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May 9th, 2008

"Oh Don't Deceive Me, Oh Never Leave Me" (RL/SS) [September 2010]

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Title: Oh Don't Deceive Me, Oh Never Leave Me
Rating: G
Words: 400

When they sang 'Early One Morning' late one night, the two first-years had merely intended to comfort a pretty ghost... )

August 24th, 2007

Response and Responsibility [July 2011]

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Title: Response and Responsibility (July 2011)
Author: [info]bronze_ribbons
Rating/Characters: G. Gen. Vane Parker and Remus Lupin. Background Lupin/Snape.
Wordcount: ~ 2600
Warning: Neither DH-compliant nor spoilery, but I won't vouch for comments. Concrit and drive-by waving equally welcome.
A/N: This is part of the Bill/Luna arc, which includes "Flowers with Bridalls Well Agree," "Not a Shadow," "Any Other Name," and "Lesson." Full timeline here. Originally posted 27 July 2007.

"Molly, you're not the only person at this table who cares about Harry," said Lupin sharply. "Sirius, sit down."

    - Order of the Phoenix, chapter 5

"And as for who's going to look after Ron and Ginny if you and Arthur died," said Lupin, smiling slightly, "what do you think we'd do, let them starve?"

    - OotP, chapter 9

As he dandled Bill and Luna's son on his knee, Vane fielded question after question from Lupin )

Lesson [October 2005 and August 2011]

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Title: Lesson
Author: [info]bronze_ribbons
Rating: Universal (all ages)
Words: first part 400, second part 350
Notes: A belated birthday present for [info]musigneus, who wanted more about Severus Vane Weasley. And may blessings flow for the beauteous [info]aunty_marion, my mighty beta. Originally posted 23 August 2006.

October 2005 (Vane's seventh year) )
August 2011 )

Drabble: Any Other Name [June 2009]

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[200 words, G. Originally posted 6 June 2006.]

"You’re going to name the kid Severus Vane!? You’re both completely out of your minds."

"And this is different from how you usually think of us?" Bill growled.

Ron had sufficient grace to flush, but he continued to glare at his brother and sister-in-law. "Of all the people you could name him after, why Snape? Why not Harry--"

"Just like every tenth boy born in Wizarding Britain over the past decade?" Ginny snorted.

"--or Remus, or Kingsley…" Ron trailed off. Although Luna's face had remained serene, there was an unmistakable undertone of fury in her voice as she answered, "Or Gideon. Or Fabian. Or Cedric. Or Albus."

Charlie spoke up. "How does Snape himself feel about this?"

Bill grinned. "Appalled, of course. His reaction wasn't that far off from Ron's, in fact. But he agreed to be godfather anyway-- that's what matters."

"And Vane's your other choice?" Hermione said. "They'll balance each other well."

"Will they?" Ron demanded. "Vane's a right sort, but Snape--"

Luna made an impatient gesture. A flurry of dark red rose petals cascaded from her hand to the floor.

"Severus sees more than people want him to see. And so shall my son."

Appropriate Feeling [July 1999[

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100 words, G. Prompted by [info]ellid: "Placet-verse, one of the Parker kids gets their Hogwarts owl." The child in question is Vane Parker, Charles and Mary's great-grandson. Originally posted 1 May 2006.

~ ~ ~

When the owl from the school arrived, it found him poring over a novel penned by his great-aunt Harriet. He had watched her hammer out the manuscript on the typewriter she’d inherited from her Aunt Harriet, a writer of Muggle mysteries. To him, it was magical how her loose, much-marked, cut-apart-and-taped-back-together sheets of paper had become a handsome hardcover with elegant maps.

When he looked up from the letter, he said, "Father will be so relieved."

Her expression shrewd, his great-aunt asked. "And how do you feel about it?"

He shrugged. "I won’t know how I feel until I'm there."

Not a Shadow [June 2008]

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[100 words, U. Written for LJ:cesario, for a drabble-by-mail exchange organised by [info]catrinella. Cesario's prompts were river, smoke, sundial. Originally posted 25 March 2005.]

No one would ever think to call Luna "beautiful," Bill reflected, but there were so many things about her that reminded him of his first wife. As he watched her feeding the ducks from their punt, he mused on how she was one of the most self-possessed women he knew. Like Fleur, she knew how to hold her own in a fight. Like Fleur, she wasn’t prey to the smoke and mirrors of conventional wisdom or mores. Like Fleur, she was true steel-- always ready to cover his back, whether they were under siege from exploding sundials or malevolent moonstones.

