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[25 Feb 2021|12:33am]
home or psl? can switch to ic journal.
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[25 Feb 2021|04:18am]
[info]harbors anyone need a roommate? friends? people who have hired his lawn care company to cut/maintain their landscaping or shovel their snow?
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[25 Feb 2021|06:22am]
[info]superisle! New Superhero game! Get those holds in.
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[25 Feb 2021|07:45am]
[info]shorebirds another sister for ~unclehermes and ~lovelyleaf, a cranky boss, neighbors in sherman oaks, friends from ucla, hayden christensen, chris hemsworth, chris evans, kristen stewart, regé-jean page, chloe bennet, ana de armas, daniel craig, katherine langford.
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[25 Feb 2021|08:48am]
[info]harbors anyone need a cousin? ex-gf? friends? also she could use bandmates for her and ~keefer's band
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[25 Feb 2021|08:48am]
[info]adults lines as i rework her bio, people she knows from nyu, exes, a couple of roommates, flings of either gender, an older male she loves spoiling
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[25 Feb 2021|08:57am]
[info]harbors would noah centineo be wanted for anything?
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[25 Feb 2021|09:04am]
[info]exosolar older brother, peacekeeper or law enforcement type the two of them do not get along. older sister, middle child syndrome, maybe they were close when they were younger but avi became estranged from his family at a young age. skins cast, ua & sparrow cast, ship positions to be filled.
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[25 Feb 2021|09:18am]
[info]adults a sand box best friend/friends in general, clients of the salon she owns, exes of either gender and degrees of love/hate, anyone who needs lines, a roommate or two
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[25 Feb 2021|10:35am]
[info]shorebirds trying to catch up... does anyone play romee strijd? lines to wake me up and pull me out of this weekday funk
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[25 Feb 2021|10:35am]
[info]harbors fellow bar harbor natives and mdi high c/o 2015 youths, come hither.
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[25 Feb 2021|10:38am]
[info]harbors more caos faces, a boss at the vintage resale shop she works in, people she's known since junior high school! let us love you
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[25 Feb 2021|10:45am]
this is an extreme long shot that anyone knows who this is, but would anyone be interested in her for a game or a psl? alexander ward maybe? i'm looking at [info]seers maybe?
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[25 Feb 2021|10:57am]
[info]adults neighbors & roommates in williamsburg! her womb to tomb, her favorite sub (any gender), a girl her age-ish for something specific, customers for either business, fwb, flings, an ex, anything else i can fill!
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[25 Feb 2021|11:10am]
[info]seers kj apa or cameron monaghan as an oraculum cousin, another oraculum male for a friendship line with details, muses for this artist, kids from old families who had to go to the same drab events as she did growing up, more housemates for her ~yus and ~christianson to create chaos in their creaky old house, friends in general, a coworker or boss (she’ll work anywhere), conjuros and mutatios
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[25 Feb 2021|11:36am]
[info]bridgetown let's get some lines going for this art conservator and restorer! former coworkers at the portland art museum, neighbors, other local business owners, clients, friends, failed dating experiments, etc.
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[25 Feb 2021|11:45am]
[info]shorebirds friends, brothers, cousins, neighbors, other lawyerly people!
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[25 Feb 2021|11:57am]
[info]bridgetown while i attempt to come back to life, someone bring me: dan levy, dustin milligan, emily hampshire, sarah levy, noah reid, caity lotz, jamie dornan, henry cavill, mandy moore, brie larson, a best friend, an ex boyfriend, lines in general.
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[25 Feb 2021|12:35pm]
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[25 Feb 2021|12:44pm]
[info]superisle! Hoping to open this weekend, so get those apps in!
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[25 Feb 2021|12:45pm]
[info]adults chantel jefferies, more 30+, custom buddies
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[25 Feb 2021|12:50pm]
[info]seers, hoping to be coming to you soon! Bringing this girl to Oraculum, specialty is psychometry. Wanna know the history of a family heirloom? She can help with that. Wanna know something you might not be supposed to know? She can do that too. And she needs absolutely everything, I'm willing to change everything, down to the name. So if she can fill lines, or you need something, let me know!
