Wanted List to be filled!

Get your hold and submit an application A.S.A.P. so you can join in the fun!

Mar. 5th, 2010


Looking for Mutants XD

Name: Logan (Wolverine)
Game: [info]x_2012
Fandom: X-Men
Format: Threading
Genre: AU with a bit of Canon added for flavor ;) NOT a school game
Who you're in search of (and list as many as you want/need!:

1. We are looking for someone who wants to either adapt or create an OC who serves as:
  • a counselor/psychologist [a mutant Doc Samson type], since we have several characters in dire need of guidance/direction/psych help
    ~ or ~
  • a spiritual leader/advisor/confessor [think a massively depowered, non-Sue Mr. M from The 198], for guidance/direction/counseling of a different kind.

    2. Beast (Good Beast, Dark Beast, Pre-fur Beast, it's all good.) He's a fantastic character and no X-game is complete without a well-played one? lol. Besides, if we get a non-Dark Beast, Logan could use someone who understands the feral changes in him who's not a psycho killer (Yeah, I'm looking at you, Sabretooth! *shakes fist*)

    3. In general: See other WANTED folks here
  • Mar. 3rd, 2010


    Hi! My name is Steff and I'm from [info]ammods. Advena Magia is an AU-ish time-travel game. A mysterious King cast a spell-gone-wrong, and now all sorts of wizards and witches from the Harry Potter universe are landing in a mock medieval town. I play multiple characters, and looking for a bunch!

    Angelina Weasley is looking for George Weasley, Fred Weasley, Fred II Weasley, Roxanne Weasley, Oliver Wood, Katie Bell, Alicia Spinnet, and Lee Jordan! I would do just about anything to get one of these characters.

    Caspar Crouch is looking for his children Bartemius Crouch, Calandra Crouch, and Sarina Crouch, see here!

    Pollux Black is looking for his father & son Alphard

    If none of these tickle your fancy, we have many other availble characters including a multitude of Weasleys, trio-era characters, and more!

    Mar. 1st, 2010


    Game: [info]x_2012
    Fandom: X-Men
    Format: Threading
    Genre: AU with simplified character histories.
    We have a rather long wanted list, but the quick list includes Anole, Boom Boom, Chamber, Lady Deathstrike, Morph, Multiple Man, Mystique and Sunspot. We would also love an OC or mutant adaption of Doc Samson, and we are rather lacking in female characters and would love to balance that out.
    We are a very active game, OC friendly and have aimed to simplify things. We only have two communities to help focus on character interactions, relationships and development, and our premise is that mutants have only existed for a year. This lets you simplify character histories a great deal. We are a friendly game with 20+ players and 40+ characters and are very plot friendly.

    Feb. 28th, 2010


    psl need


    If you don't join us for a psl, we're going to do bad things to your laptop.

    Ruby & Dean

    Feb. 19th, 2010


    come play in Westeros!

    Name: Luxe
    Game: A Whisper of Darkness [info]the_seven 
    Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
    Format: Threading/AIM
    Genre: Future/AU
    Who you're in search of:
    -LordTyrell. We need a scheming bastard, someone who can be in league with dastardly plots and be happy about it. We're about to kick off a war and why would Highgarden not be up for that??

    -Lord and/or Lady Tully. Or just some Tullys in general- The Starks could use some friends.

    -Magnificent b*stards and villains. We have a serious shortage of anyone who might be found doing evil experiments, bathing in the blood of virgins, sacrificing children to ancient gods or banging their twin. We don't even have anyone painstakingly manipulating the fall of the family who raised them. :(

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