December 14th, 2007

[info]yayforjae in [info]pilgrimage

Introduction ftw

Welcome to Pilgrimage, an asylum for Final Fantasy X and X-2 fanfiction! Thank you for coming - Now start posting!

Any type of fanfiction is allowed - is encouraged - to be posted: drabbles, one-liners, smutty smut smut, slashy epics.

I'm going to use tags to organize the stories; I find tags a lot easier to manage than the memory feature. Tags will include the author's username, the game that the story is based on, the pairing (if there is one), and maybe some other stuff. I love to make lists, so I might include more tabs (such as the main character, maybe funny tags because I'm so wild and crazy).

Again, welcome to the community!

Edit: Also, please join [info]honeybeeinn, a Final Fantasy VII fanfiction community that I also created.