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[29 Nov 2021|12:20am]
[info]veritatem potential lines for this musically-inclined satyr boy. Someone that treats him like a little brother, ex-boyfriends, flings, musicians, party friends, etc. I’m open to suggestions as well if he meets the criteria of anything you need line-wise.
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[29 Nov 2021|01:06am]
would anyone want a cat cafe/rescue owner and if so are their any particular (f, mid-20s to early 40s tbh) faces you might like attached to it?
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[29 Nov 2021|03:26am]
[info]lifestyle i'm thinking about bringing this guy in, originally from australia and moved to boston about two years ago where he works as a lifeguard during the summer and kind of flounders a bit during the winter, maybe he possibly streams on twitch, i'd love anything at all for him, a roommate or two, people he'd know through being a lifeguard, anything we can come up with or anything he can fill
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i know this is a long shot [29 Nov 2021|04:42am]
would anyone play another male in a line where they're in a motorcycle gang together and have a secret love?
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[29 Nov 2021|06:42am]
looking at you [info]harbors? im hoping to keep her background (will need to edit her bio for locations,etc) She comes from a large family and manager of a jazz club...lines would be amazing.
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[29 Nov 2021|07:34am]
[info]bleeper a horrid time to be awake for someone that works nights but I’d love sebastian stan and/or richard madden
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[29 Nov 2021|08:21am]
[info]lifestyle garrett hedlund or levi stocke?
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[29 Nov 2021|08:52am]
[info]veritatem basically any face 35+ to be this guy’s business partner, perhaps a warlock or daemon since it’s contract law consultation and I feel like Brennan getting people out of bad magical deals would be very on brand. Victoria Pedretti, Kiernan Shipka, Emma Roberts, or other actresses that could pass as being related for one of his sisters. Bonus points for her being a medium.
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[29 Nov 2021|09:14am]
[info]lifestyle looking for lines while i work him out to finish applying
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[29 Nov 2021|09:36am]
[info]bleeper flings, past or present, fwb, a trusted babysitter, employees at her lingerie stores, a best girl or guy friend
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[29 Nov 2021|09:44am]
[info]bleeper now that i'm back from thanksgiving madness, i'm ready to jump in again (and perhaps rekindle some lines that i may have unintentionally flaked on)! siblings from a big new jersey family, a roommate, a caroline calloway type frenemy, steam room pals at pure yoga, and anyone who wants to come up with lines.
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[29 Nov 2021|10:44am]
[info]affiliates We've updated our guidelines on activity requirements and cleared out the holds & dropbox. Adds & removals coming this Wednesday 12/1.

Current members are seeking a variety of roles, found here in the wanted list.
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[29 Nov 2021|10:52am]
[info]bleeper jennie kim to finish our bp girlgang! someone bring me gong yoo as her eldest brother please please, former flings, seo changbin for the skz fam
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[29 Nov 2021|11:13am]
a few more people wanted for a small fantasy gpsl, with details here. we're all working together to world build, so come have fun with us.
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[29 Nov 2021|11:37am]
[info]bleeper his ex-wife, current wife, siblings for him and ~chausie, coworkers/employees at the bar he works at as a gm, some kind of roommate situation, an ongoing fling that started shortly after he separated from his wife last year, connections new and old, anything else he can fill!
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[29 Nov 2021|11:37am]
[info]lifestyle a 30+ m musician for something specific, neighbors at [info]koepenick's apartment building (anyone who backs her up that it's haunted & anyone tired of hearing small children and occasionally adults badly playing piano through the walls), her dueling piano partner, her favorite heckler, a regular bar or two to play gigs at, berklee grads, west coast transplants + faces of er fightmaster, michiel huisman, rahul kohli, theo james, ben barnes, daveed diggs, domhnall gleeson, ryan gosling, rege-jean page, austin butler, nicholas hoult, jay ellis, cary fukunaga, dianna agron, tessa thompson, kristen stewart, ursula corbero, sonoya mizuno, alison brie
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[29 Nov 2021|11:46am]
[info]bleeper now that my life isn't a chaotic hell, anyone need any connections or lines filled? i'll give you anything you want/need
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[29 Nov 2021|11:50am]
[info]harbors a holidate inspired line and people she's known since childhood when vacationing in bh
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[29 Nov 2021|11:52am]
[info]lifestyle diana silvers, kevin abstract, lil nas x, deb never, remi wolf, barbara ferreira
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[29 Nov 2021|11:56am]
[info]harbors now that he's applied, lines for this 25 year old native?
