Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Modly Reminder -- submissions and upcoming end of Fest


This is a modly reminder that this Fest officially ends on October 31st, i.e. tomorrow!

However, over twenty art/fic claims still need to be submitted.

If you have yet to turn in your fic or art for this Fest, and are still planning to complete it, please let us know and send an email to festmods@yahoo.com by November 7th at the latest, so we can work out an extension for you.

Late submissions are welcome and will still be posted, but if you don't let us know by November 7th that you will definitely be completing your claim(s) but just require a little more time to do so, I'm afraid that for practical purposes, we'll have to consider your claim(s) as abandoned.

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Friday, October 5th, 2007

Drabble-a-thon: just a few more hours to go...

Hi guys,

As previously announced, submissions for our drabble-a-thon, which has been a great success so far (thank you again to all who participated!), will close at midnight EDT. So you still have a few hours left to submit those last drabbles.

On Monday we’ll post a Masterlist, and we’ll also announce the winners.

Thanks again, everyone, for your enthusiasm!
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Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

Announcements - Read-n-Love-athon winners and our next event!

Hi guys!

We're sorry for the delay, but we wanted to thank everyone who participated in our read-n-love-athon last weekend! We've tallied the comments and our top three commenters were:

1. [info]iamisaac with 48.
2. [info]quite_grey with 30.
3. [info]angela_snape with 26.

Well done! We will have your prizes for you soon!

We also wanted to take this opportunity to give everyone a heads up on our next event, the drabble-thon!

We'll be hosting this next weekend (Sept 28-30), so clear off your weekend schedule because [info]phoenix_flies will be the place to be. For more details watch this space soon!

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Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

The Read-n-Love-athon

This weekend, we'll be holding our second event:

The Read-n-Love-athon

In a nutshell: track down your favourite fics on IJ and GJ, and maybe discover some new gems as well, and then show the authors some love -- comment, comment and comment some more.

Full details under the cut )
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Sunday, August 26th, 2007

Fic Submission Guidelines

Thanks for a fantastic frenzy, everyone! We've had a fun and busy weekend, yeah? Thank you to everyone who participated and pimped, and don't forget, it's technically going on until midnight, so why not go have another look and see if there are a few potential new friends you might have missed?

And now for business:

Fic submission guidelines will be below the cut. Keep in mind that these are guides for fic submission only. If you have art, hang on to it for now as we are still looking for an image hosting site that won't delete adult images. We'll post the art submission guidelines as soon as we have that settled.

Now, onto the fic guidelines... )

And that's pretty much it - just sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the fest!
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Tuesday, August 14th, 2007


Just a quick note to let everyone know that our fest and activities are going ahead as planned. Even though some people are planning to return to LJ, we are continuing with The Phoenix Flies events for those who either want to stay on IJ/GJ or mirror their activities between different journaling sites. Keep those prompts coming in!
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Sunday, August 12th, 2007

Let's Have Those Prompts!

Welcome to the Phoenix Flies LJ Exodus Fest! )

ETA: Keep in mind that we are only accepting prompts at this post. Pairings will be
left up to the writer or artist who claims the prompt. Have fun!
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