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Wednesday, November 7th, 2007
12:22a - Fest Fic: Pieces Of Elder Wand
Title: Pieces of Elder Wand.
Author: [info]nekochan23
Beta: My Beloved Master [info]fayedoll
Word Count: 3.385.
Rating: PG 13, just to be safe.
Pairing: Harry/Draco.
Prompt: # 34. "Epilogue? What epilogue?"
Past Life/Reincarnation
Any pairing, how do they meet in past life and how the past choice leads to present life choices?
Warnings: Since it was EWE, so of course… DH spoilers just before the epilogue.
Disclaimer: Standard.
Author’s Note: I hope you like it [info]cblue9. Enjoy~ ^^

Pieces Of Elder Wand )

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2:56p - Mod Post: Last Extension Reminder
Hi Everyone,

This is your friendly mod reminding you that if you have claimed a prompt and have not yet turned in your fic or art for that prompt that today is the last day you can request an extension.

If we do not hear from you today, we will assume you have abandoned your prompt.

The following people have contacted us about an extension:

approved extensions )

If you have contacted us and your name is not on the above list, please e-mail us again or leave a comment here. You can reach us at festmods at

Other notes:

We still have a few more stories and art to post (including those from people who've requested an extension), but as the fest is winding down, we'll be posting a poll soon to gauge feedback from you guys, and also to see if you'd be interested in another fest using the abandoned/unclaimed prompts or even brand-new prompts at a later date, and other ideas we'd love to run past you, so be on the look out for that! Also, using the lovely artwork from [info]twilightsorcery, we'll be posting some mini-banners and icons as thanks for your participation and hard work. We also have one more event coming up before we officially close the fest--information about all of this will be coming soon!

Phoenix_Flies mods

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3:21p - Fest Fic: Airplanes and Babies
Title: Airplanes and Babies
Author: [info]drowsyfirefly
Prompt: 52: 2 wizards with toddler twins on an airplane.
Pairing: Severus/Harry
Rating: PG13?
Word Count: ~2000
Warnings (if any): mentions of an erection and implied MPreg
Author's Notes (if any): A very special thanks to [info]lilyseyes who helped me with this at the last minute (shame on me!).

Airplanes and Babies )

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