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Various pb directories and assorted layouts. Comments aren't necessary when taking but they are nice. Membership is closed and everything is public, but we still operate on the honor code that you're not going to remove credit. If I see stealing, everything will go on strict lockdown. Don't forget to check out rp_tutorials; they're great and have already covered a lot of the pb basics! Feel free to PM ~esc if you have concerns, thanks!
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updated 7/20! [04.23.12, 2p]

coding directory!

[04.23.12, 1p]


If you have a question or need help with coding anything, this is the place to ask! We'll do our best to help answer your questions. Any other comments or concerns can go here as well. PM ~esc if you want some privacy, but please comment if you're sending a PM!

PS: Unless you specify certain colors, you'll have to use things we've already made and customize them yourself!
★ What website do you want recreated? For webs or scribbld?
★ If you ask for something, please tell me of any specific color schemes!
★ Anything else?
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