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[25 Feb 2021|12:57pm]
hey [info]harbors lorena rae or someone else?
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[25 Feb 2021|01:02pm]
[info]adults regulars and employees at the bar he just bought, literary aficionados, ex flings, tinder matches, and anything we can come up with.
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[25 Feb 2021|01:05pm]
[info]superisle A female best friend for him. His adopted daughter and more lines too?!
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[25 Feb 2021|01:13pm]
[info]seers ignore the icon (or don't!) but would anyone be interested in bringing in a trio of siblings like the locke & key kids who inherited a mansion, some magic and mysteries after their parents' death?
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[25 Feb 2021|01:21pm]
[info]adults anything.
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[25 Feb 2021|01:51pm]
[info]seers would love some super powerful half siblings that became siblings when they were adults so it's still kinda awkward, people who work at his bookstore/cafe 'verbatim' as well as people who frequent it, some short lived exes and maybe one or two repeats where he was like nope any time catching feelings are close, other fascinare, other business owners, sentinels, teachers- bella hadid, gigi hadid, zayn malik, tom holland, zendaya, ariana grande, hailey bieber, mark ruffalo, noah centineo, kj apa, eiza gonzalez, anya taylor joy, bill skarsgard, harry styles
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[25 Feb 2021|02:10pm]
[info]adults just beginning to set this guy up, so anything for this recently turned 40 year old nyc native? he's a human rights lawyer, but other than that i'm very open to anything for him!
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[25 Feb 2021|02:16pm]
[info]adults always more friends and custom buddies, fwbs/flings past and present, onlyfans subs, idols, give me everything
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[25 Feb 2021|02:37pm]
[info]commencing looking for the rest of the chosen!
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[25 Feb 2021|02:38pm]
[info]adults i love everyone here, lets exchange some customs
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[25 Feb 2021|02:56pm]
[info]harbors Kind of fell off for a few days, someone bring me Bad Bunny for something specific. Friends, people who live within walking distance from her beach house, regulars at Dark Side Tattoo, an older male for something, and everything else please!
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[25 Feb 2021|03:03pm]
[info]harbors random customs, old friends, new friends, people to flirt with and people who hire him to repurpose or build design pieces
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[25 Feb 2021|03:11pm]
[info]shorebirds nicole kidman forever, a best friend or two and fellow 40+ friends to make him feel better about turning 50, the actress from the 'i am easy to find' album/film, and i think we still need the middle child of the gillespie kids!
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[25 Feb 2021|03:39pm]
home for him?
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[25 Feb 2021|03:40pm]
[info]exosolar space dj, anyone? this girl will probably work at 8AMM, have her own little music channel, host parties, (hacking activist on the siiiide) etc etc!
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[25 Feb 2021|03:49pm]
check the journal for a psl
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[25 Feb 2021|03:53pm]
[info]recognize sui he with claudia li credits, kristen wiig with diane martel's credits, the faces of justine skye, rina sawayama, abel tesfaye, st. vincent, park soo-young, and rosalia, and the credits of grimes, karen maine, gia + sofia coppola, and john mayer for various specifics, anyone who needs credit or face suggestions cause i'm swimming in them
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[25 Feb 2021|04:11pm]
[info]harbors friends to bother in customs, a few girls for a band with her and [info]jmine, the neighbor who keeps thinking she's her sister, a 30+ male for something kind of specific down the line
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[25 Feb 2021|04:14pm]
[info]recognize back at it again today to beg for his older brother or sister, please!!! ex flings attached to some faceless but scandalous pictures that leaked, yael shelbia, gage gomez, maggie lindemann, joe keery and credits of alexander 23, conan gray, shawn mendes, miley cyrus
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[25 Feb 2021|04:15pm]
[info]relationships thinking a lawyer, perhaps. people who work at the same firm, let's go.
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[25 Feb 2021|04:45pm]
[info]harbors missing euphoria faces and more lines for this bar harbor native!