Flowers with Bridalls Well Agree [June 2006]

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Title: Flowers with Bridalls Well Agree [June 2006]
Author: [info]bronze_ribbons. To assign blame where it belongs, though, it was [info]catrinella who wanted to get them together (or at least to kill off Fleur...)
Pairing: Luna/Bill (see the timeline for background on Granger/Sinistra, Snape/Lupin, and the others)
Rating: U
Words: 1000-ish
A/N: The title’s from a Thomas Campion song. Originally posted 16 November 2005.

When the usher seated Bill Weasley next to Luna Lovegood... )

Just So But Not Too Much [November 1958]

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Title: Just So But Not Too Much [November 1958]
Author: [info]bronze_ribbons
Count: 1700 words
Rating: G (Molly Prewett, Mervyn Bunter, and various other HP/LP characters)
A/N: Written for [info]catrinella. Originally posted 16 November 2005. (I'd planned to revise it someday, but in all honesty, at this point I'd rather write new fic...)

Just So But Not Too Much )

AUs to the AU: Placet-related fics &c.

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These are fics/etc. that borrow and/or refer to [info]placet characters/characterizations but do not necessarily sync to the main storyline.

[info]catrinella: "The Only Harmless Great Thing" - written for [info]lore's birthday, 2005

[info]bronze_ribbons: "Caro Severus..." - written for [info]lore's birthday, 2005.

LJ:ellierosemarie: 10 Months to Snape's Heart - "The Only Harmless Great Thing" from Lupin's point of view. Written for [info]catrinella for Snupin Santa 2005.

[info]marginaliana: Another Year - written for [info]bronze_ribbons birthday, 2007.

[info]marginaliana also posted a lovely writeup to the LJ:crack_broom community, March 2007.

Slippage [sometime during the school year, 2009]

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For [info]lore, who thinks about these things, and Cat, for the badgers and the insta-beta. 685 words; PG because of the snake innards. Originally posted 30 September 2005.

slip sliding a--oof! )

Aimed [2009?]

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[Written by [info]bronze_ribbons for [info]catrinella, 26 September 2005.]





Flinging the door to the classroom open, Severus Snape demanded, "What in Salazar's name are you about, you daft harpies?"

Neither Hermione Granger nor Paola Sinistra bothered glancing at him as they continued their activities. Hermione was sitting at the desk with a half-empty basket of zucchini next to her and a gobbo abruzzese in her hand, systematically tossing slices of courgette into the air and Transfiguring them into pebbles and pigeons and other targets. Paola slouched in a chair on the other side of the room --

Severus narrowed his eyes. "Hermione's wand. In your right hand, no less. You do like to show off, Paola, don't you?"

Paola casually demolished a clay cobra. "Leave off, Severus. It's been the longest day in history --"

"That is, since yesterday --"

"And keeping my wand in my non-dominant hand all damned day is the only reason your Slytherins aren't all uccudati filler by now."

Snape's lips twitched. Then he stepped into the room, closed the door behind him, and settled himself into a chair to Paola's right.

He extended his hand. "Your wand, please."

Paola looked at him then, and smirked. "Now who's the showoff?"

Hermione chimed in, "Pot meeting kettle, episode --"

Snape aimed a glare at her. "I too have had a trying day, Miss Granger."

Hermione Transfigured the next slice of zucchini into a stuffed black poodle.

Paola dissolved into giggles. Snape threw Granger an incredulous scowl -- and then broke into laughter as well. The three of them were still grinning when Lupin sauntered into the room with a bottle and four glasses.

"How did you know?" Hermione asked, accepting her drink.

"I've known you all for years," said Remus. He locked his eyes with Snape's, having noted the other man's involuntary start at his words. Yes, even you. Even when you thought and think I couldn't possibly.

Snape closed his eyes, almost unable to bear the intensity of Lupin's gaze. But it was there, the promise of comfort: the brush of Lupin's knuckles against his palm, the glint of approval and affection in Sinistra's smile.

Skyclad, 3 a.m. [August 2009]

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[Drabble by [info]bronze_ribbons, originally posted 25 September 2005.]

"And he thinks I've inhaled too many fumes," Snape muttered.