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[29 Nov 2021|12:24pm]
coming your way [info]lifestyle, would love friendships and shenanigans of varying degrees, maybe a room mate that won't mind her pet snake too much, exes and other failed romantic interludes of the last six or so months, preferably women but but she's an equal opportunity nightmare, i'd looooove an artist she's currently working on a graphic novel with too, anything/everything 🐍
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[29 Nov 2021|12:40pm]
[info]harbors dan levy, kate hudson, rachel bilson, emma roberts, elizabeth lail, oliver jackson-cohen, robert pattinson, blake lively, dove cameron, evan peters, ryan reynolds, ryan gosling, adam driver, tyler seguin, keke palmer, amanda seyfried, brant daugherty, john krasinski, zachary levi, matt bomer, liam payne, anthony mackie, carlos penavega, jenna johnson, rose mciver.
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[29 Nov 2021|12:52pm]
[info]lifestyle the video for put on a smile makes me want to see bruno mars on the board. come dazzle us, sir. dwayne johnson as an agent cobra bubbles type per ~kagura's brilliant suggestion. what does he do for a living? nobody knows and it doesn't matter because he's delightful! maya rudolph, nicole byer, or melissa mccarthy for a specific line involving a holiday baking championship. shy singles and aspiring pet parents for a meet snoot speed dating/adoption event. an uncle in the shape of alan tudyk or owen wilson. randall park because i enjoy randall park. icons free to a good home if you need. more 35+ always!
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[29 Nov 2021|01:40pm]
[info]lifestyle soobin and beomgyu to complete our txt dreams.
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[29 Nov 2021|01:52pm]
[info]harbors more cousins, bethany joy lenz, james lafferty, margot robbie, her landlord, a neighbor who stole one of her packages, close friends, tinder matches, a failed relationship attempt from the past, a part-time job suggestion for the holidays, custom swaps.
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[29 Nov 2021|01:52pm]
[info]bleeper some onlyfans subscribers, employees of the law firm she works at or another suggestion for where she could be a receptionist, custom buddies, and other lines while i excitedly await adds!
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[29 Nov 2021|02:43pm]
[info]bleeper how is it almost december? iso her equally as messy bestie from jersey, current and former whatevers that don't have titles because lol what's a title? people to harass in customs now that life isn't crazy, other stuff and things while i debate changing her face again because i'm indecisive
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[29 Nov 2021|03:03pm]
[info]harbors more lines while i fix up her bio? an ex husband or wife, or is separated from. or an engagement that's recently broken up. more 40+ for friends of all types. someone younger to catch her eye? give it all to me.
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[29 Nov 2021|03:15pm]
[info]harbors dan levy, emily hampshire, noah reid for college friends who know her ex (and her ex best friend), more people to talk to, tinder swipes for potentially something cute for the holidays
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[29 Nov 2021|04:19pm]
ignore the icon, what female faces are wanted at [info]harbors?
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[29 Nov 2021|04:52pm]
[info]harbors bound! he co-owns a floral shop with [info]emly and teaches piano lessons! 37 year old native of bar harbor. can i get males for failed relationships and a female he tried to date once? friends who try to get him out of his comfort zone, by which i mean get him to leave his house for social things. any smut novel readers he can get recs from.
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[29 Nov 2021|04:58pm]
[info]lifestyle additional tenants. don't listen to ~downbeats. the property isn't haunted and even if it was he only has to disclose on-site deaths from the last 3 years. fans of his stardew inspired farm sim. collaborative partners for a mobile dating sim. stylists at his mom's upscale salon & spa. anything else!
