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+550 andreja pejic [Feb. 10th, 2013|03:48 pm]

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[music |mndr - feed me diamonds]

andreja pejic.
part one | part two | part three

photoshoots, runway, backstage.
please don't be weird about these :(((( sorry for any duplicates, i tried to weed them all out but i think a few slipped past me. part two coming soon, i still have to sort/edit candids and screencaps
NOTE: in july of 2014 andreja officially came out as a transgender woman. her pronouns are she/her and she has legally changed her name to andreja.

lie with me, lie to me. come on, dismantle me, do it slowly. my hands, my feet, my voice, take everything, reduce it all to crystal blackness, cause blind discipline, it's useless. what's the good in being good? so go ahead, feed me diamonds. )
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