"Severus, stop," Hermione implored, her eyes fixed on the other side of the river. "They know what they're doing." Snape continued pacing.

Twenty minutes later, Paola said, "Good show, Apparation. It's been years since I skirted that close to getting caught."

"Astronomy Professor Gaoled for Naked Base-Jumping," intoned Hermione, giggling in spite of herself.

In the adjoining hotel room, Snape wordlessly unfastened the buckles of Lupin's gear, one by one. Then he buried his face against the other man's neck, cataloging: the skin still night-chilled. The pulse warm and strong underneath.

Coals of Fire [ October or November 1997]

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Title: "Coals of Fire"
Author: [info]bronze_ribbons
Count: 100 words
Written for [info]lupin100's "Hope" challenge. Originally posted 14 September 2005.

"Snape was a highly accomplished Occlumens," said Lupin, his voice uncharacteristically harsh.

If he and Snape both survive the War, Lupin plans to vanish to a room stocked with enough food, wine, and clean sheets for a week. He yearns for wordlessness as a refuge – a space where he need not mask his bitterness nor disguise his dark, secret hope.

In the meantime, he must continue to pretend that he, too, no longer trusts Severus. He, too, has his orders from Dumbledore, and if he's learned anything -- from Lily, Albus, and Severus -- it is that love is stronger than death.

Twenty Random Facts About Paola Sinistra [as of June 1997]

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Title: Twenty Random Facts About Paola Sinistra
Authors: [info]catrinella and [info]bronze_ribbons
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: We don't own Rowling's characters, we just enjoy snooping around their pasts and futures.
Notes: Compiled for The HP Character Random Facts/Things Meme and Fic Fest. Feel free to riff on any of these prompts; we are both over eighteen, so smut is within bounds. This list is based on our Placet universe (a post-War Dorothy L. Sayers crossover) but we would be pleased to inspire other incarnations of Sinistra in other Potterdoms. :-)
Originally posted 25 September 2005.

star light, star bright... )

Ils s'enivrent [March 2006]

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Title: Ils s'enivrent
Author: [info]bronze_ribbons
Words: 817
Summary: Prequel to Placet. A bit more about that "hands-off-you-wenches-he's-mine liplock in the Great Hall"... Originally posted 12 September 2005.

Fire ever doth aspire, and makes all like itself, turns all to fire... )

Placet [sometime during 2008]

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Title: Placet
Author: [info]bronze_ribbons
Warnings: Light bondage.
Words: 2200
Notes: Spawned by discussions here and there; the initial sketch contained just Peter, Harriet, Remus, and Severus at a Handel concert, but the damn bunny kept hopping sideways. Beta'd by LJ:swooop.
Written for [info]catrinella, for her birthday. Originally posted 11 September 2005.

Placet )

timeline (last updated 9 May 2008)

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Some of the dates were derived from The LPW Companion and the HP Lexicon, although we have revised and augmented them based on our own interpretations of canon (mixed in with the usual soupcon of wishful thinking). Completed fics are listed in bold type. The birthdates for Granger, Lupin, Sinistra, and Snape are linked to their astrological charts.

[Links are mostly to the original LiveJournal posts for now, until I find time to clean up the indexing. ~ribbons]

c. 1840 Albus Dumbledore born

1890 Peter Death Bredon Wimsey born
1892 Charles Parker born
1895 Mary Wimsey born

1900 Harriet Deborah Vane born

1914 Gerald, Viscount St. George born
1919 Winifred Denver born

c. 1928? "Like the Dew I Begot You"

1930 Charles Peter Parker born
1932 Mary Lucasta Parker born
1935 Wimsey-Vane marriage, 8 October
1936 Bredon Delagardie Peter Wimsey born
1937 Harriet Parker born
1938 Roger Wimsey born

1941 Paul Wimsey born

1950 death of Honoria Lucasta (Dowager Duchess of Denver)
1953 Mary Lucasta Parker graduates from Shrewsbury College, Oxford; marries Samuel Arbuthnot (son of Freddy and Rachel)
1956 Bredon Wimsey graduates from Magdalen College, Oxford, with degree in biology
1957 Harriet Parker elopes with a witch

1958, November - "Just So But Not Too Much"

1960 born: Severus Snape (9 January), Remus John Lupin (10 March)