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[25 Feb 2021|04:51pm]
[info]exosolar sam claflin or chace crawford, as his half brother. comes with a twin sister [info]kintsugi, childhood friends and an angsty upbringing! other faces wanted include riz ahmed, tom sturridge, rdj, chris pine, zawe ashton, john boyega, michael b jordan, winston duke, karen gillian, paul rudd, jason momoa, elliot page, jude law, lewis tan, gemma chan, rami malek, diane guerrero, taron egarton, eiza gonzález, lakeith stanfield, daveed diggs, jake johnson, daniel wu, donald glover, diego luna, nicholas hoult, dj cotrona, janelle monae, anthony mackie, louis garrel, dustin milligan, dan levy, javier bardem, josh brolin, rebecca ferguson, tao okamoto, jason isaacs and luke evans
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[25 Feb 2021|05:09pm]
[info]adults i just woke up from the best nap ever and want to make it better with some lines, svp. onlyfans collaborations, fellow cosplayers, custom swaps, random scenes!
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[25 Feb 2021|05:23pm]
[info]relationships we're taking holds now!! first adds are friday and then rolling throughout the entire weekend.

[25 Feb 2021|05:23pm]
[info]seers definitely need all the lines with people from fascinare! library frequenters, lifelong ambrose residents she grew up with (bonus points if they grew up in winter's end or attended holy oak academy!), neighbors in misty moors, someone who doesn't particularly care for her because i'm sure she puts at least some people off
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[25 Feb 2021|05:30pm]
[info]exosolar chris evans for a space cop line!
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[25 Feb 2021|06:02pm]
[info]harbors her high school crush to still be awkward around, a new neighbor or two, more friends, selena gomez, a childhood bff, henry cavill, rachel brosnahan, zachary levi, blake lively, ryan reynolds, emma stone, chris pine, tom hiddleston
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[25 Feb 2021|06:13pm]
[info]adults friends, fwb, custom buddies, people to talk to in general. other burlesque dancers, people who have seen her perform
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[25 Feb 2021|06:18pm]
[info]adults friends, neighbors in greenwich village, an older guy for something specific, past flings and hookups of varying degrees of seriousness, lines with anyone who needs them
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[25 Feb 2021|06:27pm]
something for a tiera skovbye pb? ideally, a psl, but i'm not opposed to comm suggestions either.
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[25 Feb 2021|06:28pm]
[info]recognize pete's role in the king of staten island, the rest of the euphoria and assassination nation cast, more costars in general! credits of the weekend, miley cyrus, the 1975, charolette lawrence, shawn mendes, halsey, tyler the creator, kevin abstract, and design credits of christian cowan. i'd love an older brother for her - credits entirely up to you, a best friend that she grew up with in la, and an ex bf that comes with some minor details
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[25 Feb 2021|06:29pm]
[info]adults a guitar or bass player for his and [info]pussycats band, night owls, fwbs and more custom buddies
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[25 Feb 2021|07:23pm]
[info]seers coming at you hot with this absolute trainwreck of a man. i'm nearly done with his app, and plan to finish it sometime tonight, but in the meantime, lines for him?? i've got a whole bunch of ideas listed here, as well a snippet of what he's like. always willing to brainstorm, and if he can fill something for you, let me know!

also looking for his twin sister named mabel (which may or may not have been inspired by gravity falls.)
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[25 Feb 2021|07:28pm]
[info]shorebirds the last sister for her and ~unclehermes, you'd be part of a big family. maybe tom hardy as her late husband's best friend who co-owns the dispensary and is possibly tense now and maybe they don't get along. single parents, please please please. and maybe some kind of cute tinder date for a cliche-ish the holiday line (where she's jude law).
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[25 Feb 2021|07:29pm]
[info]seers lines lines lines. let's set up customs and do things while i get super pumped for tomorrow nights adds. might be reapplying him as mutatio if i can sort out my brain. caos faces for stuff and things, esp. ross lynch as some sort of bff. an assistant to harass all the time.
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[25 Feb 2021|07:40pm]
[info]adults random custom exchanges, bushwick neighbors, connections in general!
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[25 Feb 2021|07:46pm]
[info]adults sorry i fell off the planet. who needs things?
