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Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

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    A gift for freckles42!
    Title: In the Fray / Gradient
    Artist: TBA
    Giftee: Giftee: [info]freckles42
    Pairing/Characters: Percy/Pansy
    Rating: G
    Warnings: none
    Disclaimer: I only pretend they are mine.
    Summary: Percy and Pansy backed together in the middle of a battle / People
    change over time. A series of interactions between Percy and Pansy during
    and after the war
    Artist's Notes: I am indecisive! Couldn’t figure out what side Pansy would
    fight for, so drew two, one for each! I love avoiding active decision
    making. Thought both these up before DH, so just pretend the war was much
    longer and involved many more battles. Never really thought of this pair
    before, but since have grown quite fond of them. Still can’t draw blonde
    Pansy (I’m sorry canon, my brain doesn’t work that way!) Anyways, hope you
    enjoy [info]freckles42!

    In the Fray/Gradient )

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