1960 Michael Peter Parker born (son of Charles Peter, grandson of Charles and Mary)
1961 Bredon Wimsey marries Rosalind Herschel
1962 Paola Sinistra born in Sardinia on 7 January
1963 Lucasta (Lucy) Parker-Arbuthnot born (daughter of Mary Lucasta and Samuel)
1963 Stephen Delagardie Wimsey born (son of Bredon and Rosalind)
1967 death of Charles Parker

1970 death of Mary Parker; her daughter Harriet and her partner adopt a girl
1970 Bill Weasley born
1971 Snape and Lupin begin at Hogwarts
1972 Charlie Weasley born
1973 Sinistra begins at Hogwarts (Ravenclaw)
1974-1981 Stephen Delagardie Wimsey (Peter's grandson) attends Beauxbatons
1977 Fleur Delacour born
1978 Snape and Lupin leave Hogwarts
1979 Hermione Jane Granger born (19 September)

1980 born: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, et al.
1980 - 1987 Sinistra finishes seventh year at Hogwarts; attends Magdalen, Oxford, for two years as a Muggle, then returns to Italy and works at an observatory there
1981 born: Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, et al.
1981 Snape begins teaching at Hogwarts
1982 death of Peter Wimsey

1987 Stephen Wimsey marries Anne Delacour (an older cousin of Fleur and Gabrielle); they return to England to be closer to his family (Harriet Wimsey in failing health)

1987 Sinistra appointed Astronomy professor at Hogwarts

1988 born: Phoebe Wimsey (Peter and Harriet's great-granddaughter, daughter of Stephen and Anne), Vane Parker (Charles and Mary's great-grandson, son of Michael)

?1988, summer? - Dumbledore - Sinistra fishing trip

1989 death of Harriet Wimsey

1993 born: Frederic and Fiona Wimsey (the twins; Phoebe's younger sibs)
1991-2 Hermione's first year at Hogwarts
1992-3 Luna's first year at Hogwarts
1993-4 Lupin's year as DADA professor at Hogwarts
1996 start of Second Wizarding War; start of Hermione's sixth year at Hogwarts

1996, fall - "Things Invisible to See" (not yet written)
1997, June - Snape kills Dumbledore

1997, June - "Perhaps Someday"
1997, June - "Twenty Random Facts About Paola Sinistra"

1997, summer - Weasley-Delacour wedding. Both sets of twins (Fred-George and Frederic-Fiona) create havoc.
1997 - Bredon Wimsey knighted for scientific achievement (herpetology)
1997, fall - start of what would have been Hermione's seventh year at Hogwarts
1997, around Michaelmas - start of volatile (to say the least) Harry/Draco affair
1997, two weeks later - start of secret Snape/Lupin relationship

1997, fall - "Coals of Fire"

1998 - defeat of Voldemort; end of War; Hermione returns to Hogwarts; Lupin and Snape reappointed to professorships of DADA and Potions
1999 - Hermione completes seventh year, leaving with Luna and Ginny
1999, July - "Appropriate Feeling" (Vane Parker)
1999 - Phoebe Wimsey (Gryffindor) and Vane Parker (Ravenclaw) enter Hogwarts

2002- Hermione and Paola encounter each other at Oxford and begin a relationship.

2003, summer - "To Taste" (Hermione & Ginny's flat)

2004 - Hermione named Pince's successor as Hogwarts librarian
2004 - Frederic and Fiona Wimsey enter Hogwarts (Gryffindor)

2005, October - "Lesson" (part 1)

2006, March - "Il s'enivrent"

2006, June - Phoebe Wimsey and Vane Parker leave Hogwarts

2006, June - "Flowers with Bridalls Well Agree"

2007, December - SS/RL/HG/PS holiday in Austria/Switzerland.

2008 - "Placet"

late 2008 or early 2009 - Twins stuff niffler in Ravenclaw harpsichord

2009 - "Slippage"
2009? - "Aimed"

2009, June - By Any Other Name

2009, August - "Skyclad, 3 a.m."

2009 - Bill and Luna's first son born; they choose Vane Parker and Severus Snape as his godparents

2010, September - "Oh Don't Deceive Me, Oh Never Leave Me"

2011, June - Fred and Fiona Wimsey leave Hogwarts

2011, July - Response and Responsibility

2011, August - "Lesson" (part 2)

early 2100s - death of Draco Malfoy
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