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    Saturday, September 24th, 2022
    dream a little dream
    Gift Baskets and Brunch by Sugarpunch [Death/Hob, Dream]
    What is the best way to inform your best friend you’ve accidentally slept with his sister? Why, with a gift basket and an awkward brunch of course.

    The Shape Of A Lover by Did_you_see_the_light_in_my_heart [Dream, Calliope]
    When she calls, he comes.

    Cry Little Sister by lookninjas [Desire, Dream]
    Desire wouldn't call on Dream for assistance without some kind of ulterior motive. Unless, of course, they really needed the help. Or just really wanted to see Dream's wrath directed toward someone else for a change.

    Readings by lookninjas [Rose]
    Rose Walker spends the month before her first book reading (her first reading as a published author of her own book that is being published because she is about to be a published author which she is not freaking out about at all, she’s fine) giving readings in her dreams.

    Let's Be Nothing I Heard It Lasts Forever by merculuros [Dream/The Corinthian] Mature dubcon
    The Corinthian finds a convenient way to strip his lord of his powers and takes him as his captive in his weakened and vulnerable state.

    The Words Of The Children And The Insane by Did_you_see_the_light_in_my_heart [Hob, Delirium]
    Often the wisdom of the children, the drunk, and the mad, is lost to us.
    Hob finds a delirious teen on the street, by the name of Del. He tries to help her. Unfortunately, because he presently isn't losing his mind or anything of the like, her words of truth are missed on him.

    Кошмар наяву [Nightmare in reality] by Elesana [Dream/The Corinthian] Explicit dubcon]
    [After a century of imprisonment, he finds himself in a new nightmare...]

    fixed up broken things by [Dream/The Corinthian, Jessamy] Explicit
    In a different world, The Corinthian never left The Dreaming. For a fairly good reason, that he couldn't resist whatsoever.

    Ten Steps to Friend by TUNiU [Dream, Hob]
    Hob Gadling becomes a safe harbor for Dream.

    Restoration by [Dream, Lucienne, Matthew]
    The world’s population jumped to seven billion in the time Dream was trapped. For a century Burgess’s binding circle held back the tide of what that might mean, but once Dream is free, once his power is restored, the additions to the unconscious take some getting used to.
    For the first few weeks, Dream just feels really, really high.

    The end (translation) by Tivel [Dream/The Corinthian] Explicit
    Dream met him at a club — the crowd was dancing to ragged rhythm, the stroboscope took away the rest of clarity, but the silhouette of the Corinthian was impossible not to recognize.

    The Embrace of Wings by Silver_89 [Dream, Death, Alex, Rderick, Jessamy]
    “Sister…” A century of silence made his voice raspy. "I hold your sigil in my hand.” He grasped at the ankh he’d made; it was taking nearly all of his concentration to keep it from crumbling back into sand. He was so tired. “Help me…please.” Dream collapsed to the cold stone floor, the ankh dissolved into a pile of sand on his palm. He didn’t know if his call would be heard. This was not his gallery and the sigil was of his own making.

    to Bite, to Hold by RyuuSiren7 [Dream/The Corinthian, Jessamy]
    In which Dream has some revelations a little sooner - roughly one hundred years sooner, give or take a week - and arrives to meet the Corinthian just a few minutes faster.
    They’re still interrupted, of course, but this time, the Corinthian isn’t quite so thankful.

    in the gutter by LittleQueenTrashMout [Calliope, Dream]
    Free for the first time in over 60 years, Calliope recovers and returns to work.

    A Glass Sphere And A Painted Circle by RadAceFriend [Jessamy, Dream]
    While Jessamy observed, she planned. The glass wasn’t something she could break in whatever small span of time she might get, but the binding circle was just paint, and paint could be scratched at by a raven’s beak and talons.

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    dream a little dream
    To Make A Nightmare A Dream by AshWinterGray [Dream & co]
    What could possibly cause a nightmare to desire to be a dream?
    A question Dream must answer, for he has spent a century learning it.

    Passing the Time by Anonymous [Dream]
    Dream was mind-numbingly bored while trapped inside the fishbowl. He quickly found something to do.

    Dream of Me by TauriCXIV" [Dream/Alex] Mature
    Someone is dreaming. Even in his weakened state, trapped within his cage of magic and glass, Morpheus can feel it. Someone within this house is dreaming of him. It feels like a taunt—insult on top of injury. But the dreamer is strong and Morpheus can feel grains of his power drawn to them. Morpheus closes his eyes in the Waking World and allows the dream’s current to pull him in.

    Baiting the Trap by [Dream/The Corinthian] Explicit
    Instead of destroying the Corinthian at the convention, Dream decides to test out a different approach in dealing with rebellion—by letting his nightmare take exactly what he wants.

    the law of the instrument by therm0dynamics [Dream/The Corinthian] Mature
    There are some things that have changed about the nightmare upon his reincarnation. There is one thing that has remained the same.

    (No) Hope in Hell by M4AS [Dream, Orpheus, Matthew]
    Drabble piece, imagining Dream needing to return to Hell after he rescued Calliope and reopened old wounds.

    For Want of Inspiration by AshWinterGray [Dream, Rose, Destruction]
    A bit of a mental funk for Dream and a severe case of writer's block for Rose leads the two to an art gallery.

    Crescente (or, how the Endless might have grown) by Sugarpunch [The Endless] Mature
    So here's the thing about the Endless: they exist because man sees potential in them, they develop as man understands them. So it stands to reason that as the Endless came into being, they were not yet fully understood.

    To Ask Forgiveness by TwisttheSinews [Dream, Lucienne]
    Dream of the Endless has learned some hard lessons about pride and humility as of late. But no one is perfect, least of all him, and sometimes he feels he needs a refresher.
    Lucienne feels he just needs to learn how to have an Emotion.

    The King who Returned by FragmentedDreams [Dream, Lucienne, Abel, Cain, Gregory]
    With a sigh Dream gave Gregory a dutiful pat, who purred like a kitten, leaning closer to nuzzle his face...

    A Raven of Dream by FragmentedDreams [Dream, Matthew]
    Matthew liked his boss. A lot. He would follow him wherever he went, Heaven or Hell.

    fly on the wall by Ptolemia [Dream & friends]
    In which Dream takes some time to explore his domain - and to observe the dreams of some of its many denizens.

    Tell Me A Tale, My Brother by AshWinterGray [The Endless]
    Nothing surprises Destiny for Destiny knows everything. It is all written in his book, so he must know of it.
    He does not know this.
    His brother should not be here, but now he was. His brother should be speaking, but there was not a sound to be heard.

    lucid dreaming by nise_kazura [Dream/The Corinthian] Explicit
    He will not beg, for He is a god. He will not fight me, because it is beneath Him to have to fight for something...

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