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[29 Nov 2021|05:13pm]
[info]bleeper an older brother and another sibling, brooklyn natives (especially mid twenties for a ragtag bunch that lacked adult supervision) and current williamsburg residents, any connections she might have via being an event planner, soccer players for a rec team, exes, flings, babes to be babes with.
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[29 Nov 2021|05:18pm]
[info]exosolar benevolence crew, please! openings for a security officer (aegis), general practitioner, psychiatrist, and pathologist to take care of all of space's weird medical emergencies with the turn of the new year!
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[29 Nov 2021|05:34pm]
[info]bleeper the manager of his wine bar for a work spouse relationship, connections and lines with anyone who wants them
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[29 Nov 2021|05:52pm]
looking for a holiday psl in the journal!
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[29 Nov 2021|06:23pm]
Home for Rachel?
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[29 Nov 2021|06:47pm]
[info]harbors alex wolff (it'll be a hannukah miracle), also jake lacy for ~cysta to love on and mg to annoy
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[29 Nov 2021|06:49pm]
[info]exosolar everyone
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[29 Nov 2021|06:51pm]
[info]harbors emma roberts, claire holt, more friends, a neighbor, custom buds, poker/drinking pals, something potentially flirty possibly, an electrician's apprentice to take under his wing. someone to tell me i don't want to change his face again.
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[29 Nov 2021|07:14pm]
looking for the male in a psl
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[29 Nov 2021|07:19pm]
[info]veritatem because [info]muertas gave me the idea; a daemon painter who uses their art to trap souls a la dorian gray for some kind of frenemy, and andrew scott, naomie harris, edward holcroft, lauren ridloff, javier bardem and christian bale.
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[29 Nov 2021|07:38pm]
[info]lifestyle does anyone need anything before adds? i have a stupid urge to remake all her icons 😂
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[29 Nov 2021|08:04pm]
[info]lifestyle someone to be her holidate so her cousin ([info]ernice) can feel triumphant, people to work at her sex shop, neighbors in cambridge, exes from before 2010 or after 2014, musical buddies & fellow writers, come on down!
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[29 Nov 2021|08:20pm]
[info]bleeper vanessa hudgens or ashley tisdale for some sort of ex-cliche thing with history? a mid-late 30s dude for the alex pall half of chainsmokers credits for this guy's long standing bff/life & work partner, fwb/flings, party scene kids, hot messes and anyone who makes bad decisions on the regular
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[29 Nov 2021|08:46pm]
[info]lifestyle paternal half siblings, cousins, an employee at the funeral home, her grandma's neighbor, a female best friend for something specific
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[29 Nov 2021|08:57pm]
[info]lifestyle anything for her, she's pretty much a blank slate! exes/flings of any gender, blind date disasters, fellow students, frequents of her family's bookstore that she works at part-time, anything at all
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[29 Nov 2021|09:02pm]
[info]veritatem incoming psychic! he needs everything: the fae he made a pact with for his abilities, people who were fans of his angsty little folk music career Back In The Day, family members who are normal ole humans (and might be a little 😒 about him receiving powers), a supernatural bff, folks who come to him with questions about the future, and any other lines he might be able to fill for you please
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[29 Nov 2021|09:12pm]
[info]bleeper now that things are slowing back down for me, can i get a roommate or two in a sweet place in williamsburg, custom swaps, gentle reminders if we have a custom already because i've been mia for a little while, anything else he can do for you!
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[29 Nov 2021|09:19pm]
[info]lifestyle e.r. fightmaster or rahul kohli to give me the motivation to finish this fckn update, and for people to stop using casually transphobic language on this server when asking for lines thanks.
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[29 Nov 2021|10:10pm]
Looking for a few cboys to fill a specific line outlined here. Short version: my guy is a professor at a university who pays college aged cboys to live with him and answer his every beck and call - physical and emotional. For this line, I would like to include expedited mpreg of a month’s duration and lactation/nursing. Comment here or on the journal.
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[29 Nov 2021|11:57pm]
[info]harbors fellow dorks, wlw, people to bs with during the am hours, custom trades, more connections with everyone, party people, HUGH JACKMAN
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