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[31 Oct 2020|09:30am]

Hi all! This is kind of a long shot but I'm looking for someone who might be interested in picking up George Weasley over at [info]femod. The premise of the game is that due to a Curse that allows only certain wizarding pairs to have children, various wizards and witches have been placed in government-arranged marriages.

I play Cho who's been married off to George and would love to explore the complexities of what that looks like while at the same time, allow the characters to have quirky, weird, fun adventures! I'm open to any developments, any PBs for George, and am happy to talk ideas. Comment here or reach out to me through Cho's journal if you're interested, or just feel free to app.

(Crossposted. My apologies.)
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[17 Oct 2020|10:23pm]

Despite her "politics" Stormfront's open to anyone and just about any kink. Anyone from The Boys, crossing-over with other fandoms, or Original characters are all welcome. Interested?
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[11 Aug 2020|02:44pm]

Looking for a het age gap line set in the Hunger Games verse with a victor/mentor flavor. My character would be the most recent victor from District 8, which is responsible for textile production. This would be a prequel line to the original book trilogy. Due to the nature of the books the line will probably deal with a lot of darker themes. I would love for the role of her mentor to evolve into something romantic and the problems that causes with the Capitol. I have loads of ideas but am also willing to plot as we go so the other player has input as well.

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[01 Aug 2020|11:51am]

looking for a few cosplay model friends for her online homemade business, some friends to go beaching and lunching with, just friends all over the place for a gpsl based in charleston, south carolina. comment for more details or check out [info]eastbayst
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[01 Jun 2020|05:55am]

arkiadera rose redmont is a 35-year-old model with a reasonably successful career. no tyra banks, but you might know her face. originally from moscow, and russian to the bone. has a degree in fashion design. competitive equestrian in her youth, plays piano, did ballet for a while but didn't fall for it as a career. self-defense classes from youth onward.

i am specifically looking for her twin brother, arkadi allen redmont. their younger brother, anton alexei redmont. her ex-flame from NYC. faces negotiable in most cases. i had pictured arkadi as theo james, because it's uh. kind of hard to twin, you know. the ex-flame was pictured as RDJ, because they have a bit of a history as regards their relationship. nothing toxic, nothing abusive. nothing too dark. just a little stuff.

i will be taking arkiadera to [info]chucktown when it opens, if you're interested. otherwise, psl is also great. specifically interested in robert downey jr, theo james, chris evans, sebastian stan, chris hemsworth, etc.
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[24 May 2020|02:44pm]

Looking for a Dylan Sprayberry face for an ex-boyfriend-now-enemies line for this shithead at [info]bastionmods! He's a no-maj born wizard and used to date a pureblood and it exploded... literally. Now he's causing trouble at an unlicensed magic school opened after Hogwarts disappeared and could use a pureblood enemy.

Could also use his muggleborn cousin who went to Hogwarts and had it disappear. A sweet young girl type person who can keep his rude ass in line with a smile and potentially a slightly threatening wand wave. Let's do this.

Also just looking for some more queer students to hang with. Let's go lesbians let's go!
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[24 Apr 2020|09:21pm]

Looking for a age gap het line set in the Hunger Games verse with a victor/mentor flavor. My character would be the most recent victor from District 8, which is responsible for textile production. Due to the nature of the books the line will probably deal with a lot of darker themes. I would love for the role of her male mentor to evolve into something romantic and the problems that causes with the Capitol. I have loads of ideas but am also willing to plot as we go so the other player has input as well.

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[22 Apr 2020|03:12pm]

Still on the hunt for lines that can be developed. Prefer to play futa, up for brainstorming anything and everything.
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Supernatural - The Mentalist - Lucifer. [11 Apr 2020|11:12am]


👉🏻 I know it's looking for a bit of water in the dessert. But, Supernatural AU/ OC or Crossover? Looking for Any of the boys or Crowley.

👉🏻 I finished The Mentalist. So I could try writing Teresa against Patrick OR do a crossover and write Teresa in a crossover with Lucifer. if we take turns to write Luce, maybe he ended in The Mentalist world and manages to drive both Patrick and Teresa crazy. ❣️

Comment on my IJ if interested please.
I write past. Third time.
I plot. I don't do organic lines. But if I plot, I like to get to the writing... So please think about the amount of time you do have, and the lines you can actually handle. Thank you! ❤️

[10 Feb 2020|02:00pm]

Looking for an Adam Driver faced Alpha to join this borderline topping from the bottom girl over at [info]dukescounty.

Details )
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Looking for the Belle to my Rumple [06 Jan 2020|09:48pm]

Hello there I play Rumplestiltskin/Mr Gold, over at soulboundmods and I'm looking for Belle French (Emilie De Ravin faceclaim) , to have a romantic, married life storyline with.

