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Monday, February 25th, 2008

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    Signups start Sunday!
    Hi there, Percy fans! Signups for this year's Percy Ficathon will begin this Sunday, March 2nd. I'm going to put up the template now so you can all start thinking about your signups.

    This is not the signup post! I will be putting that up around midnight Sunday. Signups will run until Saturday, March 8th, and assignments will be emailed to you on Sunday, March 9th.


    Age Statement: (You MUST be over 18 to participate in this year's Percy Ficathon; this has changed from past years.)
    I will be giving: (Fic/art)
    I would like to receive: (Fic/art/no preference)
    Genres I can write/draw: (Slash, het, gen, all of the above)
    Genres I CANNOT write/draw: (Slash, het, gen)
    Pairings/characters I CANNOT write/draw:
    Situations/kinks/etc. I CANNOT write/draw:
    Pairings/characters I would like in my gift: (Please list at least three)
    Kinks/genres/special requests for my gift:
    Pairings/characters I would NOT like in my gift:
    Kinks/genres I would NOT like in my gift:
    Someone on my flist who knows my preferences and who can keep a secret:

    Happy planning!

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