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[25 Feb 2021|07:54pm]
[info]bridgetown rachel brosnahan and/or brie larson for a half sister, tessa thompson, mindy kaling, kristen stewart, aubrey plaza, dan levy, a business partner, a music buddy
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[25 Feb 2021|08:03pm]
[info]adults more bartenders for her and the girls at foxes (a coyote ugly ripoff)!
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[25 Feb 2021|08:08pm]
[info]shorebirds any of her old lines still around?
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[25 Feb 2021|08:24pm]
[info]adults friends, neighbors in kips bay, other grad students, custom buddies in general
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[25 Feb 2021|08:33pm]
[info]recognize edward holcroft, josh o'connor, dakota johnson and the credits of mykki blanco, sam smith, the olsen twins, derek waters, marc jacobs, gosha rubinsky, brandon maxwell, sean ford, and bella hadid and anyone who'd been on downton abbey
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[25 Feb 2021|08:36pm]
[info]freeway an ex boyfriend for something messy with details, friends, neighbors, people that don't like him, an older woman for something detailed, his two older sisters.
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[25 Feb 2021|08:49pm]
[info]adults night owls, custom buddies, louis tomlinson, liam payne, selena gomez, exes/flings/fwb, custom swaps, anything and everything with you gorgeous people!
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[25 Feb 2021|08:59pm]
[info]seers going to finalize this excitare herbologist tomorrow, lived in ambrose his whole life. he runs his own garden in shadyside where he grows all sorts of fantastical weeds, plants, fungi, and flowers. anything for this native?
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[25 Feb 2021|09:09pm]
[info]organically a ffa-style way of finding potential psls or other organic lines!
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[25 Feb 2021|09:17pm]
[info]relationships the ex girlfriend she still lives with, other legal eagles, anything else this midwestern paralegal can fill while i flesh her out
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[25 Feb 2021|09:27pm]
[info]seers how could i resist bringing in this nat dormer? i'm thinking the fascinare route because it just makes so much sense. cillian murphy or oscar isaac to follow right this way would be cool
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[25 Feb 2021|09:34pm]
[info]harbors more friends, especially late night ones, people who have modeled for her art projects, other students at coa, a roommate she used to live with in dorms, solar to round out mamamoo
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[25 Feb 2021|09:37pm]
would anyone be interested in a potential gpsl/community revolving around different graduating classes from the same high school? they would be brought together by overlapping reunions, and so on. we would love your input and ideas, and if anyone enjoys coding, we would love you too. there is a post in this journal!
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[25 Feb 2021|09:38pm]
[info]seers an adopted sibling or two, exes of any gender, clients, anyone she may have worked odd jobs for/with, neighbors as i figure out where she lives (open to suggestions), friends, enemies, everything in between other members of oraculum
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[25 Feb 2021|09:42pm]
[info]exosolar i'm still coming argus crew so please have me. i really wouldn't mind anyone she crossed paths with back in her artifact (aka cool shit) hunting days or even as far back as her childhood in arcadia. oh and she's ~archetype's sister
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[25 Feb 2021|09:47pm]
[info]seers other excitare, people who he knows through his twin sister ~ophi who don't understand how she has such a loudmouth for a brother, other people really thirsty for magical knowledge, nerds who like d&d with actual magic, an ex or two, those kids who grew up in ambrose like he did, other holy oak alums.. everything! give me everything
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[25 Feb 2021|10:03pm]
[info]adults a friend that she can talk about true crime podcasts with, friends with children, acquaintances in the medical field, some folks she's known for years, steven yeun to oogle.
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[25 Feb 2021|10:04pm]
[info]recognize exes, speculated romances, close friends, party people she always runs into! I'll take pretty much anything going in! would love a brother for her and [info]aurore! the weeknd, olivia obrien, rina sawayama, hunter schafer, lili rienhart, lakieth stanfield, tyler the creator, dev patel, whatever!
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[25 Feb 2021|10:43pm]
[info]seers now that i have a character idea can we have more apps when i start writing this bio tomorrow
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