I also RP on tumblr with my main blog being under rumplerps and would to connect with some Belle roleplayers there too. So please either hit me up here, or via tumblr. Thank you :D
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[01 Jan 2020|04:25pm]

I'm looking for an old friend/former (maybe current depending) lover for this Kate Upton vampire PB in [info]blackdawn. Friendship could go back up to a century. PB choice is up to the player, so is the supernatural being but vampire or other non-fae immortal would be best. A lot of the details can be hammered out between players, so please message via journal or on discord (BeadingLady#8167) if interested!!

(Cross-posted like woah)
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[10 Dec 2019|11:16am]

Still Looking for a few people who might be interested in working out something around the idea of Time Stop / Time Freeze

This is something relatively new to me, in that I've been discovering how best to play it in a scene. The basis of the idea revolves around the porn of the same name wherein somehow, a person has a device (usually a watch) that stops / freezes time. The user of the watch then ends up in the non-con / dub-con zone of having their way with the person. There are so many ways around this: Does the person who has been Time-Stopped remember this? Are their minds still active and their bodies like zombies? Do their bodies move like sexual beings but their minds are shut off? Do they remember them in dreams? There is a lot to discuss before we get into this one specifically, and I'd love to talk it out with someone. I'd be willing to play either end of this.

Also have a whole pile of other ideas in the journal, if this kinda freaks you out.
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x-posted [03 Nov 2019|04:35pm]

[info]hellhoundsmc is back and gearing up to re-open. Getcha holds in!! Would love to see some Jokers that he can give shit to. Would love to see his two younger sisters (one is married to a Hounds patch, the other is finishing up her last year in college) and his younger brother (a prospect preferably - he's more than happy to sponsor), the 3rd to his and [info]dathevans's BFF trio, his Mama and his pop (she is a nurse and the father is a 'retired' member of the MC), his ex-wife to cause drama because that's always dope, regular 'ol civilians, people who are under Hounds and Jokers payroll (dirty cops, doctors, computer whizzes, people who help [info]lloydpres grow his weed and help make his shine), ex-girlfriends, etc. Can a dude get a Pete Davidson for a friendship, yo?!
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[12 Oct 2019|11:23pm]

Dominique Weasley seeking older sister Victoire over at [info]centralbrew. If you have interest in playing sisterly bonds and the characters helping each other hit me up.
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AU PSL based on mostly TWO characters and the random visitors. [06 Oct 2019|05:33am]

Only for people with time - No Flakes PLEASE! Long Term PSL - Looking for Hugo Weaving. No smut involved. At all.

Comments in the IJ Thank you!
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[21 Jul 2019|01:07am]

[info]portentousmod Would love a Zachary Levi-shaped big brother for this guy.
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[24 Jun 2019|09:17pm]

2-5 players for a panfandom GPSL, with a twist:

A dark fantasy world, take inspiration from (everything before the last 2 seasons of) Game of Thrones, Marvel 1606, the Castlevaynia Netflix series,  et cetera. Characters can be from whatever fandom, they just have to be integrated into the setting (like Marvel 1606). ie. Lord Wayne, who lost his parents to a cutpurse in his youth. Now he spends his nights riding the streets of Gotham, defending the helpless as the Batknight; Samuel and Dean Winchester are monster hunters, who ride across the land, doling out their own brand of justice against creatures of necromancy; et cetera. There's also the fun of creating shared histories ie. the secret kingdoms of Themyscira and Wakanda have always been allies, due to their enlightened societies surrounded by ignorance and darkness, or what have you.

For one reason or another, our characters all find themselves stranded in the Barony of Sylvania. A region once proud and rich, now subject to superstition and darkness. Across the countryside, there are stories of werewolves and the dead rising to feast upon the living. In the cities, the nobility throw opulent feasts, bedecked in finery decades out of favor in other lands.The land seems to be rotting from within. It involves Vampires, and their Lord Dracula- or someone who looks and acts a lot like him. The kind of vampires who are burned by sunlight, driven back by Holy Symbols, et cetera. REAL Vampires. Looking for anyone interested in a bit of worldbuilding, and playing in a gothic horror setting.

Characters can ship or get it on, as players feel like.

I'll be playing 1-2 male het characters, who precisely dependent on what kind of interest there is. At the moment, Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur, and/or Tyrone Johnson/Cloak, Hercules, Blade, Wolverine, and Aquaman are all on the table. Open to other ideas. Comments are screened, but we can set up a brainstorming thread or discord if people are interested.
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[02 Mar 2019|12:39pm]

something short term for one of the characters in this journal
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[02 Feb 2019|06:55pm]

[info]the_unbound I'd loooove to see more folks at The Unbound! Supernatural setting with superpowers and shifters, great for politics and world-building. We've been going for a year, have no activity checks, and are very chill. I'd love to see a best friend for our Avan Jogia PB, a brother for our Hayley Atwell PB, and a frenemy for this knucklehead Oscar Isaac PB!
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