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    Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
    4:35 pm

    I'm Travellyr. I'm 24 and studying art and business (sculpture and economics) at Central Washington University. I have several pets-who-are-not-birds, a lot of books, and a very tiny apartment.

    Content will be slim for a bit- I just don't have much time! (I graduate university next year, scheduling willing)

    Later this week I'll try to post some links about finches (my next pet birds) and cockatiels (my last pet bird). Right now I have two PET RATS in the cockatiel's old cage, so I'm saving up money (slow going for a uni student ^^;) to build my own acrylic cage for four to six society and zebra finches! I like their calls- the "beeping" call zebra finches make is cute.

    ^^ Have a good day!
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